PA-Sen: Fetterman Highlights Braddock in New Web Series (VIDEO)

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman is basing his campaign for Senate on his record in leading the rehabilitation of his Western PA city.

In that vein, his campaign is releasing a series of web ads, the first of which was posted today.

Titled “4Kids” it chronicles the educational journey of a young girl, Genyah, and explains how 4Kids has impacted her life.

“4Kids is this incredible early childhood education program that we have in Braddock,” Fetterman states while describing his past efforts to aid people looking to earn their G.E.D. “It’s easily one of the most important things that goes on here in Braddock on a daily basis.”

“There is a tremendous income gap, and in many cases that income gap predicts that there is going to be a tremendous education gap. But when you have a program like 4Kids that closes that gap, that strikes an important blow against inequality in this country,” Fetterman continues.

“This shouldn’t be a matter of ideology or conservative or liberal,” he concludes. “It should be that every child in this country deserves to start out with a basic, equal footing in terms of how they transition to the rest of their academic life, and I really do believe it should be a national standard of what every child in this country deserves as a minimum.”

5 Responses

  1. Oh jmarshak it’s a shame no one taught you better. Even with those lady parts she’s got more balls than you, ya sexist shillboy.

  2. Great video. But sending a guy like this to the senate is truly a waste. He says he wants to get things done, but going to dc will be very frustrating for this giant.

  3. Great vid. While Fetterman was out setting up pre-K programs (and GED programs) for poor kids, McGinty was working for Fast Eddie in the gas/energy industry.

    But thank God, Ed decided he needs a puppet in the Senate and now Katie has switched to fighting for us instead of for gas and energy companies!

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