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PA Sen: Barack Obama To Fundraise with Casey in Philadelphia

Obama on deck.

On September 21, former President Barack Obama will join Sen. Bob Casey for a campaign fundraiser in Philadelphia.

First reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jonathan Tamari this morning, the Casey campaign confirmed the upcoming campaign visit with the 44th President.   



“We’re thrilled to have President Obama coming to Pennsylvania to help reelect Bob Casey and highlight what’s at stake for middle class families this election,” said Max Steele, campaign spokesman.

Casey was an early supporter of then-Sen. Obama during the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary. Then-Sen. Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary over Obama in 2008, although Obama was victorious in the Keystone state during the 2008 and 2012 general election.

GOP challenger to Casey, Rep. Lou Barletta’s campaign believes this announcement reinforces their belief that Casey is beholden to progressive stances.

“Barack Obama is simply paying Bob Casey back for his years of blind devotion,” said David Jackson, campaign spokesman. “Bob Casey voted with Barack Obama over 90% of the time and, as Casey himself said in 2006, when someone votes with another person over 90% of the time, then one of them is not necessary.”

The Barletta campaign continued to emphasize that their belief that Obama policies were not beneficial to the country.  

“Barack Obama hiked taxes, made the world more dangerous with his irresponsible Iran nuclear deal, created double-digit unemployment, and made health care exponentially more expensive; and Bob Casey went along in lockstep,” Jackson said. “We’ll continue to focus on looking forward to build on our current success for the future, not live in the hopeless failures of the past.”

This past weekend, former Vice President Joe Biden joined Casey in Pittsburgh to fundraise as well as take part in the Labor Day Parade. This was the third year out of the last four that Biden participated in the Pittsburgh Labor Day Parade.  

During July and August, Barletta welcomed in Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump to Pennsylvania for rallies and fundraising events. During Trump’s August rally with Barletta in Wilkes-Barre, the President dubbed Casey “Sleeping Bob.”

The Casey campaign did not provide any more specifics for the upcoming visit.

12 Responses

  1. Bartletta has been fighting against illegal immigration since his days as Hazleton mayor. Illegals drive up the cost of education, healthcare, prison costs, welfare costs! Vote for Lou!

    1. Undocumented immigrants pay taxes but are legally barred from welfare and other social safety net programs. They also commit crimes at a much lower rate than the citizen populace.

      Barletta has been fighting to prevent immigration, legal or otherwise, from the “wrong” sorts of people, which is surely a hit with the self-described deplorables out there.

  2. Casey voted against the Kate Steinle law! Democrats are always voting FOR the illegals and against American citizens. Got to wonder why, folks? Casey supports tariffs which is just a tax on goods imported into this country. Trump wants no tariffs.

    1. Except Trump has levied the tariffs in the first place, so not sure where you’re getting this info.

  3. No wonder so many people hate politics, tickets for this event go from $33,000 to $1,000! I believe that’s called “pay to play” and it’s why working class people an d young people are so turned off to politics. Democrats and Republicans spend way to much timing getting rich people elected and I’m tired of it. I’m not supporting any candidate that grew up with a silver spoon bubble wrapped in privelage

    1. Well,no.Pay-to-play? Ask past mayors of Reading & Allentown. They know what “pay-to-play” is all about,Charlie Brown. They have time on their hands. Like Manafort &Cohen,they have lots of time. It is the rich who canspend to get folks elected. Thanks,SCOTUS! And next time,don’t mix your metaphors. “silver spoon bubble wrapped in privelage(sic)”? Really?

  4. The writer quotes the Republican but says nothing about what Casey stands for such as healthcare for all; minimum wage; comprehensive immigration reform; lower college tuition; moderate gun control measures; prison reform…. This articles reinforces the belief among most Democrats that most of the media does not have a liberal bias, but in fact, a conservative one.

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