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PA-Sen: EMILY’s List Supports McGinty With New TV Ad (VIDEO)

Katie McGinty and her allies are all hands on deck with just three weeks to go until the primary.

One of her biggest supporters, EMILY’s List, has launched a new TV ad trumpeting her candidacy.

“Get up, get to school, get to work, get buy,” a narrator states. “Katie McGinty knows the routine.”

The thirty-second spot then quickly recounts McGinty’s past from her childhood to her time in the Clinton Administration.

“Helping create thousand of new jobs, she’ll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages and equal pay for women,” the narrator concludes. “So opportunity never gets out of reach.”

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the April 26th Senate Democratic primary.  

6 Responses

  1. It is sad that so much money is being spent on political ads lying about Sestak. Just to set the record straight
    March 19, 2009
    Congressman Sestak Votes to Recoup AIG Bonuses
    Measure Would Tax Bonuses to Employees of AIG and Other Companies that Received TARP Funds at a Rate of 90%.

  2. another tired mcginty ‘you’ve earned it’ ad claiming her mommy and daddy’s blue collar (now $800K a year) — roots?

    sigh. too bad emily’s list can’t spend its money on something important. they will get no more $ from me. ever.

  3. It really shows what kind of candidate Katie is when every ad has to lead with the number of siblings she has and the fact that her parents worked blue collar jobs. She has to be given credit for other people’s activities and accomplishments.

  4. And if she loses, she goes back to taking seven figure payouts from the energy co’s and frackers she used to regulate. She seems very committed to the working class.

  5. Hey, Sestak helped created thousands of jobs, too — for military guys in Iraq, when he voted to keep funding Bush’s war. Twice.

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