PA-Sen: Bloomberg Endorses Toomey

Pat-ToomeySenator Pat Toomey picked up a valuable supporter today.

According to Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is endorsing Toomey’s re-election.

Sen. Toomey has fought for a background check bill, a cause close to Bloomberg’s heart. As a result, the McGinty team could make the argument that this action should be expected. Unfortunately for them, though, Bloomberg is also backing other statewide Democratic candidates like Josh Shapiro and Joe Torsella.

“In the wake of Newtown, Pat Toomey crossed party lines to lead the fight to reduce gun violence in America by co-sponsoring legislation to close the background check loophole,” Bloomberg said. “His pragmatic leadership in Washington deserves the support of every Pennsylvanian.”

“In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania can count on Josh Shapiro and Joe Torsella to demonstrate bipartisan leadership and achieve real results in the areas of public safety and fiscal accountability,” the billionaire continued. “I hope Pennsylvania voters of both parties can support all three — Toomey, Shapiro and Torsella — this November.”

“Pat Toomey is not a moderate on gun safety, and he’s certainly not a pragmatic leader,” McGinty Communications Director Sean Coit responded. “Just two weeks ago, Pat Toomey bragged to Pennsylvanians about his A rating from the gun lobby, and in June, he voted against blocking terrorist from buying guns. No endorsement is going to change the fact that Pat Toomey is in lock step with the gun lobby in Congress.”

Just last week, Bloomberg spoke out against GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in a speech to the Democratic National Convention.

38 Responses

  1. Scalia died, but maybe your boy dictator Trump can unilaterally institute posthumous voting for SCOTUS judges if he wins. That would really add a new dimension to Supreme Court decisions.

    About Donald Trump and his plans for “brown people who come here to kill Americans.” Hmm… if the plan is to kick all of these people you suggest exist out of the country, then

    what do you (
    suggest we do (
    about white (
    American men (
    who keep killing (
    large groups of Americans (

    Using your reasoning, we should kick them out too.

    An aside about me and you: I grew up with working parents in a lower-class household in rural PA. Through good luck, a lot of pulling myself up by my bootstraps, and a mountain of student loan debt, I’ve managed to get myself into the middle class, though I’m far from being financially stable. I recognize however, that many people don’t have even the small amount of luck I’ve had and I feel it is the duty of our governments to provide for these people in tough times. It sure sounds like you’re the one who’s living large with all of those Dunkin Donut stores (though I’m assuming in that line of work you get free lattes and don’t have to pay $10 for them like the other rich folks). Thank goodness you have people like Pat Toomey in Congress trying to save you from paying any corporate or personal taxes and opposing the minimum wage so you can pay your employees less than a living wage and keep the rest for yourself. So helpful!

  2. Stuck with the lower decision, that struck it down. Plus with Scalia it is an easy 5-4

    And from what I can tell, the people taking our jobs take them from hard working americans of every color. Unemployment is higher in the black community than any other. Not to mention to other brown people who come here to kill americans.

    You keep sipping on your $10 big city latte talking about all the needs we have for government to control the economy so that people cant get rich. All I see is a country about to collapse after the worst 8 years we have had since the civil war and I know that people sure don’t feel too good about it. I guess that is why they all want to MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN

  3. Arguments about the free market and the economy making it work are great, but we do not now, nor have we ever had a true free market economy. You can’t take economic assumptions and apply them to a completely unrelated system. I see now why you’re so gaga over Toomey, though. The two of you would have a great time in your Ayn Rand dreamland where you can pick and choose what to believe vs. real life. Unfortunately for both of you, you live in the United States where we have a government and, like it or not, that government regulates our markets so your free market corrections don’t do much here.

    I don’t doubt you’ve worked hard to achieve what you have in your life, and I’m not Donald Trump so I wouldn’t ever try to take that from you, but we live in a nation that has favored certain kinds of people (white, male, straight) for a very long time. Any deviation from that norm has had to work twice as hard to get to the same spot. I have a feeling this is something you’ll push back against because maybe you’ve been told your entire life that the brown people are coming for your jobs and your tax dollars or whatever else it is fear-mongering Republicans have been pushing since Reagan invented the welfare queen, but the “fun stats” (or the truth, as I like to call them) show I’m right.

    And I can google but you apparently can’t read. SCOTUS ruled 4-4. That’s not striking down anything, that’s a tie. A lower court is the one that made that ruling, not SCOTUS.

  4. To your first point, people earn the money they are paid. You can throw all your fun stats around about people getting underpaid, especially the women one that I know the libs love, but the economy will makes it work and the cream rises to the top. I started working night shifts at a 24 hour convenience store and now own 12 dunkins. Now THAT is America for you. You want big brother to come in with his departments and regulations and tell everyone that they should be paid even if they suck. Oh and all you successful people? You get taxed into poverty. Sounds like you dems arent even embarrassed to be commies anymore.

    As for obama not having anything struck down, can you even google DUDE? LOL

    Now go back and cuddle your bong some more while you collect unemployment.

  5. LOL Ricky why do you keep doing this to yourself! “Donald built his billions on the backs of LEGAL immigrants.” So you’re ok with people not bring paid fairly and working in conditions that warrant fines from OSHA, just as long as they’re the best and brightest legal immigrants? How American of you! Only a true patriot would support Americans being treated badly! Make America A Shitty Place To Work Again!

    Obama hasn’t had any executive orders struck down by SCOTUS either, pal. No challenge has even made it to the court (unlike Reagan, who had several executive orders reviewed by SCOTUS). And even if they had, the point of having three branches of government is so they can keep each other in check. Something the court would have done if they felt it was necessary. Even Scalia understood that. Make America A Place That Doesn’t Understand The Balance Of Powers Again!

    Again I find your analysis severely lacking in facts. Try again.

  6. Trump will have the support of the people and their elected representatives when he reverses obamacare and puts a real justice on the court like Scalia. Old Timer has it right, the illegals cause most of those problems since the libs insist on paying for them. Donald built his billions on the backs of LEGAL immigrants. Something we all support because it’s about letting the best and brightest in. But you and your pal obama want to hug every drug smuggler, isis jihadi, and general degenerate that crosses into the land of the free. Bush had his executive orders but I dont remember the supreme court (let alone one as biased as this one) striking any of his down because they violated the constitution. But that’s just like king obama. Ruling everyone by the pen, but not ready to defend against the foreign sword!


  7. Ricky. Dude. Again with the double standards. As we’ve discussed before, your revisionist theories won’t be tolerated here.

    President Obama’s executive orders make him a “dictator” but Trump threatening unilateral decision-making on basically everything (dismantling SCOTUS, The Wall, kicking anyone who isn’t a Christian out of the country, removing first amendment protections from the media, the list goes on and on) is what? By your standards, that would make him a “dictator” as well. George W. Bush issued more executive orders than Obama. So did Reagan. So did Nixon. What were they? Also dictators?

    To your later incorrect points, Walmart destroying small businesses then hiring workers way, way below a living wage isn’t job creation. It’s job killing. Small businesses have been forgotten by this REPUBLICAN congress and your pal Patty. He’s said a million times that we need to cut corporate taxes down to 0. You know who gets those tax cuts? Giant mega-companies like Walmart, not the small businesses they ran out of my town.

    Donald Trump build his businesses on the back of hardworking Americans (mostly immigrants) by paying them little and keeping it all to himself. He doesn’t pay his taxes, he doesn’t pay his bills, and he doesn’t pay his workers fairly. Instead, he takes government money in the form of tax breaks and benefits that could actually help regular people.

    Don’t lie to the good people of this PoliticsPA comment thread anymore, Ricky. You’re just another empty suit, advocating for the big businesses and wall streeters who tanked our economy, just like Pat Toomey and Donald Trump.

  8. @Piano & @Ricky The gap between the rich and the poor has increased in this country. The reason is the progressive agenda. Crony capitalism is partly to blame because companies pay money in support of candidates who then reward them with legislation that specifically benefits them – to the detriment of many other companies. The thousands of pages of regulations are also to blame, since they make it more difficult for the average American to start their own business. Also to blame is the lack of any real enforcement of immigration law, since illegal immigrants living in our country often receive benefits that should be reserved for citizens. Finally, the class-warfare ideology that typifies the progressive agenda and that pits one American against another is to blame. While I believe that some regulation is good and necessary, this country has gone way overboard.

    Obamacare was passed to fix the healthcare system that was created out of government regulation. It is a classic method of the progressive…pass regulations that nobody knows that cause problems in the economy/marketplace, then pass more government regulation/intervention to “fix” the problem that the same government created.

    These are just some of the problems with our country and economy right now. I do not believe that Hillary or Congress have any intention to address any of this, and I am not sold on Trump. However, until this is addressed, the divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’s’ will only increase.

  9. Cue the music!!

    Oh Ricky, you’re so fine. You’re so fine you blow truck-ers. Hey Ricky. hey Ricky ….

  10. Oh I’m sorry, I thought legislators passed legislation. Oh no that’s right, it’s presidents making illegal executive orders so they can play dictator.

    And please explain how Walmart is a job killer when they provide over 1.5 MILLION JOBS. You want small businesses to have a chance? Cut out all the BS government regulation. These days there is so much red tape in this country that you need to be a multi-billion dollar business to have a chance.

    So now we circle back again to why Trump is perfect. He’s proven successful in big business, created 10s of thousands of jobs, but also has felt the sting of big brother government coming to break his back with regulations and taxes on his smaller businesses. Liberals like to make fun of Trump Steaks and all of his other ventures (side note: I’ve had the steaks and they really are amazing. You don’t even need A1), but those are places where even Donald has gotten crushed by excessive regulation and lost a chance at other amazing opportunities for success (like the guy needs anymore of them).

  11. President Obama revived the economy, Toomey advocated against the measures the president took before he was in the Senate and voted against them when he was there. You can’t just make up a past for Toomey because you don’t like his actual past and you don’t get to claim he produced some result when he actively fought against it.

    And those “rich people” you’re advocating on behalf of: what have they done to make life better? Does the owner of a company making 300 times the amount of their average worker help them pay their bills? Probably not. They’re not using that money to create more jobs, they’re using it to pad their own pockets. That’s the problem. My neighbors DON’T have jobs from them. Companies like WalMart came into my town and destroyed small businesses that paid their employees fairly and replaced those jobs with crappy, minimum wage jobs. Toomey thinks these companies deserve MORE tax breaks! That’s crazy, and it doesn’t help my neighbors ONE BIT.

  12. Piano, I bet that your neighbors are happy to have the JOBS from those rich people. They still pay more taxes than any other group of people and I bet they provide a lot more opportunity than anyone you know. Since Toomey joined congress in the republican wave of 2010, the economy has come back from the dead. Sounds like he takes better care of people than you think. That enough POLICY for you? Please, go offer your services to McGinty. If you end up working for her then Im sure Toomey will win. He should hope to be lucky enough to catch some massive Trump coattails when the Donald rocks PA. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  13. Ricky you have not presented a single fact in this discussion, whereas I’ve given you a mountain of evidence. When you have something to say about actual policy (you know that it’s the President and Congress’ job to make policy, right?) instead of just repeating tired, untruthful GOP talking points then I’d be happy to have a conversation with you.

    I’m a proud Pennsylvanian. I was born here, I chose to go to college here, and I plan to live out my days here. I’ll do whatever I can to make sure Pat Toomey is done working against my fellow Pennsylvanians after November, and you’re just making me want to try even harder. Maybe I’ll go canvas for McGinty in your honor, Ricky.

  14. Pat Toomey was elected in November 2010 by a narrow margin and with enthusiastic support of Tea Party/Patriot Republicans. Much has changed since then.

    In 2010 Pat Toomey defeated Joe Sestak by 80,229 (2,028,945 to 1,948, 716) – 2.02% margin.. Now he has abandoned the base. I do not think he will pull many Democratic votes. Pat Toomey is the only statewide Republican office holder.

    In 2010, Tom Corbett defeated Democrat Dan Onorato by 357,975 (2,172,763 to 1,814,788)- an 8.98 point margin, Pat Toomey received 277, 746 votes fewer votes than Tom Corbett. And, of course, the Democrats shellacked Tom Corbett four years later. The Democrats, again, shellacked the Republicans in the five statewide Appellate Court elections.

    Montgomery County, which has more Republican voters than any other county, went Democrat in 2015 as did Rob Gleason’s Cambria County.

    The voting trend is against Republicans, in general. I don’t see Pat Toomey even holding onto the votes he had in 2010. This is the Rick Santorum paradigm where Sen. Santorum received 797,000 fewer votes in 2006 than in 2000. Had he not lost those votes, he would have won the election. The Democrats did not win that election; the Republican lost it because he could not hold his base.

    The trend is clear.

  15. Piano you’re a hack. Go back to Philly and stop pretending like you get this state at all. Toomey would be lucky if Trump let him stand by his side. Chris Christie got more TV coverage than he did all election when he tucked his tail and played side kick. Everyone is seeing the force of personality that the Donald brings and how it will drive the American economy, military, and society to its greatest heights since the 50s. Funny how the Russians were bold enough to hack the dems and not the GOP? They know who to fear and who are a bunch of gas bags that can’t put up and ought to shutup. Mr. Piano is the perfect example……..oh yeah and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  16. As a Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz Donald Trump Republican, I am beginning to wonder if Katie McGinty is worse than the alleged conservative, Pragmatic Pat Toomey.

    Pragmatic Pat is a stealth enabler of Democratic policies. Pragmatic Pat Toomey has walked away from the Tea Party/Patriot “bitter clingers” who elected in November 2010 by a narrow margin.

    Pragmatic Pat Toomey has aligned with McConnell Establishment which has failed to block Barack Obama’s Left Wing agenda.

    Pragmatic Pat Toomey has distanced himself from Donald Trump who is far more popular in Pennsylvania than Pat Toomey.

    We do see the trolls undermining Katie McGinty, a reliable Hillary Clinton Democrat, and have to wonder who is trolling. The Republican operatives, whose work I know all too well, are incompentent losers and are not skilled enough to undertake an effective troll operation so …

    Very Liberal Mike Bloomberg endorses “Pragmatic” Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania Senate race after endorsing Democrats Hillary Clinton and Pennsylvania Democrats Joe Torsella for Treasurer and Josh Shapiro for Attorney General.

    Pat Toomey skipped the Republican National Convention and is financed by Rendell Democrats (Philadelphia’s Comcast is Pragmatic Pat’s 7th largest donor.) Comcast/Universal/MSNBC finances Barack Obama and Liberal Democrats with a few exceptions for “pragmatic” Republicans.

    FYI Obama Mega-Fundraiser Comcast/Universal’s David L, Cohen of Philadelphia raised major cash for “Pragmatic Pat” Toomey
    Updated: JUNE 21, 2013 —

    FTA Bloomberg, one of the country’s most vocal proponents of tougher gun laws, singled out Toomey’s work as the co-sponsor of a bill to expand background checks for firearms purchases, making him one of the few Republicans willing to support such measures.

  17. So, Denny, a question because I really am curious (not trying to instigate here). What happens to your vote when Toomey campaigns in PA with Trump? That’s something he said he’d do at some point. Even if he doesn’t come out and say “I endorse Donald Trump” isn’t campaigning with him an endorsement anyway? Can he go around until November saying he’s not a Trump supporter BUT he’s also not NOT a Trump supporter and still count on Pennsylvanians to vote for him?

  18. Trump is a liar. His supporters acknowledge that, or ignore it. But they are blind to its consequences. The campaign promises he is making today? All hogwash, all lies. Next year in the White House, he’ll revert to his Democrat-lite past. He’s a carnival barker, a BS artist, nothing more. Just because we’re angry at government — rightly so — doesn’t mean we should elect a jackass. With respect to Toomey, I disagree with him on several issues, but I respect — though I disagree with — his bipartisanship on guns and I respect his distaste for Trump. He has my vote.

  19. ACTUALLY RICKY, I’m from Southern Chester County which blows a hole in your whole theory there.

    What has Toomey done for the people of my town? Not a whole lot. He loves giving rich people tax cuts while my neighbors have a hard time paying their bills. He talks all the time about how hes against the farm bill. I guess he forgets that PA has a ton of farmers who depend on that.

    The worst of all though is that he just goes along with Trump because he’s too chicken to say he won’t vote for him. My brother was a Marine and I will never, ever support someone who is too chicken to stand up to a bully who doesn’t respect military service. Their son gave his life for this country and Trump and Toomey have given nothing.

  20. Oh yeah. The woman leading the incumbent on Aug 1st is going to concede? Just as the incumbent’s political party is being turned over to Trumpanzees and going up in flames. Yeah. McGinty is going to concede. LMAO – don’t hold your breath.

  21. On second thought, you are right Piano.

    Didn’t realize that Toomey allowed “Trump” signs at his events. But I just googled it.

    At this point, Republicans that do not call Trump out for what he is and “un-endorse” him if necessary is un-American.

    These people will wear their Trump support forever. And, if Toomey stays quiet – he is:

    Mitläufer (plural: Mitläufer) — used after World War II by the denazification hearings in West Germany to refer to people who were not charged with Nazi crimes but whose involvement with the Nazis was considered significant to an extent that they could not be exonerated for the crimes of the Nazi regime.

  22. Oh real nice. Refer to me in the 3rd person and condescend as if YOU have ANY IDEA what middle class america is like. You probably just hang out in your filthailadelphia skyscraper looking down on people to figure how to tax, divide, and conquer, the modern liberal way. We finally have someone who isn’t scared of you and at least Pat Toomey knows how to pick the winning side. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  23. See the post below from Ricky for a perfect explanation of why Toomey needs to be kicked out of Congress, never to return.

    If you think “middle class whites” have been pushed out of political discourse in America, you’re delusional — just like Donald Trump and Pat Toomey.

  24. Mr. Piano you don’t get that Trump is saving the republican party and will be the man to fix this broken system. Republicans have become as big sell outs to special interests as democrats and they need something to bring them reign them in. By targeting middle class whites in middle america with his tough rhetoric, he is bringing them back into the discourse. But then he’s such a cunning business man that he moves them more into the mainstream. Did you hear the RNC crowd cheer for an OPENLY GAY MAN. Did you ever think you would see that? That’s Trump. Toomey is just like him with his work on gun safety. We need more Trumps and Toomeys so we really can MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN

  25. Um, Reject Trump: He hasn’t not endorsed him either. Toomey is just playing politics AGAIN and you’re falling victim to it.

    If he really doesn’t support Trump, he should say it.

  26. Toomey has shown time and again a masterful approach to running for US Senate, especially, this time around. In an era where too many Republicans are grabbing onto some “Republican Party or Bust” banner by backing Trump despite his obvious flaws, Toomey stands apart and raises the bar for democracy. Bloomberg supporting Toomey is such a tremendous boost with all it’s powerful credibility that this is a severe setback for McGinty.

  27. Toomey does deserve credit for refusing to endorse Trump. If he keeps that up, he may get my vote.

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