PA-Sen: Dem Group Launches Another Anti-Toomey TV Spot (VIDEO)

Senate Majority PAC is out with another TV ad tying Pat Toomey to Wall Street.

Well technically, Majority Forward has launched the thirty-second spot. They’re the 501 (c)(4) spin-off of that group. They’ve already created a number of ads criticizing Sen. Toomey for being too close to Wall Street.

The latest commercial, titled “Love Affair”, goes after Toomey’s past proposal to privatize Social Security.

“It’s a love affair. Pat Toomey and Wall Street,” the narrator states. “Wall Street’s given Toomey $2.7 million dollars in contributions. And Toomey supported privatizing Social Security in the stock market. Wall Street would profit with hundreds of billions in fees, even if the market crashed and people lost everything.”

“Pat Toomey. Wall Street,” the narrator concludes. “It may be love for them, but it’s heartache for the rest of us.”

This $400,000 buy is set to hit the airwaves in the Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Scranton media markets.

UPDATE: The Toomey campaign has released a response to this latest commercial and pointed to a 2009 Politifact article to dispute the ad’s claims:

“Katie McGinty’s friends in Washington are truly, madly, deeply in love with lying about Senator Toomey, because it’s all they seem to do on Pennsylvania airwaves,” said Toomey for Senate spokesman Ted Kwong. “McGinty’s allies are getting increasingly desperate to distract from her sinking poll numbers, her shocking lies about her own life story, and her long record of using government positions to enrich herself and her friends.”

9 Responses

  1. Wall Street so in love with Toomey that the Koch Brothers have paid for political field operatives in Pittsburgh and Philiadelphia supporting Toomey. Toomey has been a rock star for Special Intetests and they desperately want to keep Toomey. For regular people Toomey has been an Empty Suit in the Senate. Name one piece of legislation Toomey’s name is on in 51/2 years in the Senate. For Sestak supporters time to get over the Primary. Sestak lost by 11%. You only have two choices. Vote for Democrat McGinty or give 6 more years to Toomey in the Senate.

  2. There are a lot of things that Toomey supported, specific votes that are horrid. Just saying Toomey/Wall Street does not seem to me to be all that effective. Seems more like a weak attack that does nothing to show why we should vote for Katie. So annoyed that a group continues this ineffective path.

  3. Everyone who matters has given up on McGinty. She had that miserable first impression with her unnecessary over the top autobiographical embellishment and now Toomey is showing her how it gets done. She’s toast.

  4. It is going to be so sweet to see Toomey and Trump go down in flames on Election Night in November. I wonder if Toomey is so clueless that he’ll blame his loss entirely on Trump?

  5. Toomey is the worst. He got paid $225,000 just to give a speech to Goldman Sachs and won’t let anybody see the transcripts of what he said.

    Oh wait, that’s Hillary. And everybody who is voting for McGinty is supposed to vote for her too!

  6. I wonder if this ad is full of lies like the ads Katie and Co. ran about Joe Sestak’s record on Social Security.

    Once a liar, always a liar.

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