PA-Sen: Dems Assert Toomey is the Real Revolving Door Candidate (VIDEO)

The PA Democratic Party launched a new web video attacking Sen. Toomey today.

The ad, entitled “The Real Pat Toomey,” focuses on Toomey’s career as a Wall Street banker, and claims Toomey “carried water” for Wall Street during his political career.

“Toomey has collected $2.5 million from Wall Street,” the narrator states. “Talk about a revolving door.”

The revolving door is a reference to Toomey’s initial TV spot against Democratic nominee Katie McGinty from last week.

This video even slows a clip of that commercial while asserting that “to hide his record, [Toomey’s] attack machine is personally going after Katie McGinty”.

This ad echoes last week’s video from AFSCME which also hit Toomey on his Wall Street ties.

Less than a week in, all hands are on deck for this year’s Senate contest.

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  1. Are you ready kids? “Aye Aye Captain”
    I can’t hear you! “AYE AYE CAPTAIN”
    Who lives on his knees and drinks lots of TEA?
    “Unsanctioned RETARD”
    Stupid and yellow and troll-like is he!
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    If Repervlican nonsense be something you wish
    “Unsanctioned RETARD”
    Then drop to your knees and suck like a fish!
    “Unsanctioned RETARD”
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  2. Unsanctioned R-

    You would have had a pro-fracking Senator with Sestak.

    He wanted the US to be “Europe’s gas station”. This was consistent with his geo-political-military view of the world and the US using fossil fuel to be less reliant on the mid-East, and Europe to be more reliant on US.

    He was an anti-fracking as the foreman at an oil/gas field.

  3. Democrats would absolve Judas over “just” 30 pieces of silver.

  4. My favorite part of the Club for Growth’s ad attacking McGinty was the line, …and she made thousands.” Oooh, thousands! So Double Burn, you used a revolving door just to end up….middle class like the rest of us. That’ll show her! Where’s she getting that fur coat in the ad with the “thousands” she made? Not tens of thousands, or hundreds or thousands, but just thousands. Guess she got that on some sort of bargain basement outlet store Kmart layaway coupon special for fur coats. What a smart shopper!

  5. TArthur-

    The Toomey campaign would have been popping champagne had Sestak won the primary. They’ve got tons of footage of him, particularly trampling two separate kids at a 4th of July parade.

    Joe could never debate Toomey effectively, because Joe and Toomey believe the same things. Joe fakes being a progressive with the talking points, but can’t deconstruct the GOP talking points that he actually believes.

    One of my friends on the McGinty campaign mentioned how disappointed his counter-part was on the Toomey campaign when Joe lost.

    Excellent point.

    Montco Dem-
    I would love to compare the donor list of Sestak’s dark money PAC with list of Toomey donors.

  6. McGinty will beat Toomey – no matter who he “wanted to win” the D Primary.


  7. Observer & TArthur—what planet are you people on. The Toomey crowd wanted Sestak to win. Explain why they (Toomey) put up ads in the primary against McGinty.

  8. Yep. Toomey is history. It will be Clinton/McGinty. And the Garden Gnome will get mowed over (get it?).

  9. Quite the opposite, TArt. Toomey did everything in his power to help Sestak, possibly even to the extent of helping to fund the mystery PAC that showed up for Sestak in the final weeks.
    Toomey knows he will lose badly if Trump or Cruz head the ticket and Katie is teamed with Clinton.

  10. Diano – you obviously know nothing about the campaign. It is very apparent they were prepared and excited to face Katie. If you learn one thing in politics it is once a loser always a loser. Stop speculating, you aren’t very good at it.

  11. Observant-

    The Toomey campaign was quite upset to see Sestak defeated.


    Well, Katie already beat a Dwarf and a Giant.

  12. Toomey is a garden gnome. McGinty will be glad to beat him. It will be her pleasure.

  13. Katie McGinty is a lightweight…I am sure Toomey and his handlers are glad to see her.

  14. I love how the Dems’ plan for getting McGinty past Toomey is to portray him as too friendly with Wall Street, yet they’re also relying on the female vote with Hillary atop the ticket, who is in deeper with Wall Street than Toomey could ever be.

  15. Toomey has always been a water-carrier for Wall Street, and other undeserving rightwing groups. Toomey is a putz who must be defeated to get PA a decent Senator.

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