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PA-Sen: Fetterman Misses Deadline

FettermanBraddock Mayor and 2016 Democratic Senate primary candidate John Fetterman missed his first filing deadline.

According to the Associated Press, each candidate must submit a financial disclosure form within thirty days of launching their campaign.

Fetterman said that it was an honest oversight and that he doesn’t expect there to be anything exciting when people finally see what he’s worth.

The campaign will still be fined $200.

Fetterman is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and former Chief of Staff to Governor Wolf Katie McGinty in the 2016 Democratic Senate primary.

8 Responses

  1. It’s not Fetterman’s job to know this stuff. Pretty sad that this is the best knock on Fetterman that you commenters can come up with. I see it as a positive that he’s not part of the disgusting political machine.

    It would seem honest Democrat voters should be more interested in McGinty’s financial report that shows her taking over $1,000,000 from the energy industry. A perfect example of the revolting revolving door of govt DEP workers to the private sector to make themselves rich.

    Katie claims to be an advocate for the middle class, but she’s really just a hypocritical 1%er who got 7 percent of democrat votes before being propped up by Rendell who is another shill for the energy industry.

  2. I’m just waiting for any one of the three of them to begin explaining why we Dems should pick one over the other three.

    All we hear is how terrible Toomey is. We know that…we’re Dems. Tell us why you are the best choice of the three in the upcoming race.

  3. When you spend all of your time making internet videos instead of handling the easy stuff, we are in amateur hour here! If you (or your staff) can’t even be bothered to know the basic rules of the game, you shouldn’t even be running!

  4. PA Dem, you should check out Sestak’s FEC filings to see all the reprimand letters he got from FEC.

  5. Wow, indicative of an amateur operation. They usually grant extensions on this for anyone who asks. He’s probably going to raise nothing this quarter.

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