PA-Sen: Casey Co-Sponsors Bill Aimed At Trump

caseyBob Casey is picking his first battle with Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania’s senior Senator announced today that he is co-sponsoring the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act of 2017.

The legislation, introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, is aimed at Trump’s relationship with his business.

The President-Elect has refused calls to separate himself from the Trump Organization and even told the New York Times that “the president can’t have a conflict of interest.”

“President-elect Trump’s conflicts of interests are unprecedented and for the good of our nation he must divest himself from his businesses,” Senator Casey said. “The American people deserve to know that their President is acting in their best interest and not for the benefit of his business interests. Unless President-elect Trump divests, the American people will have no way of knowing where the Trump Organization ends and the Trump Administration begins.”

The legislation would also force Trump to release his tax returns, something he avoided during the campaign.

Since the bill is only supported by some Democratic members of the Senate, and they represent the minority party in the upper chamber, this legislation will likely never see the light of day.

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19 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Casey Co-Sponsors Bill Aimed At Trump”

  1. PA Citizen says:

    Who is this Mr. Casey? Occasionally I hear his name but am not sure what he does. As for this legislation it sounds like he’s taking a position to limit elected officials to be either academics or lawyers since it is not practical for a true businessman to divest of his business in order to serve the people. No state level or for that matter nationally elected member of Congress does so.

  2. Hillary C says:

    Trump was the winner and deserves to be…yeah I was not as qualified as Mr. Trump…also I told Bill to make sure the next broad he gets knows how to swallow…damn Monica….4 beautiful gloprious years…

  3. Louie says:

    Casey has done nothing for yup a residents…wtf…how stupid are you…geez

  4. Diane Rynd says:

    Senetor Casey:Thank you for co-sponsoring this bill. I made myself watch Donald Trump’s press conference today. I am trying to listen to him , to take him seriously, to be fair, but time and again I fail to find anything Presidential about him . I can’t believe they stacked a bunch of files on top of a table like a kindergarten show and tell, to prove that he is turning over control of his business. There was little coherent content to his responses to questions. I have serious doubts about his ability to lead our country and even more serious doubts about his ability to recognize much beyond his image in a mirror.

  5. Anne says:

    Trump has a 37% approval standing and absolutely no mandate. I am thankful that Senator Casey is working with Elizabeth Warren on the Presidential Conflict of Interest Act. These Senators have to do something and anything they can against this administration. I will be calling Senator Casey’s office everyday in DC to express my countless concerns for the privatization of social security, the environment and the other countless issues that this country is facing.

  6. Anonymous says:

    He’s alive!

  7. Joe Sestack's PA House says:

    I think I’ve heard of his guy. Someone’s kid if I’m not mistaken.

  8. Louie's wife says:

    I told this dumbass to get his butt plucked last year, but no…he thinks Trump campaigning and shilling is more important.

  9. StevenTodd says:

    Wow. Casey does have a spine. Bravo, Senator. Finally sticking your neck out for a liberal cause.

    Whether it sees light of day or not is not the point. Principle is.

    Experts agree: To address his conflicts of interest, Donald Trump would have to at LEAST:

    1) Liquidate his stake in the Trump Organization – As an owner, Trump can enrich himself with government actions that benefit the Trump Organization.

    2) Put all his assets into a true blind trust – A blind trust has an independent manager, and NO involvement of his children.

    ) Release his tax returns – The first presidential candidate in over 40 years to not release his tax returns – despite promising to do so – Trump’s tax returns could be hiding countless more conflicts of interest.

  10. JeffW says:

    Trump has no business in the Oval Office, and the sooner this fraud is bounced the better off we’ll be. Thanks to him, the GOP is running wild and eliminating all adult supervision, like the Ethics Office. Meanwhile, it’ll take a subpoena to pry open Trump’s tax returns, but they will come out and they will be horrifying.

  11. Phil Hughes says:

    Glad he co-sponsored that bill. Regardless of its chances of passing, it’s a legitimate issue. Trump has no sense of reality or responsibility. He must be held accountable every hour of every day. Kudos to Sens. Casey and Warren.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Senator Casey. Best US Senator from Pennsylvania ever. Keep up the great work.

  13. Louie says:

    Casey….castrated elf…two faced shit…didn’t do anything about the Clinton foundation…wonder what hair removal process he uses for his eyebrows…I might use it on my butt…

  14. jmarshak says:

    So Casey took a break from his groundbreaking legislation that prevents dresser drawers from tipping over to co-sponsor this? What a guy!

  15. David Diano says:

    Casey is gearing up for 2018. He’s going to be more visible. Going up against Trump is going to make news for Casey and increase his Dem street cred.

  16. Not Ready says:

    Who is this “Senator” Casey of which you speak? Everyone knows PA only has one senator!

  17. Seneca says:

    I’m surprised he had the energy to do even that. Casey’s never been noted for being a ball of fire. Maybe he’s just tagging along with Warren’s smoke and mirrors. Maybe he thinks he’s done for the year.

    Indeed, there is no chance of this legislation finding the light of day in the current Senate. Why did he do it? Has he been bored lately? Casey should worry about being relevant this session of Congress. This is probably not the best way to go about it.

    But this could actually get Casey Trump’s unwelcome attention. All Casey may end up doing is diverting some of Trump’s focus against people like Warren to himself. Not a good nor wise move. It could help make 2018 interesting for him, and likely not in a nice way.

  18. dirt says:

    3 cheers for Se. Casey finding a pair.

  19. dirt says:

    You will find me all over Trump, because he is dirt-y.

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