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PA-Sen: Fetterman Attacks Fracking in New Ad (VIDEO)

Braddock Mayor and Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman is taking on fracking, as well as Katie McGinty, in his latest ad.

“These gas companies with billions in revenue and profits don’t pay a single dime to Pennsylvania for the gas that they extract from our state, and that’s outrageous,” Fetterman states while driving around in his car. “We are the only state in the country that does not charge an extraction tax for natural gas. It’s unheard of, literally unheard of.”

“The way fracking has been done in Pennsylvania is an environmental abomination, and the state’s weak environmental standards are the result of lobbyists like Katie McGinty getting their way,” the candidate said in a statement accompanying the video. “But the reality is that fracking is here to stay, so why wouldn’t Pennsylvania want to have the toughest environmental standards? Why wouldn’t we want to make gas companies pay taxes like everyone else?”

“The fact that you can frack within a mile or two of a school, or that anybody would want to frack within a mile or two of a school or where people live is crazy,” he concludes. “Just like it was with coal mining, you don’t find out all of the issues and all of the challenges until years and years later, decades later, when these fly-by-night companies are gone and all that’s left is a huge environmental mess that the communities and the government is responsible for cleaning up.”

Fetterman is running against McGinty and former Congressman Joe Sestak in the Democratic primary. The election is set for April 26th.

14 Responses

  1. do let’ a all rah rah for solar power and alternative energy, any numbskull politician would see no down side in supporting those. but blocking campaign contributors from constructing dirty coal plants– well, that’s much a tougher ethical decision. when McGinty’s boss Rendell points out that his campaign contributor Bologna Coal needs its application ‘fast tracked, go to girl mcGinty was right on it. most environmentalists i’ve heard from are totally opposed to Mc Ginty. she did exactly what bossman Rendell told her to. she fast tracked to beat the EPA new standards, then had henchman Mikus lie about it. NPR caught her redhanded and confronted her with copies of her own emails directing her staff to do it. but even after she was caught by NPR , she and Mikus continued to deny she did what her emails clearly show she did. Then on 1/30 she denied taking o and g contributions , and Fetterman and the post gazette have both indicated she was lying– based on data in her own campaign finance statements. we’ve had enough of politicians who can’t distinguish truth from lies in PA. (and fortunately some- like jane Orie , mike Veon- got jail time for it. )

    DSCC is not getting any more of my money since they are choosing to dump millions into helping 7th choice mc Ginty defeat Sestak– instead of letting voters decide in the primary then spending $ to defeat Toomey. what stupidity on the part of the big blue machine. almost makes me want tor register as an independent.

  2. Well this is predictable. If it were a Geico ad it would start with “Fetterman and McGinty want to raise taxes and spend more money, if you are a liberal Democrat that’s what you do”.

    Yep, with thousands of newly unemployed PA residents due to a decline in commodity prices, he and McGinty want to pile on with even more onerous taxes. That should really help. Welcome to Bernie Sanders’ world view.

  3. Bob from Juniata-

    Well, Joe’s managing budget skills haven been juggling two houses (his primary residence in Virginia and his voter registration address in PA), and keeping it off the books as much as possible. Hiding his travel expenses to Virginia can be tricky sometimes.

    Joe did get some building permits from the City of Alexandria, VA in October 2010 to built an extension on his house. Senate home/office perhaps?

    And, there’s Joe cheating his staffers out of wages by calling them “consultants” and not paying their payroll taxes. Yep, that’s some mighty fine accounting/budget skills (until the IRS and FEC take a close look).

    No offense to John and Braddock, but I wouldn’t live there if you paid me a million dollars. So, the charge that his parents help cover his expenses is bogus and misses the point of his living there and being part of the community. It sounds like a very troubled place, and Fetterman has made remarkable progress improving it.

  4. Mayor John has my vote! Great to meet him at the Bernie rally in Philly yesterday. Genuine man.

  5. Bob from Juniata, McGinty is a liar. That is a 100% verifiable fact. If you’re corrupt enough to support that, go right ahead.

  6. I’d do nice things for kids all day if mom and dad paid all my bills. Alas some of us need to get real jobs to pay our own way. But if part of your duties includes crafting the national budget, I’d like to know you at least have some experience managing your own. Vote McGinty for sheer competence over the silver spoon or the crazy commander.

  7. T, what the heck are you talking about? Fetterman is one of the finest people I’ve ever met.

    Do some research for God’s sake. While McGity’s taking millions from energy companies for sitting on a few Boards, Fettermans out there getting people’s gas turned on, hosting holiday events for kids, and helping all kinds of people along the way.

  8. Montco PA Dem, we too hold McGinty in high regard for her willingness to put aside her sense of right and wrong, and fast-tracking approval of a glorious dirty coal plant before those absurd new EPA laws took effect. Ray Bologna was a major campaign donor after all.

  9. Fetterman’s attack is way off-base:

    “Most environmentalists regard Ms. McGinty warmly. They tout accomplishments like the Rendell administration’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard, which is on pace to have sources like solar, wind and new coal technologies providing 18 percent of the state’s power by 2020.

    “The Rendell administration spearheaded many of the commonwealth’s top environmental initiatives,” said David Masur, executive director of PennEnvironment. “It might not have happened at all if Secretary McGinty wasn’t tenaciously working the halls.”

  10. We want you to win! Please ask Bernie for a big donation so all of Pa will know who you are!

  11. I support a severance tax, but others who do need to quit with the mantra of “PA is the ONLY state that does not make companies pay their fair share, etc…”, because opponents can always immediately fire back with the impact fee. (Which now, all of a sudden, is being called a tax as well). They need to make the point that the impact fee is front-loaded, and money collected from the fees by local governments is at its lowest point yet.

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