PA-Sen: Gabby Giffords Endorses Toomey

Pat-ToomeyGabby Giffords, the former Democratic Congresswoman who was injured by a gunman in 2011, is backing incumbent GOP Senator Pat Toomey.

Her Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC officially endorsed Sen. Toomey today.

“In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Republican Sens. Pat Toomey and Mark Kirk broke from the gun lobby and supported a bill to help prevent felons, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill from obtaining firearms at gun shows and online,” Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly wrote in a CNN op-ed. “This week, they are earning our organization’s endorsement.”

Their support stems from Toomey’s work on a bill to expand background checks. The Senator also won the support of ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the same reason.

“I am honored to receive this endorsement from Americans for Responsible Solutions in recognition of my work to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals, terrorists, and the dangerously mentally ill,” said Senator Pat Toomey.

“I have long said that we must work together to forge a bipartisan consensus on gun safety, rather than talk past one another with partisan rhetoric,” he continued. “While protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens, I am committed to bridging the partisan divide to crack down on illegal gun trafficking, close the terrorist gun loophole, require background checks on transactions at gun shows, over the internet, and between non-family members, and also ensure Congress is funding research into our country’s gun violence crisis. I look forward to introducing a bill next Congress that works to achieve these ends.”

“It’s a shame. Sending Pat Toomey back to the Senate makes gun safety legislation less likely, not more likely,” McGinty Communications Director Sean Coit stated. “Pat Toomey isn’t a moderate on guns, and over the past several years, he’s been on the opposite side of several gun issues than Congresswoman Giffords and Commander Kelly. Most importantly, Pat Toomey would love nothing more than to keep Mitch McConnell as the Majority Leader, which would almost certainly block any hope of sensible gun safety bills from passing.”

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24 thoughts on “PA-Sen: Gabby Giffords Endorses Toomey”

  1. Isaac L. says:

    Wonder if that hurts Toomey with the NRA conspiracy nutters.

  2. the bungy says:

    Denny is an ASS-Clown.

  3. Contactsport says:

    Democrats will vote for McGinty for more reasons than guns. The Supreme Court and control of the Senste just to name two. Republicans on the other hand might punish Toomey in this political environment so maybe this endorsement works against Toomey.

  4. Barbara Blum says:

    The bill he co- sponsored was doomed to defeat and Toomey knew it. He thought that the Democrats who don’t follow every nuance of the gun lobby would give him good marks. He obviously was right. Did anyone notice that the NRA did NOT Attack him. . He still gets 100 per cent approval from them. I wish that people living outside of Pa would not intervene in our politics unless they know exactly who and what they are supporting. All due respect to Giffords and all she has suffered, but she should have learned more about Toomey before endorsing him.

  5. Denny Bonavita says:

    You pseudo-cynics are disgusting. Toomey knew he would have political difficulties here in Pennsyltuckey’s middle over that gun bill attempt, but he did it anyway. I want senators who will work in bipartisan fashion. If you want to vote against Mitch McConnell, take your puling sarcasm and move to Kentucky. Toomey at least has principles, unlike Clinton-clone “I’m in it for myself” McGinty.

  6. William Penn says:

    ratfucking at its finest! Hope Bloomberg endorses Paddy next.

  7. StevenTodd says:

    Wow. Bravo for your independence and honesty, Rep Giffords. I will most likely still vote McGinty, just to finagle a majority given our #BrokenSystem. But I respect your courage and your reasoning.

  8. Howard C says:

    This bill is nothing more than political election gamesmanship. Tea-party Toomey will let this bill become a distant memory come December, no matter the outcome in November.

  9. PA Grandparent says:

    Has #GardenGnomeToomey conceded yet?

  10. PA Parent says:

    Has #ShadyKatie conceded yet?

  11. Joe says:

    Toomey did a gun regulation bill with Joe Manchin that had no chance at passing the Senate after Sandy Hook that Toomey knew wouldn’t pass the Senate. Now he is getting hammered by Democrats because of his bill that was done just for show. Now Toomey getting hammered by the radical right wing gun group that says he was supporting gun registration . Things just keeping getting worse for the soon to be one term Senator from Pennsylvania Pat Toomey. The Koch Brothers who have already given Toomey $4 million dollars will have to dig a little deeper. No amount of money is going to save Toomey from his terrible voting record in the Senate. Time to pay the Piper Toomey.
    November 8 is coming. On that date Toomey will join Rick Santorum as former Senators from Pennsylvania .

  12. Jpaul says:

    Pat Toomey is the persona of
    What is so terribly wrong with Republican Establishment. Toomey is responsible for one
    Of the most inept senate leaders in history- weasel Mitch McConnell. Defeat Toomey and the SE republican candidates – issue isn’t Trump- it’s political scum like Ryan, Boehnet and McConnell. Send a message to so-called Republican elite – they stink! vote for Democrats

  13. vontag says:

    bye bye Pat…turning left on the 2A is like McGinty turning pro life. You just alienated 90% of the republican party….if not already done by your refusal to endorse the top of the ticket. Gabby, Pat and Mike sitting in a tree…the 3 biggest anti-gunners around. one term toomey coming soon!

  14. Zakrey Bissell says:

    That’s great Gabby is to endorse Pat Toomey in his reelection race in 2016. But i’m doing the same by going cross pary lines is to do the same thing, but i’m not doing that in the 2018 US Senate race but I will be supporting Bob Casey for his reelection bid then, but i’m hoping Gabby is you do the same is to endorse Bob Casey in his reelection bid in 2018.

  15. DelcoDemWoman says:

    I would have preferred that they just stay out of this one. Does Toomey even really want their endorsement. Good grief.

  16. HaHaHa says:

    Katie McGinty would literally push Gabby Giffords in front of a fast-moving train to get elected.

  17. Unsanctioned R says:

    But, but Katie was the first woman in her family…

  18. Carol says:

    Good for you Senator Toomey. As as registered Republican I believe in the 2nd amendment & do not believe common sense gun laws take away that amendment. I also do not believe outlawing guns like AK 47s will limit anyone’s rights. We need more senators & congressmen to work across the aisle to get things done for us, the people you all work for in Washington. Best of luck Senator!

  19. Kevin Ryan says:

    Toomey is a fraud. McGinty will cruise in November. Kane would make a better Senator than Toomey.

  20. Charlton Heston says:

    @Begodas rule: Great idea! Then we’ll get McGinty, the candidate who has a 100% rating from Ceasefire…

  21. Anonymous Heron says:

    Begodas rule – yes do that so then we get the true gun control (anti-2A) candidate McGinty.

  22. Begodas rule says:

    Whoa, that does it for me. I will be writing in 2A in protest.

  23. Michael says:

    This won’t work. #One-Term-Toomey.

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