PA-Sen: Casey and Toomey Join Together on Gun Bill

Casey and ToomeyThe latest chance to do something about gun violence may have just passed Congress by…again.

After a high-profile failure that led to a headline-grabbing sit-in, gun safety advocates rallied around a new measure. This amendment from Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine would have allowed the Justice Department to block those on terror watch list from purchasing firearms but also would’ve given them a chance to appeal and get off the list.

The Senate sought to table the motion and while they were unsuccessful, the vote didn’t reach the filibuster-proof threshold of 60. It still won bipartisan support, though, with eight Republicans joining the Democrats to reach 52 votes.

The eight GOP Senators were: Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Dan Coates of Indiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Mark Kirk of Illinois and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein and Bernie Sanders missed the roll call but likely would’ve supported the measure, meaning the amendment’s ceiling was 54 votes.

“This is very, very frustrating,” Sen. Pat Toomey said of the effort. “When we run into our respective partisan corners and don’t get anything done, we are not serving people.”

“Senator Casey supported the bill and it was unfortunate that it was only given a table vote,” the Senator’s office told PoliticsPA. “He will continue to push for commonsense gun reform in order to save lives across the nation.”

15 Responses

  1. The better question is why don’t Republicans (or Democrats) offer a due process amendment that the NRA accepts. And the answer is that both parties would rather have a secret list.

    This is all theatre. Only, Republicans aren’t pretending like Democrats are to not be satisfied this year with the status quo.

  2. Toomey voted for it because his election is this year and it wasn’t going anywhere. He practically won his election with this throw away vote.

    Manchin-Toomey is a better representation of his beliefs.

  3. The REAL question is WHY did both of these Senators vote for the Collins Amendment?

  4. Do you want to know why the Collins Amendment failed?
    From the Collins Amendment:
    4 TIONALITY.—No district court of the United
    5 States or court of appeals of the United States
    6 shall have jurisdiction to consider the lawful
    7 ness or constitutionality of this section except
    8 pursuant to a petition for review under section.

    Aggrieved individuals can’t challenge the proposed law’s legality because it would not pass even the slightest legal scrutiny, and they (Toomey & Casey) know that, hence that clause.

    Under the excuse of fighting terrorism, these democrats, with republican allies, want to deny Americans their individual rights to keep and bear arms — without probable cause, without due process, and get this — without being able to view the evidence against them or face their accusers. Their accusers and the evidence remains a secret. Your rights would be denied solely by a
    secret-police list.

    Everyone should think long and hard about enabling this Orwellian concept!

    PS One last thought, the killer in Orlando would not have been caught because of all the 8 background checks he passed, he was NOT on the No-Fly List.

  5. Everyone who matters has given up on McGinty. All that’s left are the name callers. She had that miserable first impression with her unnecessary over the top autobiographical embellishment and now Toomey is showing her how it gets done. She’s toast.

  6. President. Here’s to hopping bungy’s predictions are better than his spelling.

  7. Get ready for another D Presidrnt!! It’s coming !!!!! Not enough RETARD voters (like you) for Trump to win. One-Term-Toomey going down too.

  8. Oh, another high-brow dig by another bigoted Democrat. There are so many of you losers…

  9. Oh, I’ve been burned by that Democrat wit. Have fun at the Katie McGinty Vitory Party. Ha Ha Ha.

  10. The NRA doesn’t want terrorists to buy guns. But, they want a way for you to find out if your name is on the watchlist and due process rights to challenge its placement. Democrats want the list to remain secret and unchallengable, and they want the criteria for suspending 2nd Amendment rights to remain vague so much that they’re willing to forgo the reasonable (and Constitution respecting–so that it withstands judicial scrutiny) compromise, which would keep terrorists from buying guns.

    So, all of this looks like Election Year politics. The sit-in is smoke and mirrors to obscure their motives. If they succeed in electing HRC, her nominees to the SC will make the Constitution irrelevant.

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