PA-Sen: Chuck Todd Analyzes Toomey’s Trump Conundrum (VIDEO)

The race for Senate between Democrat Katie McGinty and Republican Pat Toomey has garnered national attention.

Chuck Todd, host of MSNBC’s Meet the Press Daily, discussed the pair’s rivalry on Wednesday in an effort to highlight races that are “overlooked too often with all this cable focus on the presidential elections.”

Todd, focusing on the influence the presidential race has had on PA politics, says the “hotly contested” Democratic primary has tested Toomey’s politics. Considered “relatively moderate,” according to Todd, Toomey has thus far been reluctant to declare his full support of Donald Trump.

Toomey also wrote an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer expressing his dissatisfaction with the two current presidential frontrunners Trump and Hillary Clinton. Toomey finds Trump’s candidacy “highly problematic,” and Clinton “unacceptably flawed.” Toomey initially supported Marco Rubio and after the termination of that campaign, he voted for Ted Cruz.

This has left Toomey in an apparently uncomfortable position of being “not pleased” with Trump, while still being “inclined to support the nominee of [the Republican] Party.” As such, according to Todd, Toomey has begun “lining up some of his rhetoric with Trump’s,” specifically his recent attack ad towards McGinty over her support of Philadelphia’s sanctuary city status.

Todd says Toomey is “trying to have it both ways with Trump: distancing himself out loud, but sounding the alarm to Trump supporters that he’s on Trump’s side when it comes to specific issues like immigration.”

If Clinton beats Trump in PA by over five points, predicts Todd, “Toomey’s got an uphill battle to make up that line.”

4 Responses

  1. There is no difference between the Parties, their goals or agenda. Toomey has proven this to be true time after time.

  2. What the hell kind of scale puts Toomey at “relatively moderate”? Next we will learn that Attila was a liberal.

  3. Toomey is an ass-hole garden gnome. One term (filled with inactivity) was too many.

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