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PA-Sen: Fetterman Goes on The Nightly Show (VIDEO)

Fresh off endorsing Bernie Sanders for President, John Fetterman made the trip to NYC for an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

Fetterman was one of three guests Thursday night, with the panel spending most of its time, predictably, debating the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Braddock mayor reiterated his support for the Vermont Senator, and tried to downplay another panelist’s claim that Sanders is an extremist much like GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“I don’t think he’s radical,” Fetterman said. “I just think he’s proposing common-sense things that need to happen in America today.”

Fetterman, a bit of a wild card himself in PA’s Democratic Senate primary, said Sanders has been surprisingly successful in tapping into the millennial demographic, even breaking the individual donor record set by Pres. Obama in 2011.

“I think America is looking for authenticity,” Fetterman said. “I think that’s what’s driving these numbers. I think that’s why he’s surging in demographics you wouldn’t think a 70-year-old Democratic Socialist would.”

With Sanders now pulling ahead in polls from Iowa and New Hampshire, some are questioning whether he can win in November. Fetterman, however, doesn’t think any Democrat will have a problem beating a “freakshow” Republican ticket.

“It’s the ultimate clown car, and I think that’s all the motivation any Democratic voter needs, regardless of who the nominee is,” Fetterman said.

11 Responses

  1. Billy:

    The head of the party has a vested interest in McGinty. You are easily fooled or else a supporter of McGinty. Fetterman is a wasted vote. The contest is between Sestak and McGinty. Fetterman is a spoiler.

  2. McGinty’s revolving door, you’re right, nobody is going to waste their vote on Fetterman because it’s simply not a waste.

    The head of the party said it himself, Fetterman has the best chance of beating Toomey. What else are we doing here if not to get the best candidate to run against Toomey.

    The only thing McGinty and Sestak have going for them is money. Which is a lot to overcome, but when you compare the candidates side by side, the obvious choice for anyone who hates hypocrisy is Fetterman.

    I have nothing against Sestak, other than his family doesn’t even live in the state which means Sestak doesn’t really either and the fact that he has stated that he knew Iraq was a huge mistake before going to war yet didn’t resign his post as Admiral.

    The fact that McGinty has taken so much money from the energy sector and lives as a 1%er while claiming to be a champion of the middle class should nauseate any right minded progressive.

  3. Though I’m not terribly sanguine on his chances to pull off the win, Fetterman is a refreshing new pol in PA’s rather stodgy, ossified political culture.

  4. McGinty’s Revolving Door $$—Fetterman isn’t a “stealth” candidate. He’s been far more visible than McGinty. And yes, he is a liberal on nearly every issue you mention (not all, but we are working on that :))

    If you are a liberal, I can’t imagine how you support Joe “warrantless wiretap” Sestak

  5. No one is going to waste their vote on Fetterman, this time. But, I do encourage him to keep working for a future in politics. He might have something to offer. QUESTION: Is he a big, bold progressive, as some here have opined? EXAMPLE: Is he for Medicare for All, as is Sanders? 2) By contrast, is he for the Republican corporate agenda of privatization of public schools via vouchers and charters, or is he for equitably funding public schools? Is he for the Republican/corporate agenda of privatizing SS and Medicare? 3) Is he for the neo-conservative foreign policy explained in “Shock Doctrine” (Naomi Klein’s book), a policy which seeks to extend corporate hegemony via any means necessary and the blowback thereby engendered? 4) Is he for domestic surveillance beyond constitutional safeguards? This guy has a lot of explaining to do to those who think he is a liberal. 5) Does he think spending more money than all other countries combined on “defense” is smart?? Just asking. Liberals need answers from this (stealth) candidacy (so far). Liberals need to vet their candidates!! As for me, I’m a liberal, but I am sticking with Admiral Sestak, whose answers I trust, but don’t always agree with. As for McGinty, this candidate fails all tests,—especially the question of trust and truthfulness…she’s neither liberal nor conservative–she’s a corporatist—the worst kind of candidate a democracy can produce. I will never support McGinty—for numerous and myriad reasons.

  6. We have had corporatism, not capitalism. Sanders says capitalism is bad but how can it be when capitalism has never really existed? Corporations control government and government controls corporations. No matter what party is in charge, the corporations have sway. I wish this guy good luck but when you don’t follow the corporate way, dem or rep, you face an uphill battle. We need change but too fast will scare away people. Step by step we must go. Also insulting the other party not the best way to get people to your side.

  7. Whosa whatsa now?-

    That’s far more believable than the economics of cutting taxes for millionaires and large corporations, and increasing military spending will solve the budget deficit. The corporations are sitting on $2 trillion in cash reserves they aren’t spending, but cutting their rates so they can squirrel away more profits, will free up the economy.

    Oh, but cut back spending on education and infrastructure improvements/repair.

    Or, go back to the gold standard that every nation and economist abandoned decades ago.

  8. I’m voting for Fetterman because I find I identify with him. I too feel guilty for the success of my parents after their years of hard work and like to identify with lower middle class blue collar pennsylvanians. I too like to espouse half truths and exploit the ignorance and misrepresentations of socialism and inequality of opportunity in America. Its just so easy and people buy into it faster than I can come up with ways to spend tax dollars on “free” things. Although, it is annoying when people point out how unrealistic my numbers are. But, hey, I just tell them it’s an outline. Free healthcare, free higher ed, and a 90% tax rate to the top 1percent will solve all of our problems.

    If anyone has any problems that Fetterman and Sanders haven’t campaigned on, email it to them. They would love to exploit it and tell everyone they care for the next 50 years and blame capitalism and republicans for not getting anything done.

  9. “Bernie Sanders identifies himself as a Democratic Socialist. Democratic Socialism in the U.S. arose in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries in opposition to growing corporate power and increasing militarism. Sander’s Democratic Socialist views are not incompatible with free enterprise, nor even capitalism.

    Sanders simply believes, as do a growing number of Americans, that capitalism should play by the rules and be subject to the same laws and regulations as everyone else. Sanders, like those who support him, understands that private corporations that grow “too big to fail” threaten democracy while exercising the kind of tyranny that is endangering the very existence of life on Earth.

    Sanders also understands that, while free enterprise does many things well, there are institutions and resources that belong to all of us together and none of us alone – and therefore, should never be subject to a system focused on profits.
    These are the Commons: water, infrastructure such as roads, bridges and utilities, health care, education, prisons, public transportation, the right to basic housing, energy resources and communications.

    The last forty years have demonstrated how badly private corporations have administered the Commons, using them almost exclusively for their own benefit to the detriment of society and the environment.”

  10. Fetterman is smart, authentic, principled, and charismatic. It is great having him in the race as a serious candidate. Democrats should give him a serious look. He is the real thing, and someone who could provide some real leadership and energy for the Democratic Party at the grassroots level-and among voters the party lost to the G.O.P.

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