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PA-Sen: Koch Super PAC Attacks McGinty In New TV Ad (VIDEO)

McGinty is playing defense and addressing an ad that is being ran by Freedom Partners Action Fund, a free-market Super PAC started by the Koch Brothers. The new TV spot asserts that McGinty helped to subsidize millions to favored companies and groups during her time as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

“Katie McGinty steered millions of dollars in subsidies to favored companies, and then took a six-figure job on the board of one of those companies as soon as she left office,” Freedom Partners Action Fund Spokesman Bill Riggs. “She put her own self-interests before taxpayers and got ahead at Pennsylvania’s expense. Hardworking taxpayers deserve a senator who will take on special interests, not someone who knows how to rig the system for their own personal gain.”

McGinty’s campaign responded with a press release, claiming that the commercial was false.

“The Koch Brothers are desperate to prop up Pat Toomey and distract from his record of fighting for Wall Street special interests,” said Sabrina Singh, Communications Director. “The reality is Pat Toomey and the Koch Brothers are responsible for this loss of Pennsylvania jobs because they fought against tax credits that would have allowed a company to stay competitive. Toomey – the best Senator Wall Street and the Koch Brothers ever had – is going to need all the help he can get to hide his abysmal record of putting his special interest allies ahead of Pennsylvania’s middle class families.”

Her campaign goes on to cite articles that explains the factory was shut down due to an expiration of the the wind energy tax credit, which “Toomey and his special interest allies the Koch brothers and Club for Growth led to kill”.

McGinty’s campaign goes even further and attacks Toomey again, claiming that he has a “long record of profiting from millions in contributions from the special interests he worked for and votes to protect.”

In the press release, McGinty’s campaign also attacks Toomey’s voting record in Congress, claiming he has voted in line with the Koch brothers 100 percent of the time.

The total ad buy cost Freedom Partners Action Fund $3 million.

11 Responses

  1. Pepper-

    But, at least we can agree Sestak was a bad person for under paying his staff and mistreating them, and being a hypocritical lair himself.

  2. Just because McGinty paid her staff more doesn’t mean she is a good person. McGinty is a hypocritical liar.

  3. If you took the time to learn how Sestak treated the people around him, you would understand what being morally bankrupt truly means. I am copying the numbers below from a comment on previous article about their Q1 finance reports and what each campaign pays staff:

    McGinty: $221,000 on 17 staff or $4,000 a month

    Sestak: $87,000 for 18 staff (two quit, so 16 staff members) or less than $2,000 per month.

    Considering how often he brags about keeping his congressional office open until 9pm, 7 days a week, I can safely assume most of those staffers were working about 70-80 hours per week with the average wage just over $6 an hour. I imagine higher level staff made more than that, so most junior staffers may have been making less than $4 an hour.

    That is quite the progressive champion. I await your retort with bated breath you mindless groupies…

  4. I would never vote for disgusting Toomey but I have no love for this pol.
    Joe would have been a better candidate and a better Senator

  5. Toomey is a ‘mo. he’ll be defeated. Too bad it is this cheap politician we have to replace him.

  6. That’s what State Officials do! They hand out patronage, then when it all goes to hell, the people they gave the patronage to, hire them with fat salries as payback! Hey, it’s just the taxpayers money, RIGHT?
    Hows are those nude fakes of McGinty working for Dave, cure your ED yet?

  7. DD, I would have been perfectly fine with them reporting true stuff about Sestak. To fabricate total lies show just how morally bankrupt McGinty is.

  8. There was much more dirt on Sestak they should have run. He got off easy

  9. McGinty may have run the dirtiest primary campaign in the history of the state.

    The way they distorted and outright lied about Sestak’s record and positions outraged a good portion of Seatak supporters.

    I can hold my nose and vote for Hillary, but I’m voting Toomey because the state and national parties need to be taught a lesson. I know I’m not alone in my disgust for McGinty.

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