PA-Sen: Cook Classifies Casey’s Seat as “Likely Democratic”

bob-caseyBob Casey is likely to win re-election to his third term. At least that’s the first impression of the Cook Political Report.

The political prognosticators issued their latest ratings of the 2018 Senate races yesterday.

In 2018, Democrats are defending 25 Senate seats while the GOP only has to protect eight. Additionally, the current partisan composition of the Senate gives Republicans a 52-48 majority.

They rate Casey’s seat as a “Likely Democratic” one. Seven other Democrats are included in that category.

Five Senators received a “Lean Democratic” designation. None of the 33 seats received a “Toss-Up” categorization.

8 Responses

  1. If a strong progressive challenges Casey he/she will have an excellent chance of defeating this empty suit. If not Casey will suffer the same fate as Katie McGinty if the Republicans put up a strong candidate. The Dems will keep losing Senate and House seats until they stop supporting neo-liberals like Casey. Don’t blame the voters. Blame the shameless corporate Democratic Establishment.
    I am a lifelong Democrat, but I will never vote for the likes of Casey or McGinty.

  2. Who knows what the idiot voters of PA will do 2 years from now. Trump might be impeached by then, or have committed a putsch that canceled future elections.

  3. I think that Jim Cawley is the best option for this seat. He’s electable and will give Casey a run for his money in the most firmly democratic areas.

  4. All the pro life Dems will stick with Casey…you know, the ones who voted for Trump. Meehan isn’t exactly a ‘star campaigner.’

  5. Casey had better do a little more than sign on to Warren’s shtick if he wants to be back in 2019. If he doesn’t watch out he’ll be on thin ice with McCaskill, Tester, Heitkamp, and a few others that the Republicans will be gunning for. Realistically they would like to pick up at least 4 or 5 seats but if DJT is doing well they’ll aim high, at least for twice that.

    Two big unknowns, namely Joe Manchin and Angus King. Manchin might bolt tto the Republican side of the aisle if Trump is doing well. King is a Democrat posing as an Independent, and might face a strong challenger this coming cycle. Or he might bolt too.

    The PA race might get a lot of attention, as the Republicans are already licking their chops over both Casey’s and Wolf’s seats. This will be a good chance for them to try to turn the state at least red-purple.

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