PA-Sen: McGinty Earns Multiple Labor Endorsements

Katie_McGintyWith less than a month until PA’s primaries, the crunch is on for Katie McGinty to convince voters to give her a shot at incumbent GOP Sen. Pat Toomey.

On Tuesday, McGinty picked up support from the Boilermakers Trade Union Local 13, 154 and 19, which represent thousands of construction workers and ship builders in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Levittown.

The three chapters voted unanimously to back McGinty for PA’s junior Senate seat, giving Gov. Tom Wolf’s former Chief of Staff a boost after the latest Franklin & Marshall poll showed her trailing Joe Sestak by 17 points.

The Laborers’ District Council of Western PA – which represents construction workers in 33 counties – also threw their weight behind McGinty yesterday, with council president Philip Ameris calling her a long-time “fierce advocate” for the rights of workers across the state.

“From her work to bring home manufacturing jobs to our region to her solidarity with workers demanding fair pay and decent benefits, it is clear that Katie understands what matters to Pennsylvanians trying to work their way into the middle class,” Ameris said. “In the Senate, she will continue to stand with us to rebuild the American Dream.”

8 Responses

  1. Brady and Dougherty are not supporting Zappala.

    And they don’t “carry” Philly anyways. Zappala is not that popular even in Pittsburgh.

    Shapiro will do well in Philly. And he will CRUSH IT in the Philly suburbs.

  2. Pat Unger-

    I really don’t think Shapiro will do well outside SEPA (and with Brady and Dougherty backing Zappala, I don’t think Josh will do that well in Philly).

    McGinty is trailing in the polls, but with endorsements and plenty of ads, she could still pull it off, but her time window is shrinking.

    A really good attack ad exposing Sestak for the carpetbagging fraud he is could do it. Show a picture (in B&W of Joe’s house in Virginia).

  3. ADV-

    It’s looking like Shapiro would have been better off running for Senate than AG.

  4. McGinty’s only “momentum” has been to go DOWN in the polls. Rendell and the whole Dem establishment should have stayed out of this one or picked someone else. I heard 4 people refused to run against Joe Sestak—who WILL likely win and go on to beat Toomey—I heard McG was the 5th pick of the establishment political class. McG is a lightweight and in far over her head………..

  5. Wally-

    Joe is as anti-union a boss as they come. He made his staff work 70+ hours/week and paid them less than minimum wage. He abuses his staff and screams at them, and fires them on a whim (and treats the women like objects). He’s the kind of boss unions were formed to fight.

  6. The Demo fat cat bosses are trying to stick it to Joe Sestak over Arlan Spector losing

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