PA-Sen: Cartwright Endorses Sestak

matt-cartwrightAs a half-dozen hopefuls prepare for the 2016 Democratic Senate primary, state lawmakers in the party are starting to line up and take sides. First up: Matt Cartwright, Democratic Congressman from PA’s 17th district.

According to Laura Olson of the Morning Call, Cartwright is hosting a fundraiser for Sestak in Scranton next month. Tickets to the Sept. 3 event start at $250 per person, according to an invitation obtained by Olson.

Sestak was an early supporter of Cartwright when he ran against incumbent Rep. Tim Holden in 2012.

“Joe Sestak will be a great senator,” Cartwright told the Morning Call. “He’s an independent thinker who will not go along to get along.”

“Joe is one of those people where he doesn’t forget a friend.”

Cartwright said that Sestak was one of the first big-name politicians to support his 2012 congressional campaign.  

“I could count on one hand the number of established politicians who were endorsing me,” Cartwright said. “Joe was right there from the beginning… [he] is one of those people where he doesn’t forget a friend.”

Many Democrats, including Sen. Bob Casey, have avoided taking sides so far. Katie McGinty, Gov. Wolf’s former Chief of Staff who entered the race earlier this month, has a handful of endorsements. Congressmen Bob Brady and Mike Doyle have said they would support McGinty’s candidacy.

Sestak’s campaign would not comment on the endorsement but thanked Cartwright for hosting the event.

“While we do not comment on specific events, Admiral Joe Sestak has and always will appreciate support from anyone who believes the people of Pennsylvania are the first priority — and Congressman Cartwright, among others, has been one of them,” Sestak spokeswoman Danielle Lynch said in a statement.

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  1. The only thing missing from this race? One peep about what is different about the candidates. All the talk – in these and every other article and piece of campaign info from either side – is on which insider backs whom and who can raise the most cash. That would be bizarre if not most typical, in our #BrokenSystem.

    @Unknown – The only folks who have ever “repeatedly admonished” Sestak are those who hate Sestak. Regardless how one feels about him or this election, he – along with every other retired military personnel – has forever earned his highest rank to precede his or her name.

    @David: If Holden was so conservative (and I agree wholeheartedly, this liberal Dem couldn’t stand him), how did he sweep all the supposedly-lefty endorsements? And if they not affect that outcome, will any affect this one?

  2. @the real FYI – get a more original name. Also, your candidate, Joe Sestak, is not going to win. Thanks

  3. Real FYI-

    Holden was such a conservative that he really didn’t fit into the newly draw democratic district.

    You can be sure that Sestak’s endorsement of Cartwright had no bearing on the outcome.

    Sestak’s made a lot of other endorsements recently that lost. But, every once in a while.. a blind squirrel finds an acorn.

    The party has a general default policy of supporting the incumbent. So, don’t assume that the endorsements for Holden were much more than reflex.

  4. So, just to recap in 2012:

    Tim Holden:
    -Every union, elected official, democratic committee

    Matt Cartwright:
    -Joe Sestak

    -Matt Cartwright

  5. Cartwright is in a safe Dem seat, so he can “return the favor” of Sestak endorsing him without penalty.

  6. Loyalty is important to Cartwright and Sestak. This makes sense and I would rather have Cartwright’s endorsement. Matt is a good guy and a real fighter – unlike the rest of his Democratic colleagues in the House, who in their safe gerrymandered seats.

    Nearly every Democrat of note endorsed Sen. Specter in 2010 and Joe still beat him. Because he worked and worked. That’s why nobody would run against him – Pawlowski doesn’t count – until Rendell twisted Katie’s arm to do it.

    The voters will make up their minds in the last two weeks of the campaign. Joe needs to pick up on the fundraising, so he can keep up with what looks like to be a pretty good set up for Katie to raise some serious cash.

    Joe has a track record of grinding out races and pulling them out – 2010 general doesn’t count – he should have won when dozens of Dems were thrown out and Joe barely lost. Katie – not so much. The cheerleader ain’t gonna pull this one out either.

  7. So, just to recap:

    Katie McGinty:
    -EMILY’s List
    -United Steelworkers
    -Governor Ed Rendell
    -Congressman Bob Brady
    -Congressman Mike Doyle
    -Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto
    -Allegheny County Dem. Chair Nancy Mills
    -State Rep. Brian Sims

    Joe Sestak:
    -Congressman Matt Cartwright


  8. “we do not comment on specific events” ???

    Then why do I keep getting emails from the campaign about Joe’s fundraising events?

  9. I thought Sestak’s campaign had been repeatedly admonished about using the title “Admiral” in literature and public statements? No matter. Titles are of no consequence in federal prisons…

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