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PA-Sen: EMILY’s List Pushing for McGinty Candidacy

Kathleen-McGintyKatie McGinty seems to be getting closer and closer to entering the 2016 Senate Democratic primary.

Marc Levy of the Associated Press is reporting that the DSCC and EMILY’s List are encouraging McGinty to throw her hat into the ring.

Considering that McGinty flew to the DSCC retreat in Martha’s Vineyard last week, it’s not surprising that they are pushing her forward. EMILY’s List, though, is a new entrant in this saga.

Levy is reporting that McGinty is “seriously considering” a run and her top advisors have been indicating for days now that a decision is coming soon.

The hesitancy makes sense. McGinty is currently Governor Wolf’s Chief of Staff. If she were to leave in the middle of the budget stalemate it would cause quite a stir and the office would need time to prepare a successor.

Joe Sestak is the only other Democrat in the race, but party leaders are wary of him. If McGinty ran, she and Sestak would face off for the right to take on freshman Senator Pat Toomey.

11 Responses

  1. 13thDistrictDemocrat-

    Sestak filed his report. It’s a paper copy that needs to be scanned to get online (and Sestak always sends it at the last possible moment). So, it takes a week or two so show up on the FEC site.

    However, PoliticsPA is reporting that Sestak raised $700K (spent $300K) for net of $400K and COH of $2.1 million.

    Toomey raised $2.1 million and increased his COH to $8.3 million

  2. Observer, I realize your mention of Turzai is only to deflect the conversation from abysmal Democratic candidates and office holders, but just for kicks, what are you accusing him of?

  3. She is a joke. Aside from magnificent press releases, what has she ever done? What has she led? What has she ACCOMPLISHED? Nothing, nothing, and nothing. She’s a pretty good admin assistant, though, from all accounts. The old Emily’s List cheer, “Vote for me, I’m Female!” won’t get it done any more, as we see from Queen Hillary’s collapsing poll numbers.

    In other news, what’s the over-under for when Turzai gets indicted? 6 months? 8 months? It’s a certainty he will carry on the PA tradition of convicted Speakers, the only question is, when?

  4. I’m not speaking to anyone’s record. The best candidate – which very well may be her – should be who voters seek out. The fact that she would be the first us senator from pa without a penis is an irrelevant side note and should not be a reason for voters to support her.

  5. Aaron, can you read? It’s clear Katie McGinty has a strong, progressive record independent of her gender as outlined in that post. The “history making” nature of her candidacy is certainly a cause for excitment among the base.

  6. Not sure I understand the draft McGinty post. We should support her because she is a woman? How about we support the best candidate – maybe that’s her and maybe it isnt – and try to keep the sexist rhetoric out of it…

  7. Let’s elect her because she is a woman, great reason, how did that work with Kane?

  8. I’ve been a fan of Joe Sestak’s, but I’m wondering if he’s a little not-ready-for-prime-time on this campaign. And I’ll tell you why.

    Second quarter fundraising reports were due *a week ago*. To date, it doesn’t look like Sestak’s filed one at all.

    So he’s not really raising any kind of money in Q1, and he’s a week late to file on Q2. That doesn’t speak well for a candidate who *needs* to win if the Democrats are going to take back the Senate in 2016.

    I thought Katie McGinty was phenomenal on the trail in 2014. I met her several times, and always ended up leaving an event more in favor of her candidacy that I was when I showed up. I know she’s more left-of-center than some people want, but I think she could kick Toomey’s butt at retail politics. Her gubernatorial campaign and this from EMILY show that she’ll have the connections to fundraise.

    I’d still prefer to see Sestak get his act together and actually be a legit candidate. Since he has $1m+ on hand, and why burn that against fellow Democrats if we don’t have to. But I’m more in favor of McGinty as time goes on.

  9. Kathleen Kane is better qualified and more deserving than McGinty.
    McGinty has been , is and will continue to be a loser. Moderates and Jewish Democrats will support Sestak and even Toomey- before supporting a left wing progressive who will
    Do further harm to both our Party and our Nation. Being a political hack is not what we need.

  10. Pennsylvania currently has NO women serving in Congress! Let’s make history by electing Pennsylvania’s first woman United States Senator!

    The time to rally around a unifying candidate to defeat Pat Toomey and the Republican majority is NOW! That candidate is Katie McGinty!

    Follow us on twitter @DraftMcGinty

    Learn more about Katie:

    Katie McGinty is a recognized leader in environmental protection, business investment, job growth, and energy innovation. With more than twenty-five years of experience in public service and the private sector, Katie knows how to solve big problems at the highest levels, and she knows how to fight for working families. In Katie, Democrats throughout Pennsylvania have an energetic and compassionate voice to fight for middle class families.

    Katie was born in northeast Philadelphia the ninth of ten kids to a police officer and a hostess. After attending college and law school on scholarships, she worked her way up within the Clinton Administration, eventually serving as a trusted advisor to President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore as the first woman to chair the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Later, she served our state and Governor Ed Rendell as the first female Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. Since 2008, Katie has been working in the private sector helping to drive sustainable business development.

    Katie, her husband Karl, and their three daughters live in Wayne, Chester County.

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