PA-Sen: McGinty Calls on Justice Eakin to Resign

Katie_McGintyDemocrats are beginning to rally against State Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin.

State Senator Anthony Williams was the first. Now, Democratic candidate for Senate and Governor Wolf’s former Chief of Staff Katie McGinty wants Eakin gone.

McGinty is also calling on Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams to fire the three prosecutors (Frank Fina, Marc Costanzo and Pat Blessington) involved in the infamous email chains. Last week, Philadelphia’s five City Councilwoman called on them to go.

DA Williams decided to give the three men “sensitivity training” instead and balked at firing them.

The candidate released a statement that was then sent out in a series of tweets, which are produced below:

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  1. I would hope that the women and minorities at the D.A.’s Office are also making themselves heard. They should call their Councilman or Councilwoman and make sure they know that they do not want racists and misogynists as colleagues. They should write letters to their State reps too.

  2. Looks like my list is growing.

    From today’s paper:

    “Nine members of Philadelphia City Council on Thursday signed a resolution urging District Attorney Seth Williams to fire the three prosecutors entangled in the so-called Porngate scandal. The members also called on the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office to appoint an independent special prosecutor to investigate, adding their names to a growing group making that demand.

    “This is not something that’s going away,” said Councilwoman Cindy Bass, who introduced the resolution. “This is something that is really only gaining steam and gaining momentum.”

    The resolution was introduced a week after the five female members of Council held a press conference making similar demands. Joining Bass in backing the resolution are Council members Jannie Blackewell, Wilson Goode Jr., William Greenlee, Kenyatta Johnson, Curtis Jones Jr., Marian Tasco, and Maria Quinones Sanchez.”

  3. OK – so it looks like I need to add these two to my list :

    McGinty’s revolving door to $$
    We all

  4. We all want Seth Williams to fire Fina and Costanza. This is not rocket science or in need of political grandstanding.

  5. Let’s recap. The following are now calling for Seth Williams to take the racist, woman-hating bigots (Frank Fina & Marc Costanzo) off the City’s payroll:

    Sen. Anthony Williams
    Future Senator Katie McGinty
    The National Organization of Women
    Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association
    President of the Pennsylvania Bar Association
    Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez
    Councilwoman Cindy Bass,
    Councilwoman Blackwell,
    Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown
    Councilwoman Marian Tasco

    Other than Milton Street, did I miss anyone?

  6. These threads seem to always get hijacked and stray far from the original discussion.

  7. Well this thread seems like a toxic waste dump of political diarrhea. It’s like Opposite Day – there were actually some thoughtful, intelligent discussions on PennLive today instead of the usual bigotry and bombastic invective.

  8. You thin skinned dems love the echo chamber and hearing yourselves talk about how liberals keep us safe while banning the truth sharers. How’s Larry like the censorship? Really brings um in doesn’t it?

  9. Reread the thread friend. I didn’t start this fight. I want to hear you call for banning Diano you hypocrite shill.

  10. RIGHT ON CUE — A loon re-posts something having nothing to do with the article (talking about the 1st Amendment and liberals).

    McGinty is ballsy – challenging her fellow Dem (Seth Williams).

    The Chancellor of the Bar Association has joined McGinty and Sen. Williams in calling for these people to be fired.

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