PA-Sen: Barbara Hafer Endorses Fetterman

FettermanThe political outsider just picked up the support of a former insider.

Barbara Hafer announced today that she is endorsing John Fetterman’s campaign for Senate. Hafer served as Pennsylvania’s Auditor General from 1989 to 1997. She followed that with a stint as State Treasurer from 1997 to 2005.

Hafer actually used to be a Republican before she switched to the Democratic Party in 2003.

“If John can do even a fraction of what he did in Braddock for other communities in the Commonwealth, Pennsylvania will thrive like never before,” Hafer stated. “While so many politicians were compromising their ethics or engaging in risky borrowing to try to stabilize struggling economies, John attracted millions to his home through simple hard work.”

“And what’s more, he spent that money wisely, investing in everything from a community center that provides a safe space for families and kids after school to Braddock’s first commercial retail space in years,” she concluded. “The Senate desperately needs someone with John’s record of getting things done.”

“I’m very excited to have Barbara Hafer’s support,” Fetterman responded. “Her unrelenting work ethic and her ability to put results before Party are two qualities I hope to take with me to the Senate. I look forward to working with her to creating a stronger future for Pennsylvania’s families.”

Fetterman is battling former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty and former Congressman Joe Sestak for the Democratic nomination. Incumbent GOP Senator Pat Toomey is running for re-election.

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  1. Besides a high priced brew pub – what has been done in Braddock that did not come from Gov’t. monies ? Not a single gas station – food market – diner or a place to get a burger & fries . Many things happen that do not make the news – people drive out of their way to avoid certain areas to get to work . Stop blowing smoke & stop claiming credit for using taxpayer’s dollars for credibility. McKeesport-Braddock – any difference ? ?

  2. You would think that the press would look at the job John has done with his citizens. This guy gets his hands dirty to improve the lives of others. Get R Done John

  3. I misspoke before. The nomination Rendell promised Hafer was for the Senate, not Governor, and Rendell reneged and forced both Hafer and Joe Hoeffel out of the race so he could clear the field for Casey. I don’t know much about Hafer, but I would vote for a ham sandwich before I would vote for Casey. I have twice written in Chuck Pennacchio rather than vote for Casey.
    Incidentally Rendell tried to clear the field for Specter too, but was defied by Joe Sestak, which is the main reason I support Sestak. We need more independent-minded Democrats who will stand up to the corrupt Democratic machine. The machine needs to stop trying to hand-pick the candidates. That’s is the whole point of having a primary.

  4. It’s great to have an endorsement from a political has-been and fence jumper. She has as much political capital as Pat Paulsen.

  5. Jerry – no way to know for sure – but it is an undeniable fact that the democratic party statewide would have been far better off with Hafer than with Tom Wolf. Guaranteed we would have a state budget right now if she was governor. Wolf is a tax raising patsy – sold out to special interests and the PSEA.

  6. I don’t know if it figured in her decision, but it was reported back in 2006 that Ed Rendell had promised Hafer would get the Gubernatorial endorsement if she switched parties, and then he not only reneged, but pressured her to quit the race so he could clear the field for Bob Casey (Casey refused to commit until the field was cleared for him). Hafer was reported to be royally pissed and felt betrayed. Is her endorsement of Fetterman a form of payback since Rendell and the machine are behind McGinty?

  7. @Kevin
    I don’t know, but an endorsement from her means a lot more than an endorsement from Ed Rendell and the rest of the state party lackeys who do as they are told.

  8. She is one of the only competent democrats elected to state wide office in the last 30 years to not be indicted – she certainly doesn’t fit the democratic profile

  9. I thought she had to endorse mcginty because they are of the same gender…I guess u learn something new everyday – or maybe miss hafer just has a brain…

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