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PA-Sen: Katie McGinty Discusses Guns on MSNBC (VIDEO)

Yesterday, the Senate took to the floor to vote on legislation that would reform gun control laws. While the Senate was in session, Pat Toomey’s Democratic opponent, Katie McGinty, went on MSNBC’s Meet The Press Daily.

Sen. Toomey is one of few Republicans that supports new gun control laws. He was a cosponsor of the failed Manchin-Toomey amendment that was introduced in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. Following the Orlando shooting, Toomey put forward his own bill aimed at barring suspected terrorists from purchasing guns and expanding background checks, which was not voted on yesterday.

McGinty claims that Toomey is simply into gun control reform for “political posturing” as he does not support the most recent gun control legislation that has been introduced and voted on.

“Sen. Toomey talks a good game on this critical issue but really has done little or nothing to move forward on legislation, today would be the opportunity for the Senator to remove all doubt about his seriousness or purpose on this, these measures are common sense measures,” she stated.

McGinty was then asked how she plans to deal with Trump’s popularity in the western part of the state, which prompted her to point out Toomey’s stance on prior trade deals, tax loopholes for corporations that send jobs overseas as well as privatizing Social Security and voucherize Medicare. McGinty claims that these are the issues Pennsylvania residents care about and want to see resolved.

“When it comes to action, his actions has not followed his rhetoric,” McGinty said.

23 Responses

  1. Louise, McGinty’s website still says, and I quote: “She was the first in her family to go to a four year college”

    That is a lie. She has repeatedly even left out the 4 year part in several speeches and interviews stating simply that she was the first to go to college.

    You should really stop carrying water for a proven liar, it makes you look as foolish as she does.

  2. Louise, that is a lie. McGinty has stated that she was the first in her family to go to college many, many times. Ive heard it in person with my own ears.

  3. Vacant house – you are dumbing the story down to a lazy GOP talking point. She has said FOR YEARS that she was the first in her family to go straight to 4 year college. In ONE interview she slipped up and said first to go to college. I agree, it’s a weird way to phrase it, but she sure as hell wasn’t lying about it.

  4. Montco Dem, please tell me what I have lied about and I will back it up with sources.

    Katie is a liar. That is a fact.

  5. I love to see people like Montco Dem try to spin this and act like the people pointing out the lie are the problem.

    Katie hs a long track record… decades… of lies and shady practices. The ease at which she can lie about herself and others should appall any right minded voter.

    As Andea Mitchel pointed out, Katie is an extremely weak candidate.

  6. Katie, just keep doing the revolving door lobbying and stop grandstanding about guns. How about stopping the Sanctuary cities if you want to keep us safe?

  7. Montco, you’re absolutely right, nobody cares what order, so why did she lie about it?

    It makes no sense until you accept that Katie is a compulsive liar. Compulsive liars are unfit for office.

  8. Who cares whether she was first, second, or fifth? You twisted freaks take stuff like this and try to turn it into campaign issues, it’s disgusting. No previous generation went to college, therefore she – and whatever brothers and sisters also went – was first to go.

    You want to know the real liar in this campaign – it’s Toomey, who’s constantly lying to the voters in PA that he’s a moderate, that he believes in gun control, that he won’t vote for whatever crazy, racist, schemes that Donald Trump tells him to. Those are the lies that voters need to pay attention to. Because a vote for Toomey is a vote for Trump and that’s something we just cannot take a chance on.

  9. Oh and the reason you should care, Montco dem, is because liars can’t be trusted. Especially ones who lie when there isn’t even a need or reason to lie. McGinty lacks character. A person with character wouldn’t lie about something like that.

  10. Montco Dem, that’s great and all, but why did Katie lie about being the first to go to college? She knew full well that honor belonged to her brother. Why would she streak that from him? Lying when you don’t have to is sociopathic behavior.

    She lied about taking oil and gas money and she lied about Sestaks record. Every time she has been fact checked she is shown to be a huge liar.

  11. sad to say, she’s as stiff and bad on TV now as when she was on stage in the PA primary 1/15 telling us she did not take O and G money. but at least she lost most of the thick Philly accent when she ventured west. and as for her public speaking style , she still has Mike ‘My Way or the Highway Mikus advising her.

    but maybe wearing all those red suits will confuse voters and cause people to think she’s GOP? every where. Dem is Blue, Kate, wear BLUE !

  12. Yo Vacant Head – er, House — Here’s what matters: nobody in Katie’s family went to college in any previous generation. They were a blue-collar, hard working family. She went to college, worked for Governors and Presidents, and now she is running for Senator. I couldn’t be prouder and I really don’t care whether her brother also went to college. Good for him. Why would I possibly care about that?

    And Louie, that Philly accent? Beee-yo-de-ful. She is completely authentic, if she can just get away from her handlers and be confident enough to go off-script.

  13. The Toomey campaign should work full time to get her interviewed by every major TV outlet. That voice and Cottman Avenue accent. Ooof.

  14. Kelli Jo, you should advise her to stop lying. Everything she has been fact checked on she is show to be lying.

  15. Monto PA Dem, how do you feel about Katie making up the completely unnecessary lie about being the first in her family to go to college even though her brother actually had a Masters degree before she started undergrad?

  16. Katie a wee bit of advice. Just be you. Stop listening to people tell you to not be you. BTW you don’t need to scream when you talk. I enjoyed being around you before you started this race. Now you have negative energy around you. Remember we don’t owe you anything. We will work for you because we like you not because you or your staff bad mouth us.

  17. I’m one of Katie’s biggest fans here, and I have to say she sounded really stiff and scripted in this interview. If this is what her advisors are pushing for, she needs new advisors. Or more practice. Katie, just keep telling PA voters that Toomey is only bi-partisan when he knows his efforts will fail. That’s really all you need to say.

  18. She didn’t handle questions well from THE MOST liberal news outlet, how can she handle being in the Senate? #shadykatie

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