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PA-Sen: Fetterman Joins Democratic Primary

FettermanBraddock Mayor John Fetterman is planning on entering the 2016 Senate race.

The Democrat, who has served as Mayor since 2006, revealed to the Post-Gazette that he’ll be making his announcement on Monday.

“I can confirm that that is in fact the case,” Mr. Fetterman told the paper. “I’m going to be announcing it at an event here at my home, directly across from the steel mill, in Braddock on Monday at 11 o’clock.”

Fetterman also revealed that the Pittsburgh Taco Truck will be there.

“No one wants to listen to politicians, but everyone wants to eat tacos. Tacos are the great uniter,” he explained.

Fetterman will be competing against former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty and former Congressman Joe Sestak for the Democratic nomination. Incumbent GOP Senator Pat Toomey is running for re-election.

23 Responses

  1. Mayor Fetterman has a pretty impressive resume and record. 2016 seems to be gearing up as the year of interesting candidates. I am interested to see what his perspective brings to the race.

  2. Hey, Jesse Ventura rode a persona like this to become governor of Minnesota and didn’t have nearly the resume that Fetterman has. Politics is weird and stranger things have happened. I’ll certainly listen to what he has to say.

  3. A taco truck?! This guy is precious. Well, some comic relief is never bad thing I guess. If anything he helps McGinty by taking by splitting the meathead vote with Sestak.

  4. Fetterman is a big guy. I think he craps things bigger than Sestak. Joe is going to look like a child standing next to Fetterman.

    Sestak loves to use his fake/tough voice, but it will seem more like a teenager trying to use a deep voice to pass as an adult, when he’s next to Fetterman.

  5. Fetterman is as prominent and innovative a small town mayor as you can find. He has national connections which should enable him to raise some money. With Allegheny County next to his name, he could be a formidable candidate. His showing will be a test of the ability of Katie McGinty and Joe Sestak to relate to ordinary voters and overcome regionalism.

  6. Well, it’s confirmed…MSNBC did not report on The Helpful Union GuyS. Ignorance is bliss.

  7. Salena Zito is an embarrassment to journalism. She is doing everything she can to prop up the repub incumbent (Toomey). Suggesting this cretin from Braddock will make things interesting on the Dem side is insane. Fire this pretender Zito immediately.

  8. Get serious people. This guy has NO chance. And maybe no qualifications. I don’t know, as I’ve never heard of him and I see no credentials other than smalltown mayor. What are his education, ideas, policy platforms?

  9. Larry, isn’t it you Repubs that like all that “make my day” macho BS? Isn’t Repubs who like to carry guns in KMart and church and all? Isn’t it Repubs who like to invade countries and drop bombs rather than negotiate? I think you’re a bit confused, son.

  10. Smarter, sounds like you’ve bought a line too. In every setting where I’ve worked — you know, as a “normal person” — we get more done when the union “workers” go “on break” than they get done during the rest of their shift. And “breaks” are very important for people who like to call themselves the “working class.” Institutionalized laziness backed up by violence and campaign funding.

  11. That’s really clever Larry. By “union thugs” you really mean normal hard working men and women, and not the ultra-rich? Way to tote the Republican mantra of destroying unions because the top 1% really needs more money. That third 5 million dollar yacht for the CEO isn’t going to buy itself. However, Joe the electrician only deserves 25,000 a year and to barely make ends meet, not 50,000.

    Utterly absurd. What planet are you on.

  12. It hurts them both equally. With two eastern candidates and one from the west, Fetterman may pull it off.

  13. I think this may hurt Joe Sestak. For all the good Mayor John has done, this seems a purposeful move to enable to machine driven DEM politics in PA.

  14. BJ, of course. It’s a Democrat event, so it’s all about free handouts and let someone else pay for it.

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