PA-Sen: Harry Reid Says McGinty Will Win Democratic Primary (VIDEO)

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid sat down for an interview with the Washington Post yesterday.

At the end, Reid gave some candid remarks to the Post’s Paul Kane about the Democrats’ 2016 prospects.

The Nevada Senator pointed to Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio as seats which the Democrats can pick up. They’ll need four to win the majority if they also take the presidency and five if the Republicans win the White House. The fourth seat he mentioned was Pennsylvania (at the 16:07 mark).

“We have a primary in Pennsylvania which I wish we didn’t but we do,” Reid stated. “But we have the Governor supporting Katie McGinty, we have former Governor Rendell. So she’s gonna win that primary.”

The Senator went on to reveal more of his own thoughts than perhaps he wanted to when he expressed that Pennsylvania is a blue-leaning state.

“And I think that’s gonna be a heavily Democratic state for us come Hillary time,” he said before catching himself. “Whoever wins the [presidential] primary.”

Thanks to Republican gains in 2010, the Democrats will have ample opportunities in 2016. The majority party will be defending 24 seats while the minority will have to protect just 10.

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Democratic primary. Incumbent GOP Sen. Pat Toomey is running for re-election.

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  1. Larry, they don’t call it the MILITARY-industrial complex for nothing. Joe may say he’s an outsider, but he’s just as far inside as the rest of them.

  2. As a retired career military person myself, I understand how difficult it may be for civilians to understand the love of country and constitution that Joe Sestak has developed over the years. He deeply respects the will of ALL the people. Anyone who has been at least semi-conscious realizes what has happened to our once-great democratic republic; it has become an oligarchy/plutocracy. The average citizen has zero influence on the formulation of policy in the national capitol. This can only change when we elect someone who is not owned by a political party, by corporate special interests, by wall street, etc. It is time for all the people to fulfill their duties as citizens and participate in the political process. We must save the country and the planet by resolving to get informed, think hard, and act decisively.

  3. FYI –

    aaron doesn’t like pant suits because he can’t look up girl’s dresses with his mirrored shoes.

  4. I can’t blame them for ditching Sestak. Anyone who thinks walking across the state entitles him to be a Senator has a screw loose.

  5. Once again Sestak is exposed as the phony he is. Sestak only cares about himself and advancing his own career. Sestak doesn’t stand with the people of Pennsylvania:

    “We were just very disappointed in Joe Sestak in the fact that he steadfastly refused to stand publicly with nurses who were in a difficult situation”
    -Bill Cruice, executive director of a union that represents around 5,500 nurses and hospital staff across the state, including about 3,500 in the Philadelphia area.


    **Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals drops Sestak, backs McGinty in endorsement switch!**

    Great reporting by Jonathan Tamari of Philly Inquirer:

    Katie has the momentum!

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