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PA-Sen: GOP Hits McGinty Over Iran

U.S.-IranThe PA Republican Party is turning its sights towards Katie McGinty, at least that’s the impression left by their latest statement.

In the latest piece from James P. O’Toole of the Post-Gazette (the same one that revealed Mayor Peduto and Congressman Doyle are supporting McGinty), he wrote that “Ms. McGinty said she still hadn’t made up her mind on the Iran deal championed by the Obama administration.”

In response, the PA GOP released the following statement.

“If Ms. McGinty wants to run for U.S. Senate, she needs to let voters know where she stands on critical issues,” said PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney. “Joe Sestak is 100 percent behind President Obama’s disastrous deal with Iran. Ms. McGinty says she doesn’t know where she stands. That’s not going to cut it. Is Katie McGinty for or against the Iran deal? Pennsylvanians deserve to know.”

PoliticsPA reached out to the McGinty camp for a response but have yet to hear back.

Nevertheless, this is a bit of a subtle shift from past Republican statements. When she first jumped into the race, any criticism of McGinty was used to take a larger shot at her primary opponent, Joe Sestak.

“Establishment Democrats have finally found someone who’s willing to run against Joe Sestak,” began PA Party Chairman Rob Gleason in response to McGinty’s announcement.

Similarly, last week when former Gov. Ed Rendell was chosen as her campaign chair, the GOP seemed more focused on portraying Sestak as supposedly weak than hitting McGinty.

“The Democrat Party bosses continue to line up behind their candidate, Katie McGinty,” Sweeney said. “Democrats in Washington, D.C. and Harrisburg will do anything to defeat Joe Sestak, even if it means leading the campaign of a candidate who came in dead last during her previous statewide race. Today’s announcement only serves as further proof that the establishment Democrats are ready to do whatever it takes to defeat Joe Sestak.”

The next day, though, the GOP didn’t even mention Sestak when they released a statement concerning energy policy.

“Now that Katie McGinty is officially running for office, she owes voters an answer about the President’s radical climate plan,” Sweeney stated. “Will McGinty back a double-digit rate hike on every Pennsylvania family and business? Will she stand with President Obama and turn her back on the people she wants to represent? Pennsylvanians deserve to hear from her – not down the road, but now.”

These last two missives suggest the GOP is planning to focus equal attention on McGinty and Sestak for the time being.

The shift might be an indication that the opposition is worried about McGinty’s candidacy. It also could provide some relief to Sestak, who will no longer be the Republicans’ only target.

It should be intriguing to see how this young Democratic primary continues to evolve and how the PA GOP, and Senator Pat Toomey, will respond.

15 Responses

  1. Sestak beat the political elites last time around. Sestak will again beat the elitists referenced in FYI’s response. People are tired of the Clintons, Rendells and the professional political/corporate class they represent.

  2. It’s funny that observer #2 is just like Joe Sestak in attacking his opponent, because he doesn’t have any record to run on. Shame!

    Pennsylvania deserves a Senator who is a champion for the middle class and is capable for tackling the tough challenges that face our state and our country. Katie is that leader. She has the expertise in a variety of fields, but most importantly she’s a proven job creator and a recognized environmental leader. Exactly what we need, especially right now. She’s the only candidate for the US Senate who can truly make a positive difference for the future. Her diverse experience from serving in the Clinton administration to serving the people of Pennsylvania in the cabinets of Governors Rendell and Wolf, Katie has worked tirelessly to advance the interests of the hard working, middle class families of Pennsylvania.

  3. McGinty tried running on gender for Gov, to no avail. She is a weak candidate. Never elected. Inflated resume. Inflated ego, apparently. A puppet. Toomey would love to run against her. Sestak is still the greatest threat to Toomey.

  4. Republicans hit themselves in the face by attacking McGinty over Iran. Don’t they know the public backs the deal? Same thing with the climate plan. They seem intent on convincing the Republican base to not vote for McGinty. Is the GOP really that insecure?

  5. jim senstak aint gonna run for senite cuz he aint gonna wanna giveup his congrassman seat, so he aint gonna evan run in the ferst place and Karin mcgillty is gonna be nonimee and beet toney for senite.

  6. No more US Troops fighting wars in the Middle East. Thousands dead, 10’s of thousands physically and / or mentally damaged for the rest of their lives. Toomey voted yes to send our troops into harms way for Cheney’s wet dream. And how many billions of our tax dollars were wasted??????

  7. FYI-

    “They’ll have to rethink their entire strategy” of their opponent trampling children and self-destructing. 🙂

  8. Observer #2… Toomey and the GOP are more threatened by Sestak so they go after McGinty?!?!? Get a grip man. Sestak is done. Game over! Trust me, the last thing the PA GOP and Toomey want is to face a women in the general. McGinty without a doubt is Toomey’s biggest threat. They’ll have to rethink their entire strategy.

  9. Unsanctioned R

    Solid hit?

    Come November 2016, the deal will be another feather in Obama’s cap, and Toomey will be running with the party of NO.

  10. Does Senator Toomey stand by his 2002 vote in support of starting a war in Iraq? Where, Senator, are the weapons of mass destruction?

  11. Republicans would love to run against McGinty/Rendell!! Sestak remains the biggest threat to Toomey. So, let’s see how Republicans manage this new strategy.

  12. ” It also could provide some relief to Sestak, who will no longer be the Republicans’ only target.”

    Yeah, Sestak must really be relieved that McGinty is in the race. LOL.

    Well, he’s already been relieved of duty, and soon we’ll be relieved of him. 🙂

    As for McGinty’s stand on Iran deal:

    1) I hope she is for it
    2) Will Toomey invite McGinty to intelligence briefings? (Maybe she can help him listen and pay attention to the benefits rather than his bomb-bomb-bomb hawks and donors looking to cash in on military action)

  13. Haven’t we already done this “going to war over weapons of mass destruction in a country starting with IR” thing once? I think once was too much.

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