PA-Sen: Casey Describes GOP’s Horror at Trump (AUDIO)

Senate Republicans are morose about their presidential nominee Donald Trump.

At least that’s according to Senator Bob Casey.

Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed reports that Sen. Casey described the feeling of his colleagues in a Sunday interview with the show 100.3 Philly Speaks, which is co-hosted by State Sen. Vincent Hughes.

Sen. Casey was asked how upset his Republican colleagues were with Donald Trump at the head of their party’s ticket.

“It’s a lot of head shaking,” Casey answered. “They probably don’t cry in front of me, but I’ll give one example, a prominent Republican not from Pennsylvania, prominent Republican, who’s been there for years. I was just walking down the tunnel between the office I work in to go to vote and it was exactly that. Head shaking, ‘you hear what he said today?’ And, ‘oh my god.’”

Casey went on to assert that the GOP brought this on themselves by universally opposing President Obama’s agenda without proposing any plans of their own, especially concerning immigration.

“[Trump’s] kind of the personification of that agenda,” Sen. Casey concludes. “He’s been vicious to the President, he has no real substantive ideas and anti-immigration has been the centerpiece of his campaign. What did you expect?”

8 Responses

  1. Thank you, Sen. Casey for getting “it.” After years of obstruction, abject moral hypocrisy and dog-whistle politics, the Rs have finally nominated the Republican Id. Let’s see how that works out for them.

  2. Casey JR. Is a political pimp-
    In no position to tell us anything. He ignored constituents and voted for Ovamacare- and even worse voted to support Iran- his office consciously avoided taking calls from Jewish constituents opposed to anti Semite anti Israel Obama. Unlike his father Casey Jr. Represents the worst in our politics- toomey leaves much to be desired but Bob Casey stinks to the heavens

  3. When the Clinton files are finally released by Wikileaks, Guccifer2.0 and the Russians, Americans will have no choice except to vote for Trump. Crooked Hillary is going down!

  4. Maybe those cowards should stand up and do something about their presumed nominee !!!!

  5. “Imperial Democrat Senator Bashes Trump!” should be the headline! Nothing new here. Thanks for your input Senator!

  6. But Senator: those of us who work hard, two jobs to support families see you enjoy a lavish lifestyle while encouraging more taxes on our hard earned money to give freebies to illegals. If Trump wins, your next election will be very very interesting.

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