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PA-Sen: Fetterman’s New Ad Highlights Heroin Epidemic (VIDEO)

Senate candidate and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman released a new ad Monday, centered on the dangers and destruction of the growing opioid epidemic.

“What would our country look like if 30 years ago we didn’t declare a war on drugs but we declared a war on addiction and treated it like the medical condition that it is,” Fetterman says in the video. “How many millions of families lives would not have been damaged or destroyed by seeing their loved ones get sent away for years and years through mandatory sentencing?”

The minute-long segment, entitled “Heroin”, features parts of Fetterman’s town of Braddock, ravaged by a poor economy and left to rot in the throes of opiate addiction.

“Who’d want to live next to this?,” he concludes while standing in an abandoned and ransacked house. “I don’t know. What’s remarkable to remember is that families grew up here. People that had jobs, people that had lives and at one point in time this was a beautiful home for some family. That’s changed.”

Fetterman is running former Congressman Joe Sestak and former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty in the battle for the Senate Democratic nomination.

14 Responses

  1. Props to Fetterman for trying rebuild Braddock. He’s doing it from a street level. Others are paying lip service. Or promises of throwing more money at problems.

  2. ADV-

    Are you aware that Sestak has consistently been opposed to single payer for the past 10 years? When he opened his first campaign HQ in early 2006, he stated his opposition to single payer (as the only disagreement he had with the doctor who had run for the 7th in 2004). In congress, he voted against states doing their own single payer.

  3. Just learned that Fetterman SUPPORTS charter schools! Not good!!!!!!! He is also a phony progressive—-single payer–NOT. He needs to run for something local—like re-election to Braddock mayor…….big disappointment.

  4. Paul-

    It is idiotic in a thread about a new campaign video, which empirically shows that the candidate is still running in the race.

    Actually, Joe VodVarka is in last place (first ballot position).

    Fetterman is positioned second on the ballot.

    You never know if Sestak will self-destruct.

    Sestak sent the following idiotic statement with today’s fundraising email:

    “How many Democrats voted for Iraq; how few experienced the military; how fewer saw war; and how rare for one to speak up with a knowledge that can properly shape our foreign policy – not even
    the top two Democratic Senate leaders (nor Republican).”

    The problem is that Joe Sestak has the same military philosophy as Donald Rumsfeld and the same close-minded arrogance as Donald Trump.

    Sestak voted FOR funding Iraq once he got into congress. And publicly criticized Obama for setting a timetable for pulling out of Afghanistan. Sestak prides himself on his involvement with counter-terrorism after 9/11, but that means he was in tune with the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld mindset. Sestak has demonstrated that his military experience has given him the same kind of military philosophy as the right-wing Republicans.

  5. David, calling that speculation idiotic would be fair if he’s the front runner. But he’s in last place and has no money. While I agree, it’s too late and he might as well stick it out (see: McGinty in the 2014 gubernatorial), it also isn’t crazy to think he would pack up shop and get back to his normal life when he no longer sees a path forward (as I think any idiot can see)

  6. ACDC-

    Try not posting idiotic speculation that he’s dropping out based on baseless rumor.

  7. Shannon and David: I really don’t appreciate being mocked for a harmless question. Fetterman supporters are pretty rude! I guess I will not be supporting him.

  8. I like Fetterman. I think he’s going to fall short in the Democratic Primary, but I hope he stays engaged in Democratic politics and considers a run for Congress down the road.

  9. ACDC-

    Well, if you heard it from a friend at a local bookstore opening who interpreted him as planning to drop out, how could anyone doubt such rock-solid evidence?

    We are less than a month away. It would be ridiculous for him to drop out now.

  10. I am not! I was at a local book store opening and one of my friends who really pays attention to politics said she heard him speak at an event and that he was talking about other plans and she thought he was planning to drop out. I could be wrong but it was what I heard and I came here to find out not be called a liar! You sound like Trump, Shannon!

  11. Is he still in the running? I had heard at event last week that he was planning to drop out.

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