PA-Sen: Andrea Mitchell Bashes Katie McGinty (VIDEO)

Those inside the Beltway don’t seem to have much respect for Katie McGinty at the moment.

NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell threw in a harsh aside when discussing Donald Trump’s effect on down-ballot races.

“Pat Toomey is running against a terribly weak Democratic candidate, Katie McGinty,” Mitchell stated.

It didn’t take long for the conservative America Rising PAC to jump on those comments and post the video above.

It’s unclear what motivated Mitchell’s remark and if last week’s Buzzfeed story was the impetus. It is worth mentioning though that Mitchell worked in Philadelphia for KYW for about a decade, which suggests she would has knowledgeable connections in the Keystone State.

Regardless of whether others agree with the NBC reporter, it’s never good to be dismissed by a major media figure.

19 Responses

  1. Andrea Michel WAS a great journalist and won awards and supporters. But she has made up things and reported on them as facts in the past 6-8 years. I have no explanation except she’s leaning on her past laurels OR some people are caving to Alan Greenspan. And a lot of people blame him as much as anyone for the recession that Bush utilized. She obviously hates Hillary Clinton and just can’t control herself. Even believing everything the GOP throws out. And making up her own lies. It would be so much better if MSNBC wold retire her.

  2. The observations by the highly perceptive and well regarded Andrea Mitchell are adding on to McGinty’s struggles against Toomey. It’s really a setback for McGinty to have such a professional like Andrea Mitchell question her campaign.

  3. Did you wonder why Scarborough and Brezinski did not respond when Mitchell made that remark? Clearly a conflict of interest. Shills can’t help themselves.

  4. A Feminist-

    She’s just a shill for her husband, papering over his failure that crashed the US economy. Women can be as opportunistic as men. Nothing sexist about that.

  5. Diano, translated: “It’s ok for me to be sexist because someone else said it first.”

  6. Mitchell has been saying ignorant stuff for years. It’s why MSNBC hired her.

  7. Andrea Greenspan, is a tool and puppet of the GOP Clowns, she has the Nerve to open her mouth about any Democrat, her show on MSNBC, constantly bashes future President Hilary Clinton. And is a Disgrace to journalist, she from the Bush/Cheny devils,who destroyed this Country,and her show needs to Canceled,after Hilary is Elected in a Landslide over Donald Tramp Trump.!!!!!

  8. A Feminist-

    She had frequently been criticized for her lack of objectivity and conflict of interest in covering financial/economic matters. Toomey is a tool of Wall Street and a supporter of the very bad policies that Greenspan spent his life endorsing.

  9. It’s hard to overlook David Diano’s sexism in attacking an award-winning journalist based only on her spouse’s views, not anything she herself did or believes.

  10. What’s really “terribly weak” is PoliticsPA’s journalistic integrity. The never-ending ability of this website to get suckered into the right’s out-of-context hit pieces is just amazing.

  11. Shame on PoliticsPA for not showing the full video and for only showing a 6-second video uploaded to YouTube on a Republican organization’s account. This 6-second statement is taken way out of context.

    Andrea Mitchell was specifically talking about Toomey’s financial strength during that segment and how Trump has put PA in especially in play. McGinty’s “weak” compared to Toomey’s GOP financial war chest right now. But a lot of support will be coming her way from Dem organizations and both Clinton, Obama and Biden will be campaigning with her.

  12. Andrea Mitchell is a highly respected and very intelligent journalist who made a serious observation about McGinty’s candidacy. This is very troubling news as it puts into play something that never had been before and that is McGinty’s strength as a personality running against Toomey. This is a very noteworthy observation if it is coming from the well regarded Andrea Mitchell.

  13. She’s your dream Diano. When Toomey wins, you have no one to blame but yourself.

  14. PA Parent-

    Yes. She has conceded that Toomey refuses to do his job, and that she must replace him.

  15. This is the same Andrea Mitchell whose husband, Alan Greenspan, pushed for the deregulation that crashed the economy, and had to repudiate his entire life’s philosophy that greed was “self-correcting” in a free market to prevent crashes.

    So, the impetus might be that she likes a Wall Street lackey.

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