PA-Sen: Dem Super PAC Reserves $9 Million In Airtime to Aid McGinty

Katie_McGintyThe Senate Majority PAC, which works to elect Democrats to the U.S. Senate, has reserved about $9 million for television advertising to aid Katie McGinty in her campaign against Republican incumbent Pat Toomey.

The reservation for television time begins in September and goes until the election on November 8th. The group says that they could reserve more TV ad time later.

The campaign between McGinty and Toomey is getting increasingly expensive, and is on track to exceed $50 million, as it is a highly salient and closely watched race that could determine control of the U.S. Senate. Toomey is viewed as one of the most vulnerable Republicans up for election this year.

The Super PAC reports that, to date, it has spent approximately $2 million on TV ads in Pennsylvania prior to the $9 million reservation for McGinty.

19 Responses

  1. Rich boomer:

    Way to show exactly the real problem.

    Your own selfishness allows you to blame other generations that have it WAY HARDER than any “boomer” ever had it, and be smug about it.

    You can’t die off soon enough… except, I hope that you live just long enough to fix the “death tax” so that you can’t leave very much to anybody and they will have to work for it.

  2. I built that. Millennials don’t know what hard work is. They want me to pay for everything progressives say they deserve…and that list grows and grows and grows. Don’t like my wealth? Then stop buying my products. Nobody forces you.

  3. What is rich is that the decline of “America” is directly correlated with the entitled boomer generation taking power. What is rich is an entire generation that saved poorly for retirement wants to make younger generations retire later so that they (the boomers) can steal from the retirements of their grand kids.

    The boomer generation that has effectively embraced the ‘kick the can down the road’ political ideology such that future generations will be cleaning up the messes from the lack of institutional fortitude of an entire generation, that same lack of fortitude that has brought about the first generation in America that has been born who will not do as well as their parents generation.

    Way to go Boomers, your lack of fortitude and selfishness, will be long reviled after you die off and those affected will finally be able to tell the story about the worst generation of people born in the history of America.

    As far as democracy, America doesn’t have ‘democracy’, we have a bastardization that boomers have allowed to become a joke on both side of the two party joke. The joke that Dem’s and Repb’s have a different goal, and it is a joke, since both parties keep lowering taxes on the rich and screwing the working class. There is no reason to have any faith in the people running the institutions today. Those people (with a boomer majority today) have failed everyone.

    Democracy does not exist in America today with our current system, it needs to be fixed, and we can be sure, the boomers in power today will do nothing to fix it.

  4. Ditto Anne Umbrecht.

    Reasonable Rep, the crazy thing Trump will say toward the end of the race will be mild to what he’s said in the past, but it will be played up into the scandal of the century by media.

  5. Berniecrat: What’s your class? And what’s with the death wish for us baby boomers? The oldest is 70, the youngest are still in their peak earning (and contributing years) and a large percentage bore the brunt of the bipartisan 1983 FICA tax increases to fund Social Security benefits. Barring further facts, can’t agree with the parasite label.

  6. Come on, David. Around mid-way through her tenure as Secretary of State, she had a favorability rating of about 65% and was the most popular public figure in America. Her current problems with trustworthiness, authenticity, etc. are entirely of her own doing. Anyone who buys into the “secret Muslim” or Vince Foster stuff was never in her corner to begin with.

    But regardless of the reason for her unfavorables, the bottom line is that Hillary isn’t a “coat tails” candidate who is going to turnout voters to such a degree that it wipes out Republicans down ballot. I guess Trump could always say something to *really* scare Democrats into turning out, but what more can he say at this point?

    Toomey has money, name recognition and reasonably good favorables. He’ll be savvy enough to stay above the Trump-Hillary fray and project himself as the voice of reason in the coming months. At this point the smart money is on the Presidential year turnout not being enough to put McGinty over the top.

  7. When your IT guy takes the Fifth 125 times that is fact, not innuendo or rumor. Hillary is Richard Nixon born again as female Democrat. She is actual worse than Nixon, she said Nixon should have burned the tapes.

  8. Great points, DD. They have been smearing Clinton for 30 years. And she will still be POTUS. Shows how impotent the Repervlicans really are. So does Donald Drumpf at the top of their ticket. They truly are a CLOWN CAR now.

    BTW – “Reasonable Rep” = SpongeBob = Tim = same pathetic retard-troll.

  9. Reasonable Rep-

    She “unpopular” because of two decades of rumors, innuendos, and conspiracy theories from FoxNews and the RNC.

    Trump brought up the Vince Foster stuff recently and one of my co-workers thinks Hillary had someone murdered in prison to keep him quiet.

    These are the same nuts that think Obama is a “secret Muslim” with a fake birth certificate.

    So, Hillary’s “unpopularity” is based on false information and stuff she’s never said nor done.

    Trump’s unpopularity is based on all he stupid stuff he actually does and says.

  10. Toomey is putting all his eggs in the Sanctuary City BS. It is noting more than a Willie Horton ad. Sanctuary city is nothing more than when a local government says they won’t waste their limited funds enforcing federal immigration law. The federal government should be enforcing immigration laws anyway. Toomey hasn’t addressed the issue or funded immigration enforcement in 6 years.

  11. Leave to the Repbulican Light party to nominate another political hack who’s never won an open election and only got to where she is by licking the boots of other awful people – like Ed Rendell, and HRC.

    Dr. Jill Stein is right. Everything that Trump says is bad, but everything that Clinton has DONE is worse. The ‘corporate democrats’ who cheer HRC and McGinty will blame progressives who stay home or vote for Dr. Stein.

    Naw, it is not my fault that as a registered Dem, the party chooses not to represent my class in favor of their wall street benefactors.

    The dem party under HRC and Obama for that matter has without question become the GOP of the 80’s (which is something Boomers seem to love – also, the boomer generation cannot die off soon enough, go away you parasites on society).

  12. “Hillary’s coattails” ???

    David, were it not for Trump, Hillary would be the most unpopular major party nominee since the advent of polling. Her favorable/unfavorables range from 15 to 20 points underwater. Toomey, by contrast, is 15 points above water.

    If no major independent candidate jumps in, a presidential race in which more than half of the voters don’t trust/believe/approve of either Trump or Hillary is going to depress turnout. Would be interesting to see how that affects the Senate race.

  13. She doesn’t need it. Toomey will get flushed with Trump. Turds – the both of them.

  14. $9 million is more than enough to get McGinty’s name out there and expose Toomey.

    That doesn’t include all the coordinated campaign stuff, Hillary’s coattails, Trump’s damage and mailings.

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