PA-Sen: Johnny Doc Backs McGinty

John-DoughertyKatie McGinty has become labor’s candidate in the Senate Democratic primary.

Now, however, perhaps the most powerful union leader in the commonwealth is backing her candidacy.

This week the Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council, which represents about forty Philly unions, unanimously voted to back McGinty.

Their Business Manager John Dougherty is a major Philly power broker who has been branching out statewide. Johnny Doc, as he is commonly called, is also the long-time head of IBEW 98 and brother of State Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty.

“Katie McGinty has a track record of uniting labor and lawmakers to build a vibrant, more resilient future for Pennsylvania,” Dougherty said. “Katie is committed to reinvesting in American workers, creating opportunity and strengthening our economy here in Philadelphia and across the nation.”

“I am honored to have the unanimous endorsement of the Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council,” McGinty responded. “I am running for Senate to stand with workers and hardworking families. As Senator, I will fight for good paying jobs, investments in infrastructure projects, expanded access to apprenticeship and job-training programs and affordable healthcare. Wall Street has a voice in Washington, workers need one too. I’ll work with the women and men of labor to ensure we uphold the constitutional right to organize and collectively bargain.”

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Senate Democratic primary.

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  2. You grow up. Remind the whole dam state with NO budget why that is! Is it because hack McDingbat used her position as chief of staff to fill all appointments statewide to corrupt hacks she was later gonna shake down for election money. Thereby screwing every Representative and Senator in the legislature. Remind me again how feeding this idiot on the DRPA Patronage hell hole helps PA when he gives everything to NJ. Or how Appointing him to PRPA helps his 98% white membership helps anyone but the FRESH START juiced in Windmill Energy Co her and Rendell profit from personally. SCREW THEM ALL. This isn’t a Fresh Start it’s the same old if not worse bullcrap lies Wolfs entire operation is run by old Rendell throwaways. The whole lot of them are an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.
    And for the record I was complaining about Kevin Dougherty and for good reason. The day he got sworn in the reporters were asking him about phone calls made on Eakins behalf to stack the Judicial Conduct Board. (Phillycom). And don’t think for a second Shameless McCaffery isnt right there in the mix. McGinty you stink!

  3. Didn’t hear all of you complaining when the dems swept the supreme court thanks to Doc. But please, keep lambasting your closest allies. See where that gets you in the most gerrymandered state around.

    PacMan. Remind me again how monetary influence wrote her the paper that won a fellowship with Al Gore? Or how she bought her way to being promoted to the top enviro spot in Clinton’s cabinet when he was elected President? Or how Wolf was under so much pressure to appoint her to run his campaign, transition, and office? Jesus read her damn bio and you realize how stupid you sound.

    Steve. You are taking talking points directly from Jake Corman. But I guess you support the R’s in the legislature and all the hard work they put in 2-3 half-days per week. It’s a shame that Katie was the giant roadblock stopping this budget with all of the voting power that the chief of staff has in Harrisburg.

    Grow up, morons.

  4. Amen PacMan. It’s like when Harry Reid sent out an email touting McGinty’s role in working on the state budget. Which of course completely ignores the fact that not only did she resign in the middle of the budget impasse, she was banned from budget negotiations because she was so awful to deal with.

    I can’t recall another candidate ever being propped up and foisted upon the population to this extreme.

  5. “Katie McGinty has a track record of uniting labor and lawmakers to build a vibrant, more resilient future for Pennsylvania,”

    Considering that she has never been elected to ANYTHING in her life, walked into/was given every position she’s ever had because of monetary influence, and has had no role whatsoever in labor policymaking, please tell me other than the strong arming of the party why in the hell this woman deserves that description? McGinty’s existence embodies so many things I despise about how politics works in this state.

  6. Your state party at work. Katie McGinty reminds me of those paid trophy hunters where they drive the rich guy to exactly where the lion is, hand him a rifle for the rich guy to shoot it at close range, then poses with the dead carcass, as if he had actually accomplished it on his own.

    This may be a bigger sham than the DNC forcing Hillary us.

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