PA-Sen: Biden Campaigns With McGinty

Biden-McGintyTalk about perfect timing.

The results of today’s Harper Poll showed McGinty would benefit from her endorsements from the President and Vice President.

Just a few hours later, the Democratic Senate candidate found herself dining with Joe Biden.

The Vice President was scheduled to be in Pittsburgh as part of his domestic violence awareness effort.

So while he was in the Steel City, Biden decided to take a trip with McGinty to Pamela’s Diner. The two sat down for a meal and worked the room.

It will be interesting to see if Biden, President Obama or even Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, make any more appearances with McGinty.

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the April 26th Senate Democratic primary.

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  1. ADV-

    Sestak is associated with the Clinton’s too. He can’t go 5 minutes without mentioning being in the White House with Bill. Bill campaigned for him in 2006 and 2010. Sestak was traveling all around the country for Hillary in 2007 and 2008.

    Fetterman is Bernie supporter.

  2. Hillary is getting desperate and dirty- even MSNBC, Fox, and CNN had to mention a small bit of this unbelievable story. McGinty should be ashamed to be associated with the establishment big-wigs like the Clintons—McGinty has learned to lie like Hillary!! Hillary is in free-fall, despite CNN and other corporate-owned media definitely, without any doubt, pushing Clinton. It is a shame to see the DEM Party admit, in deed and words, that it is owned by corporate America. Bernie has won 80-20 or thereabouts in the last 6 of 7 contests. Hillary on meltdown. Hillary fading. Bernie surging. No one owns Bernie!

  3. GoodbyeEstablishment-

    Given Sestak’s lead in the poll, and name recognition, I would not be shocked if he won the nomination. So, I’m prepared for that disastrous outcome. Thanks for your concern.

    As for McGinty, I’ve made it quite clear that a dead cat or a monkey flipping a coin to vote would be an improvement over Toomey. McGinty easily passes that test.

    Sestak’s votes on the Iraq War prove that he can’t be trusted to side with the Dems (or honor his campaign promises). Sestak’s behavior in elections has proven that he’s bad for down-ticket candidates and the party.

    Mayor Theodore Cobblepot
    Good one !


    Actually, it shows Sestak’s fundamental dishonesty. No one believes the cock-and-bull story that Sestak was offered a “no-pay” advisory job. I’m sure he was offered something, but below what his ego felt he was entitled too. Did he want an ambassadorship? I don’t know. Sestak routinely implied (and fed speculation) that he was offered Secretary of Navy or Defense. However, those jobs have a specific time limit on how long you have to be retired from service before you can take those jobs. Sestak was years away from meeting the qualifications/eligibility, and could have pointed that out to reporters (instead of issuing “no comment” with an acknowledging/misleading smile and head nod).

    And, blackmail is a serious crime. I’m not talking about Joe being subpoenaed, but rather him voluntarily going to Issa and doing as much damage as possible. If (likely) Joe was offered a job, then if he was so “honest”, he would have reported it at the time, not held it as a blackmail chit.

    Let’s not forget, the DSCC offered Joe the chance to run against Specter (when Specter wasn’t facing a GOP primary) and Joe turned it down. But, when Specter’s votes energized Toomey and the conservative base to primary Specter, interest in a Dem run escalated, figuring Toomey would beat Specter. The Dems pulled off a huge coup in switching Specter, who would have easily won the General against Toomey. And, Sestak had to go and f*ck it all up.

    Talk to some former Specter top level Dem staffers.

    Sestak does his own share of lying.

  4. DD is right on with the Sestak/Trump comparison. Sestak may very well win the primary but he will cost the Dems a prime opportunity for victory in the general election. Toomey will be a tough out, but he wants to run against Joe.

    Another Trump similarity, Sestak’s people all dutifully refer to him as “The Admiral”; I’ve seen it first hand, it’s creepy. It’s the same way Trump’s people slavishly refer to him as “Mr. Trump.”

  5. Mayor Theodore Cobblepot. I was following the results of Wisconsin so that’s why I was up. Just keeping you informed. Also, the more hate that comes out of Diano’s mouth, the more ridiculous he looks/sounds.

  6. McGinty was disgusting last night. She lied about herself, she lied about Fetterman, and she lied about Sestak.

    The ease at which she can lie was astounding.

  7. re the DD Claim:’ The reason is that Sestak was blackmailing the White House with threats of testifying to Darryl Issa’s committee on job-gate if he came to PA for Specter. At least one event/fundraiser was cancelled.’–

    my goodness! a political , running for office, who actually stands up to the establishment bigwigs who controls the pursestrings of DSCC money ? it seems to me that this situation is evidence that Sestak is an honest politician who would, if subpoenad, testify truthfully to what he knew about ‘job gate.’ how refreshing! no wonder the DSCC and Rendellians hate sestak so much- a politician who would actually tell the truth. he’s got my vote.

    and speaking of truth-tellers– Mc Ginty was again publicly called a liar about her denial of taking o and G money in last night’s debate . all the bigwig Rendellian and Clintonian endorsements in the world are not going to help dig her out of the trustworthiness holes she’s managed to construct for herself.

  8. GoodbyeEstablishment, I like how you discuss not wasting your time doing something that isn’t worthwhile in a 3:50am PoliticsPA post.

  9. Diano- The amount of utter hate you have for Sestak is very impressive. I don’t think there’s one insult or attack you haven’t used yet. People are tired of the establishment and that includes many people in the Democratic Party. You seem to really like establishment politicians- those that use others to run and campaign for them instead of actually running for the office for themselves. I could waste time insulting McGinty just because I am not voting for her, but I’m going to pass. I think you’ll be in for a surprise the night of April 26. If McGinty loses, I can’t imagine how upset you’ll be.

  10. Mcginty’s revolving door to $$$-

    You really don’t know what a fraud Sestak is, and how far he’d go destroying the Democratic party to further his own ego and ambitions, and how much he despises and disparages all the down-ticket candidates.

    Joe is not “formidable”. He’s predictable. He’s like Marco Rubio-bot (without the boyish charm). Toomey will make mince-meat out of Joe (again), and Joe will turn away help from the party to sink his own ship. Plus, well have to watch that tape loop of Sestak trampling those kids at the parade (possibly to Benny Hill music).

    Sestak looked pretty tired and weak by the end of tonight’s Pittsburgh debate, and very whiny in his closing remarks.

    Once John or Katie exposes Joe for the fraud he is, Joe won’t be able to elected dog catcher.

    (BTW, I think we should make dog-catcher an elected office to see who really can win.)

  11. I like a lot of what David Diano espouses, but David, you are over the top on your hatred of Admiral Joe Sestak——our next U.S. Senator. Let’s go on to another race in which we might agree with the candidate….. Joe Sestak is a formidable foe and Toomey knows it………

  12. Unknown-

    The reason is that Sestak was blackmailing the White House with threats of testifying to Darryl Issa’s committee on job-gate if he came to PA for Specter. At least one event/fundraiser was cancelled.

  13. Odd – one of the late Arlen Specter’s chief grievances at the height of the 2010 primary was that neither the President nor high-ranking Administration officials was willing to come to PA and campaign for him (despite the President’s obvious animosity toward Sestak). But this time, the Vice-President is making public appearances with McGinty. Moreover, why HASN’T the would-be Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, openly championed McGinty’s campaign? And when, exactly, did a rupture occur between the Clintons and Sestak? Burning questions, all. And some (particularly Diano) will love the answer when it comes…

  14. Was Biden sober for this one, at least? The old boy is *really* enjoying his last year on the poublic dime…

    Can someone tell Katie McFracker to spend more than $5 on her hairdo? She is looking as haggard as Shillary lately…

  15. Mayor Theodore Cobblepot-

    Pretty much it. Joe is our Donald Trump an arrogant jag-off who sabotaged his own 2010 election rather than work with the party in a coordinated campaign.

  16. That’s Great Joe Biden and who would you endorse if Katie loses the primary for the US Senate race in 2016.

  17. Let me get this straight. The Vice President, who you like, clearly thinks your candidate is terrible. So much so that he was willing to endorse Joe’s primary opponent and spend his time working for her. You say most people see through this stuff, all I’m seeing is a crazy demoted admiral who is crashing and burning despite campaigning for the past decade because everyone who knows him hates him.

  18. McG needs all the help she can get, but her inside the Washington beltway, corporate revolving door reputation is NOT enhanced by establishment politicians trying to rescue her weak candidacy. I like Biden, but that does not translate into me voting for her. Most people see through all this stuff. The Admiral has my vote!!!!

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