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PA-Sen: Chamber of Commerce Launches Ad for Toomey (VIDEO)

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is showing its support for Sen. Pat Toomey with a 30-second TV spot that will debut this week.

The ad praises Toomey, who faces a tough reelection in 2016, as a fighter for “a new and better economy for PA and a brighter future for all.” The spot also calls him a “practical and constructive conservative” who is “not afraid to reach across the aisle” and work with state Democrats.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the references to bipartisanship are intended to reach Philadelphia-suburb voters who may remember Toomey as one of the state’s most conservative lawmakers.

In addition to releasing the Toomey ad this week, the Chamber of Commerce will also debut an Ohio ad attacking former Democratic Governor Ted Strickland. This round is the first of what the group says will be a series of monthly media blitzes in key battleground states leading up to the 2016 election cycle. Both commercials will appear on TV and across social media.

The July release dates marks an earlier-than-usual campaign start for the Chamber, who wanted to air the ads before Congress left for their August recess.

“We think there’s an opening in the calendar before the presidential sweepstakes really takes off in August,” said Scott Reed, the Chamber’s senior political strategist. “We’re committed to supporting our friends and tackling our political foes.”

The Chamber of Commerce is the nation’s biggest-spending business lobby, having funded more than $70 million in ads during the 2014 midterm campaign. The group said that the spending on this week’s pair of spots was “significant,” but did not specify a dollar amount.

4 Responses

  1. Let us not forget toomey’s strong anti gun stance. You would think he was from new york, ca or nj when it comes to his position on the “People’s right to own a weapon!” Because of this I’m not sure who to vote for in the coming election. If his opposition has a better outlook on this subject, I, as well as a bunch of people I know, can be convinced to cast a ballot for the “other person!”

  2. The individual votes don’t matter, the U.S. Chamber will always support an incumbent Republican Senator. It’s what they do.

  3. This is an odd development, since the Chamber of Commerce has been desperately trying to get the Export-Import Bank renewed, while Toomey and his Club For Growth has been pushing to eliminate it.

  4. Ugh!
    Mr. Club for Growth (of the plutocracy) has a profoundly rightwing voting record on every economic issue of importance to Pennsylvanians.

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