PA-Sen: Casey Votes Against TPP “Fast Track”

caseySenator Casey finds himself to the left of President Obama.

Pennsylvania’s senior Senator voted against a measure last night to proceed with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

President Obama has been on a media tour advocating for action on the agreement despite the protests of the Democratic Party’s progressive wing, led by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The vote occurred in the Senate Finance Committee and the measure passed by a 20-6 margin. Among the Senators supporting TPP was Pennsylvania’s junior Senator Pat Toomey.

“The bill voted out of committee this evening puts our nation on a fast track to fewer jobs and lower wages,” Sen. Casey said in a statement after the vote. “This Trade Promotion Authority legislation is flawed and is set to leave Pennsylvania with the short end of the stick once again.”

“Instead of focusing on boosting wages for the middle class, Congress is speeding toward another NAFTA-style deal,” he concluded. “We’ve been told that previous trade deals would bring jobs and growth, only to find out that the benefits had been vastly oversold and the consequences had been severely underestimated. When it comes to debating economic policies we should consider whether they will grow middle class wages, create new jobs and bolster our manufacturing sector. Trade Promotion Authority legislation does none of these things.”

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11 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Casey Votes Against TPP “Fast Track””

  1. Donna Shoff says:

    Thank you Sentor Casey for voting against FastTrack . Now please stay true to America and vote against TPP. We need our government to make decisions not a tribunal of governments .

  2. Janet Anderson says:

    Please stay strong and fight hard to muster enlightenment for others to oppose TPP. It is the beginning of the train that will destroy our constitutional authorities. Thank you to all who speak up against TPP

  3. shirleyplowman says:

    Fast Tracking the TPP is a most serious blow to all the rights of the American Citizens. It would be the end of our democracy. NO deals that are kept in secret as this one, until it gets fully passed. What the heck is that??? Sen. Casey, Sen. Warren, stay strong and continue to veto it!!! Get others to do the same, This is a True Crisis. America cannot live with a TPP deal, now or ever. So disappointed in Pres. Obama.

  4. Joseph Fox says:

    Thank you Senator Casey for voting against this fast track legislation, I am a registered republican who is disappointed again with those who are supposed to stand for economic freedom and the overall good of the American people. Please continue to stand strong and not be dissuaded from your vote, perhaps then others will also vote to protect our American freedoms.

  5. r fugo says:

    TPP is a treasonous document that supports the big banks and how is it that the Senate approves a document that they are not permitted to read , ARE YOU KIDOING ME !
    …This should be illegal!

  6. Harry Prentiss says:

    This legislation is eve worse than NAFTA. Think about that and be afraid be very afraid

  7. jjcnpa says:

    Gosh with Toomey and Casey as my Senators I miss Specter.

  8. Lee says:

    Senator Casey should be commended for voting against the TPP. IT WILL LOSE AMERICAN JOBS. IIt will make gigantic profits for corporations and CEOs by outsourcing those jobs to underdeveloped countries. Think about it. THAT IS WHY TOOMEY VOTED FOR IT. Toomey is a lackey for the monied special interests of this country. The question is why is Obama for it?

  9. Montco PA Dem says:

    Casey’s vote was for labor and protecting jobs. As much as I’d like him to be one, he is definitely not a member of the “progressive wing” of the party.

  10. Beverley Walter says:

    I want to thank Sen Casey, Sen. Warren and others from the progressive wing of the party for opposing Fast Track for the TPP.

    This horrendous bill has been dubbed NAFTA on steroids. The promised jobs never materialized and instead jobs were sucked overseas.

    However, as bad as the economic consequences of the TPP are, the dangers it poses to the democratic system are frightening.

    First, it has been negotiated in secrecy, even from members of Congress. On a deal as far reaching as the TPP, full public discussion is necessary.

    Second, fast track would allow no revisions, none. The pressure to pass fast track under threats of dangerous consequences and necessity for speed and absolute powers of the president to negotiate violate and endanger the protection of division of powers of the government.

    Third, the veiled threats, especially considering the betrayed promises of NAFTA are very disturbing. Threats of that nature have more to do with mafia style dealings than anything appropriate in the governmental processes.

    Fourth, the TPP would allow international corporations to sue governmental bodies, including states and municipalities, under the guise of lost profits due to environmental regulations or laws. This amounts to a surrender of sovereignty and abdication of the responsibility of the government to protect the citizenry. The appeal board would be non-governmental, composed of individuals from the corporate or financial world themselves. Unacceptable.

    I congratulate Senators Casey and Warren for their courage and urge their fellow legislators to join them and oppose fast track for the TPP and the TPP and all other similar attacks on the country.

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