PA-Sen: Chamber of Commerce Launches Anti-McGinty TV Ads (VIDEOS)

If Katie McGinty hears you use the word energy, she’ll hop in her car, have her driver jet over to the playground and try to catch little Jimmy so she can tax him.

That’s apparently the message of the latest Chamber of Commerce commercial.

The thirty-second spot, titled “Run Jimmy”, focuses on McGinty’s energy record. It mentions a 1993 plan from the Clinton Administration to tax carbon that passed the House but stalled in the Senate. In 2009, the Obama Administration’s cap and trade plan met the same fate. McGinty supported both proposals.

This is the second ad that the Chamber has run in support of Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

Earlier this month they unveiled another commercial, titled “Cheesesteaks”, that portrayed a focus group. You can tell because there’s a pad in the back with the words “Focus Group” on them.

The man running the focus group presents participants with one good item and one terrible item, concluding with Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty (the ad’s portrayal of a cheesesteak arguably overshadowed the rest of the spot).

The respondents all pick Toomey, with one man writing down his name then putting a check mark underneath it on a notepad to signify his choice.

U.S. Chamber Action is (likely to the great relief of the Toomey team) not associated with any campaign.  

8 Responses

  1. So tired of the anti-McGinty ads already. Do you not realize that people can see the dates of your old info? None of your arguments are logical. Do I have to hear that Toomey cares about kids’ safety…..that is many years old. He hasn’t done anything else? PS the security measures may seem important for institutions dealing with kids, but this is way “over-kill”, and who makes the millions from fees paid by every single person teaching – to- cleaning toilets for kids?

  2. I agree that this idiotic commercial against mcGinty is so ridiculous that it crosses the boundary of sanity to insanity!!! And to Think Toomey is a member of the “Hell No Party” who votes No to every single issue put in front of him even if it benefits all Americans. And, he will not give the Supreme judge nominee a chance to be heard–Again not doing his job!! I hope and pray Toomey is ousted in a BIG way!!!!

  3. ‘Run Jimmy’ is the most ridiculous ad in the history of politics.
    Typical republican idiocy. Katie will trounce obstructionist Toomey in the fall.

  4. Not all the money would go to Wall Street. Don’t forget the Natural Gas Frackers need help too. After all we don’t want them drilling our gas in another state, right!?!?

  5. And then Toomey will take the money she collects and hand it over to hedge fund managers, investment bankers, and venture capitalists because, hey, they’ve earned it.

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