PA-Sen: Fetterman Calls on DNC Chair to Resign

John FettermanBraddock Mayor and Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman has called on DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign from her post after she co-sponsored a bill that would gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s forthcoming payday loan regulations.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established by President Obama in 2011 and was the brainchild of now Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“These predatory lenders often target low-income families and communities of color like Braddock, taking advantage of those who are economically unstable,” Fetterman said in an email to supporters.

“Republicans in Congress are fighting back with a bill to gut a new set of pending rules at the CFPB on the payday lending industry — and if you’re not shocked yet, wait for it: they’ve found a friend in Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who just signed on to co-sponsor the bill and is lobbying her Democratic colleagues to do the same,” he continued.

Finally, Fetterman called on his supporters to “Tell Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ‘You have abandoned the values of the Democratic Party and betrayed the most vulnerable members of society who depend on our party to fight for them. I urge you to resign from your position as DNC Chair immediately.’”

This is not the first time the DNC chair has faced criticism this election cycle. Earlier this year, she had to face calls from Democrats saying that the presidential debate schedule was favoring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. She now has to deal with more criticism from Fetterman, himself a Sanders supporter.

Fetterman is running against former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty and former Congressman Joe Sestak in the Senate Democratic primary. The contest will be held on April 26th.

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  1. Ok Billy then have fun losing every election in the country. The way you actually solve problems is to fix the system from the inside. You don’t die a martyr on the trail because you wanted to be a damn angel. Besides, most of our Democratic outside money comes from groups we like, i.e. union, environmental, pro-choice, anti-gun, etc. kinds of groups.

    I know the Bernie wave this year has made everyone stupid, but let’s not forget that we have a chance to not only keep the presidency, but take back legislatures across the country with this Trump bozo at the top of the ticket, all while we are just 4 years from redistricting and potentially fixing the problems we have. The US is about incremental change. That was how our government and political system were structured to prevent rapid descents into sudden populist leanings. This protects us from Trump completely destroying the country (not that he is general election electable), but it also means that your revolution isn’t coming. This is about being smart and winning.

    But no, that’s not any fun. Raising less money than congressional candidates and relentlessly attacking your pretty much likeminded opponents is definitely the right campaign strategy. Keep it up Team Fetterman.

  2. Liberal Larry, that is not negative campaigning. Those are facts from Ed Rendell himself.

    No Democrat should be okay with outside money influencing our elections.

  3. Jim, the Fetterman campaign sent an email from his campaign manager last week that said,

    “For the better half of this primary, our establishment opponent has spent her time ginning up support among wealthy, well-connected donors. But with recent polls and reports showing evidence of her campaign floundering, their campaign chairman told press that if outside groups don’t pour millions of dollars into her race, “she won’t win.” ”

    That is a negative campaign. That is someone who cannot win on his own merits and campaigning and needs to bring down his opponent in order to have a shot. Despite the efforts waged by his supporters, that is not what Bernie Sanders is doing. Sanders has stayed focused on the issues and has done all he can not to get into the mud with Hillary. That is what will allow our party to win in November. Fetterman is a fraud. He has done nothing in his life without his parents bankrolling it. And personally, I find it horribly offensive for someone who is from that level of privilege to try and dress like a commoner and campaign on the fact that he is such a man of the people when it’s a flat lie.

    Sestak sent a similar email, but at least it was just to focus on the good work he did in PA and commenting that people from outside the state are endorsing his opponents. I actually have been very impressed with how Sestak has handled himself, not getting into attack mode when he felt threatened by McGinty, and too a much lesser extent, the not-so-jolly giant.

  4. Debbie needs to go, -period- she’s a disaster. Another “moderate”, “blue dog” corporatist-shill.

  5. PA Expat-

    I’m working on a little 50-state strategy scenario. Still at the early stages. Dean continues to be an inspiration.

    I’ve always just found DWS to be a light-weight parroting talking points that she can’t explain coherently. I’ve never considered her “in charge” like a real chair-person and making policy decisions. She’s more the obedient robot following orders type that is little more than a mouthpiece.

  6. DD –

    Dean’s 50 State Strategy was wildly successful, and I find it no coincidence that Dems have lost everywhere and haven’t recovered since Dean left the DNC. None of these beltway hacks who have succeeded him have a clue.

    DWS embodies the worst tendencies of the modern Democratic Party: cynical, overweening, clientele-focused politics that value egos and infighting above winning and the public interest.

  7. Little Boy Fetterman shows he is small minded even if big headed. DWS is from Queens – not Brooklyn! If we are that concerned with integrity -has he asked Queen Hiliary to leave the race for violating our laws, wrecking Libya, failing to be honest about the deaths of our embassy personnel and enabling that moral degenerate husband, DSW doesn’t look so bad in comparison.

  8. We haven’t had a good DNC chair since Howard Dean and his 50-state strategy.

    DWS is an inarticulate disaster, and worse when she actually does something this clearly against the interest of the voters and the Democratic party principles.

  9. DWS is a disgrace and has to go. Good for Fetterman for being the one person in PA politics with the guts to point that out.

  10. JimJones: Rest assured, your options will be expanding in the months to come. And that’s a PROMISE.

  11. Liberal Larry, I’m on Fettermans mailing list (and the others) and have seen him twice including a debate and I’ve never seen or heard anything even remotely close to what you’re describing. You’re way off base.

  12. At this point this seems like a look at me , look at me ploy. His campaign seems to have very little if anything going on at this point.

  13. He is speaking about her wealth and that she is “bought” at every event he attends. He is sending out fundraising emails of which the focus is her wealth and establishment support. He aggressively attacks her for being a millionaire, living in a nice home, and representing the 1%. I understand the issue with the energy donations, but we should not be turning our party into one that shames people for having financial success. That is the attitude that costs us in general elections and I do not want to look back on November the 10th with Toomey having won reelection, at a primary that turned off our base the way in which I believe the Republicans are doing right now.

  14. Good. Debbie Wassermsn Schultz is the reason we have to choose between a criminal who should be arrested and a strange old man who has been sequestered in VT for too long.

  15. What negative campaigning Lberal Larry? McGinty lied and there is nothing wrong with pointing that out.

  16. Between behavior like this and his aggressively negative campaign rhetoric, the Mayor seems to be starting his own little left wing tea party. I won’t say I’m the biggest DWS fan, and I definitely have my issues with the establishment, but his tone and actions are so similar to what we saw from the far right in 2012 that I worry about him being a destructive force in the party right when it looks like we are gaining the upper hand through unity. I hope he starts to focus more on his own message, which I think still needs some serious refining anyway.

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