PA-Sen: CBS/YouGov Poll: McGinty 39% Toomey 39%

McGinty-ToomeyIt’s a tie!

At least that’s according to the latest CBS/YouGov poll, which has Democratic nominee Katie McGinty and GOP nominee Sen. Pat Toomey each at 39%. 20% aren’t sure yet and 2% said someone else.

McGinty was ahead among the following demographic groups: liberals (80/6), Democrats (71/8), blacks (69/1), not a tea party member (49/26), not a white evangelical (48/31), 18 to 29 year olds (43/36), 65 years old or older (43/38), moderates (40/27), 30 to 44 year olds (39/33) and females (39/35).

Toomey, on the other hand, leads with: tea party members (82/4), conservatives (81/4), Republicans (79/5), white evangelicals (64/12), whites (45/34), 45 to 64 year olds (44/37), males (43/41) and independents (37/31).

CBS News and YouGov interviewed 1,091 likely Pennsylvania voters from August 30th to September 2nd. The margin of error is +/- 4.1%.

17 Responses

  1. PA Parent: I hate you. Your lack of creativity is boring. You need to learn how to troll. You suck more than Katie

  2. Pat Toomey looks like Gazoo, the wicked alien who came to earth to destroy it. Go home Toomey, there is no place for you in Pennsylvania politics.

  3. Pat Toomey looks like Gazoo, the wicked alien who came to earth to destroy it. Go home Toomey, there is no place for you in Pennsylvania.

  4. There is no question that Trump is pulling down Toomey’s numbers at the moment. This kind of reminds me of the 2000 election, when PA went for Gore yet reelected Santorum against a weak Dem challenger (Ron Klink). McGinty has a few advatanges that Klink didn’t have – a base in the vote-rich southeast, better fundraising, and Donald Trump topping the GOP ticket. With that said, McGinty is underwhelming. She hasn’t really made the case as to WHY we should replace Toomey. Despite McGinty’s geographic/demographic advantages over Ron Klink had, Toomey has basically done everything that one has to do to be a successful Republican in PA – namely, he’s moved toward the center on social issues and has not alienated moderates in the southeast, plus he hasn’t really been a bombthrower in a state that doesn’t tend to reward them. Toomey only won with 51% in the 2010 GOP wave and I expect him to survive Trump – but not by much more than that.

  5. Toomey has been under 50% for much of the summer, and that spells trouble for most incumbents. The race will be close, but right now I give the edge to McGinty.

  6. This is the month where the ratings-driven media pretend the guy who is going to lose actually has a chance. So look for “Garden Gnome catching up to McGinty” stuff for a while.

  7. Hey “duh” –He is not watching any campaign. He is a pathetic FOXtard troll who types nonsense all day. And at night, he heads to rest-stop for “work.” His world is falling apart now as he is an alt-right loser who, in the back of his little mind, knows that two women are going to beat Trumpy and Toomey. After you posted your comment, he switched his screen-name to “PA Parent.” Best to just ignore him of call him names.

  8. Which campaign are you watching? This campaign doesn’t know whether to sneeze or go blind. Toomey tells one media outlet he has to be with Trump because there is no other choice. Then in another part of the state (more centrist leaning) he says he’s not there yet (on supporting Trump). He waffles on international trade and takes the flips to the isolationist position on TPP to appease the Trumpanzees, except he already wrote them off by not backing Trump. Toomey is all over the board, and it’s all over for him.

  9. Tea Party loons overwhelmingly support a do-nothing garden-gnome. Shocker!!!

    There’s a reason right there for Independents to vote for McGinty.

  10. Toomey is running a superb campaign in a really tough situation. He’s got the world’s worst Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, at the head of the ticket whose low poll numbers are now baking. The blessing for Toomey is McGinty who is a weak Senate candidate (according to Andrea Mitchell and other pundits) which, to a lesser extent, offsets Trump. I still see Toomey in a squeaker this November mainly due to his amazing political skills and a well run campaign that makes few mistakes.

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