PA-Sen: Congressman Meehan Reportedly Considering Casey Contest

pat-meehan-portraitCongressman Pat Meehan is pondering a challenge to Senator Bob Casey.

That’s according to Ryan Briggs of City and State, who broke the news on Friday afternoon.

“I’ve been talking to Pat in recent days and it sounds to me that he’s seriously considering a run against Casey in 2018,” Republican fundraiser Charlie Kopp told Briggs. “Being a Senator was always something he’s had in his vision. So it’s not like something he decided yesterday; it’s been put on his mind for years.”

The idea is that Rep. Meehan would eat into the Democratic advantage in the Southeastern portion of the state while turning out Republicans elsewhere.

This revelation comes just a week before PA Society, a weekend of events that would provide easy access to the big-shot fundraisers one would need to undertake a statewide campaign.

Congressman Meehan has represented the 7th Congressional District since 2011.

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  1. @ Jerry Policoff:

    You impute quotes/motivations to me that never transpired; I found a review-article that had been touted as the definitive differential-diagnosis regarding the alternative explanations, and I then reprinted the four times acoustical info was being conveyed, ’tis all.

    Notable in the defense of Warren was having ignored the 10-second window for the three bullets to have been shot by LHO; that’s why I highlighted that omission.

    This article concludes Warren was correct, after having dealt with the alternatives somewhat dispassionately; you may wish to compose a f/u piece that focuses primarily on refuting the underpinnings of the points made therein.

  2. I guess you decided to make this very long, factually false on several levels, reply because you knew I would not respond to it. What I will respond to is your bogus claim that acoustics is “junk science.” Many of the methods the government turned to (including its alleged refutation of the acoustics findings, and neutron activation analysis, and hair analysis, etc.) are indeed junk science, but the science of acoustics is anything but. Are you a deliberate liar or merely hopelessly uninformed???

  3. note:

    NO discussion of the inability to aim/shoot thrice within 10 seconds, per Zapruder:

    Some eyewitnesses referred to the echoes in their testimony, and “strong reverberations and echoes” were later noted by a bioacoustics expert conducting experiments in Dealey Plaza for the House Select Committee reinvestigating the crime in 1978.17

    There is one fact that is hard to dispute, however: of the dozens of witnesses who described the sound of the shots, very few (you could count them on one hand) said that they came from more than one direction.18 The rare exceptions, however, would soon be elevated to “star witness” status in pro-conspiracy books and documentaries; they are the ones the critics used to “prove” a conspiracy.

    When the findings were subjected to peer review by a National Academy of Sciences committee, however, the failings of the HSCA’s conspiracy theory were revealed. The Committee on Ballistic Acoustics, better known as the Ramsey Panel—after its chairman, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Norman F. Ramsey— found that not only was there no evidence of gun shots on the Dallas recording, but the waveforms identified as shots were actually recorded approximately one minute after the assassination, as voices in the recording indicated that the limousine had already been instructed to head for Parkland Hospital.50 The House committee’s conspiracy evidence was a bust.

    When all else fails, conspiricists can always try to pin the assassination on organized crime. That’s what G. Robert Blakey did. Blakey had worked under Robert Kennedy at the Justice Department and drafted the landmark Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO act)—anti-racketeering legislation that was signed into law in 1970. As Chief Counsel to the HSCA, he took it upon himself to explain who had been responsible for the conspiracy indicated by the committee’s acoustical theory, something the committee declined to do. As the HSCA ended its investigation, Blakey held a press conference to announce, “I am now firmly of the opinion that the Mob did it. It is a historical truth. The Committee report does not say the Mob did it. I said it. I think the Mob did it.”93

    In their reliance on inherently unreliable eyewitness testimony; in lay interpretations of forensic evidence (such as the “head snap” in the Zapruder film); in invocations of pseudo or junk science (like the acoustical theory endorsed by the HSCA); in confusing rumors or even pure speculation for reality151 (Oswald was a secret agent, Ruby was a mobster, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were killed by the same men who killed JFK; it’s all connected); in the rationalization of failure after failure152 (evidence implicates Oswald, so it must be forged; experts interpret evidence as disproof of a conspiracy theory, so they must be lying); in the use of after-the-fact reasoning153153 (Ruby killed Oswald, so Ruby must be connected to the assassination; Ruby made phone calls to Mob-related individuals, so the Mob must have killed JFK); in the failure to understand the role of coincidence and the significance of representativeness154 (events such as the deaths of alleged witnesses—no matter whether they really were witnesses or not—cannot possibly be a coincidence; it must be a conspiracy); in their systematic embrace of methods such as these, the Warren Commission critics (and—mea culpa—I used to be one of them) have been and remain wrong. The conspiracy theories stem from logical fallacies, not legitimate arguments.

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