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PA-Sen: Fetterman Talks Candidacy on MSNBC (VIDEO)

The 6’8” tattooed Mayor of Braddock spoke to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes this past Friday.

The segment began with Fetterman’s quote from his announcement speech, “I don’t look like a typical politician. I don’t even look like a typical person.”

When Hayes asked him why he wanted to run, Fetterman explained that “My entire career has been about my desire to confront inequality and disparity in all its forms.”

When confronted with the fact that Fetterman is an executive of a town of 3,000 people and he is running for a statewide legislative seat, Fetterman said that this transition is what makes him uniquely qualified.

“All of the issues we have dealt with in Braddock are the same issues we will face statewide. It is the same game in a bigger stadium.”

And just how does the small town Mayor intend on raising enough campaign funds for a Senate race during a presidential cycle?

Fetterman says he has been putting his fundraising from the past ten years directly back into the community, but he has already received hundreds of new donors since the announcement of his candidacy.

He concluded that the race should not be about raising the most money, but instead, “be a competition of ideas and whose story makes for the best candidate.”

Fetterman will be taking on former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty and former Congressman Joe Sestak for the Democratic nomination. Incumbent GOP Senator Pat Toomey is also running for reelection.

6 Responses

  1. The DCCC or Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee doesn’t involve itself in Senate races. Now I’m sure the DSCC has a strong interest in the PA Senate race but not enough to fund a relative no name when they already have their choice in McGinty. But by all means stay vigilant those black helicopters will come some day.

  2. since when does a campaign manager not get paid by a campaign ? Hynes seems intellectually aligned with whosoever campaign he is managing. surely you don’t think Hynes is making a charitable contribution of his time to manage Fetterman?

    tell me again how much $ Mike Mikus billed to the failed Mgginty gubernatorial campaign– or did he donate his time because he was so intellectually assigned with her principles? and did mike do charitable unpaid work on Wolf and Fitzgerald campaigns too? their campaign finance reports seem to prove that theory wrong.

  3. eagleswing

    As far as I can tell, Hyers supports Fetterman based on the issues. Fetterman has more in common with DeBlasio than Sestak or McGinty.

    Fetterman only helps McGinty, if he does a half-ass job to take away votes from Sestak. But, if Fetterman gets funded and puts together a real team/organization, he’s as much a threat to McGinty. So, dark DCCC conspiracy doesn’t make a lot of sense here. DCCC isn’t that smart, and Fetterman is not the kind of candidate who would play their games.

  4. He mentioned health care several times. Is he in favor of Medicare 4 All–a single payer, universal, government financed insurer (but delivered by private sector doctors and hospitals), scrapping the privatized insurance approach of the ACA? Anyone know.

  5. Many are curious about who is funding Fetterman. His campaign manager is no Braddock local, but is the high-dollar NY Bill Hyers. his credentials include New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter . Hyers was also involved in President Barack Obama’s successful campaign to win NY in 2012. we’d like to know if Fetterman’s topnotch expensive NY campaign personnel are being paid by some dark money pac — or DSCC — in order to defeat Sestak ?

    just what Dems need: a bitter 3 way contested primary where money is wasted that could defeat Toomey.

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