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PA-Sen: McGinty Endorsed by AFT

Katie_McGintyKatie McGinty has secured another labor endorsement.

The Pennsylvania chapter of the American Federation of Teachers is endorsing the Democratic candidate for Senate.

“Katie McGinty stands solidly with working Pennsylvanians and is committed to rebuilding the middle class,” said AFT Pennsylvania President Ted Kirsch. “She has a record of fighting for stable, adequate funding for our public schools and affordable, accessible colleges and universities. She’s a strong advocate for affordable healthcare, job training and apprenticeship programs. She is committed to sustaining our Social Security and Medicare programs, and she supports raising the minimum wage. Katie McGinty is the best choice for Pennsylvania because understands that these policies are essential to helping families achieve the American dream.”

AFT Pennsylvania claims 36,000 members throughout the commonwealth.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of AFT Pennsylvania,” responded Katie McGinty. “I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without a good education, and I couldn’t have had that without the help of scholarships and student loans. As Senator, I will fight to expand early childhood education, make higher education attainable for all and ensure that our schools work for all they serve and all who serve them.”

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Democratic primary. Incumbent GOP Senator Pat Toomey is running for his second term.

23 Responses

  1. Hey McGinty’s revolving door to $$ says, how tall is Joe when he isn’t wearing the lifts in his shoes?

    It’s kind of funny seeing him wobble around.

  2. Toomey is going to take her down so easily. If ya want a Democrat, ya better look to one of the other candidates, preferably Sestak.

  3. Answer-

    Soon to be 1st place in money race.
    1st place in union endorsements
    1st place in non-union endorsements
    Soon to be 1st place in county endorsements on sample ballots

    Also, there could be 4 candidates in this race if VodVarka gets in again.

  4. Who is Katie? Katie is
    1st place in selling out to big gas money.
    4th place out of 4 candidates loser in the Governors race.
    1st place in the failed Chief of Staff administration of Governor Wolf. Governor didn’t what her but wants You to vote for her
    and soon to be 3rd place in the loser Senate Race

  5. BTW, everyone here is forgetting the possible 4th candidate in this race: Joseph VodVarka of Allegheny county.

    Mr VodVarka ran in 2010, but Sestak got him kicked off the ballot in a rather vicious petition challenge.

    VodVarka ran again in 2012, and got on the Dem primary ballot, where he got 20% of the vote, losing to Bob Casey.

    Now, VodVarka has remained a candidate for 2016 and has filed quarterly reports last year (4th quarter not submitted/online). His fundraising is minimal, but he can get on the ballot, and a 4-way race could be tagged: “Three men and a little lady”

    Having another guy name “Joe” on the ballot, and with a slavic name, cannot help Sestak, especially if Sestak draws 4th ballot position.

  6. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus-

    I don’t know if they had pre-K when she was a kid, but I’m pretty sure she attended K-12. Does that count? 🙂

    But, look, ALL she has to do is vote with the majority of the Dem for every vote. She really needs no credentials beyond a finger and knowing which number is bigger in the Dem column for Yes vs No votes. It’s not that difficult.

  7. Serious, non-snarky question…has McGinty ever done anything on the issue of education? Pre-k? K-12? Anything?

  8. FYI-
    McGinty is a lightweight without any real credentials
    McGinty was a loser in many ways in Dem primary- most voters found her lacking in both integrity and leadship
    McGinty shouldn’t lecture any of us on women’s issues given her support from the
    Likes of Gore, Rendell and that symbol of tolerance Bill Clinton
    McGinty has lots of ethical issues which puts
    her in no position to question VA Joe
    Most of us would rather have a former Admiral
    From Anyplace- than a politically inept McGinty

  9. FYI… your list of McGinty nonsense is too long to refute every single one, which could certainly be done, but I’m not going to spend my whole day here.

    It’s pretty clear that you’re really scrapping when you have to cite her work on the budget she did for the whole 6 months on the job as Chief of Staff before she quit and left us hanging.

    If you haven’t noticed we still don’t have a budget and the commonwealth is suffering. Her inability to work with the other side is evidenced by the FACT that Republicans banned her from further budget negotiations.

    Pretty sad you have to try to spin that as an accomplishment.

    As far as her environmental work, everyone knows that she fast-tracked approval of a dirty coal plant for a Rendell supporter to avoid new EPA laws that would make it illegal. She was later handed over $100,000 from the owner of that project that went right into her pocket to repay campaign loans.

    She used her government connections to make herself a rich millionaire. Real compelling stuff there.

    Toomey will spend his millions letting people know of her real past and destroy her in the general.

    PS. You left out the part about her coming in dead last when she ran for Governor as she was rejected by 93% of Democrat voters.

  10. Clarification–NEA endorsed Clinton, not McGinty, and did not poll its rank and file members in making the endorsement.

  11. Katie McGinty is clearly the most qualified and prepared Democrat to serve the people of Pennsylvania in the United States Senate.

    As a Katie McGinty supporter I encourage you to dismiss the sexist rhetoric from Virginia Joe Sestak’s henchman and actually take the time to learn about the candidates records and positions.

    Katie McGinty is grounded in middle class Pennsylvania values. Born and raised in Northeast Philly, she is the daughter of a Philadelphia police officer. And she is raising her family right here in Pennsylvania, not Virginia.

    Katie served under Vice President Al Gore, President Bill Clinton, Governor Ed Rendell and Governor Tom Wolf.

    Take the time to see why Pennsylvanians from across the Commonwealth are supporting our next Senator, Katie McGinty!

    Learn more about Katie here:

    “Katie McGinty is a proven leader with a long track record of creating positive change‎. In government and in business, Katie has been a change agent overcoming the odds to create jobs, protect the environment, deliver affordable health care and support good schools.

    Katie learned early on to “just do it!” She’s the ninth of ten kids, born in northeast Philadelphia to a Philadelphia police officer and restaurant hostess. Katie laughs that this big, loud and fun household was a “no complaint zone.”

    Katie took that attitude to her dream of going to college. She was the first in her family to go to a four year college, and got there by earning full scholarships to study chemistry at Saint Joseph’s University, and then law at Columbia University.

    Believing strongly that technology “invented in America should be made in America,” Katie won a Congressional Fellowship after crafting a strategy to bring technology jobs back to the United States. Working with then Senator Al Gore, Katie brought innovation and technology to protecting the environment, strengthening the landmark Clean Air Act and shaping early strategies to take on climate change.

    Appreciating Katie’s approach that successfully broke through the old “jobs versus environment” myth, President Bill Clinton asked Katie to become the first woman to lead the White House Council on Environmental Quality.‎ Katie drove an agenda that delivered historic gains in renewable energy, ecosystem protection and ensured clean air and water.

    Later, Katie brought that same approach to the helm of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection with Governor Ed Rendell, leading a staff of 3,000 and managing an $800 million budget.

    With a commitment to creating jobs and protecting the environment, Katie led the charge to attract clean energy companies to Pennsylvania – resulting in over a billion dollars in new investments and 3,000 new jobs. Under Katie’s leadership, Pennsylvania became an environmental leader among the states, and renewable energy companies from around the world set up shop in Pennsylvania making the state number one in wind and number three in solar energy jobs.

    Going global with the mission to boost the environment and the economy, Katie moved to India. Based at the Tata Energy Research Institute, Katie ‎forged new partnerships between US and Indian clean energy companies to help address climate change, an effort that supported the negotiation of new environmental agreements between the US and India.

    In the private sector, Katie led a business that put people to work cleaning up polluted properties and bringing communities new investment and development, and she’s helped build successful growth strategies for early stage clean energy, water, and efficiency companies.

    Katie ran for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2014. When Governor Tom Wolf was elected, he named Katie, his former rival, as his Chief of Staff to help lead the new administration. With Governor Wolf, Katie continued her can-do approach to problem solving, working to develop a budget proposal that cut property taxes for families and seniors, increasing aid to public education, and expanding Medicaid. Her work with Governor Wolf is making good health coverage available to 600,000 Pennsylvanians, and will save Pennsylvania taxpayers $600 million annually.

    Katie is the proud recipient of three Honorary Doctorate Degrees (Clarion State, Dickinson, and Muhlenberg). She has been named “Global Leader for Tomorrow” (World Economic Forum), “Business Leader of the Year” (Woman’s Network for a Sustainable Future), “Woman of the Year” (Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment), and has been awarded prestigious environmental awards including the “Ansel Adams Award” of the National Wildlife Federation. Katie’s dedication to her work is matched only by her dedication to her family. She, her husband, and their three daughters reside in Wayne, Chester County, Pennsylvania.”

  12. Billy’s first comment at the beginning of this thread is a compelling and important question. What has McGinty EVER done for early education or any other issue she feigns to support? She has been a profit-seeker with personal ambitions–issues be damned. She is slick, yes. Billy—good question, when she loses, will she do anything for the public good, altruistically, without compensation? Of course not—-she will change her story, change her focus, and go for the dollars……McGinty’s M.O.—move on and move up! Probably run for President of the US, as a previous commenter once said on these pages. Like she’s qualified for any of these positions. Delusional? BTW, did AFT poll its members? NOT! Same as NEA—top down. Rank and file simply ignore their corrupt leadership. That’s why 40% of one of these unions vote against their leader’s recommendations. That’s what a union president told me.

  13. Katie girl needs to dump the Wolf Support. A vote for her is a vote to continue the incompetency.

  14. HaHaHa, I have donated to Fetterman and attended one event, but I am certainly not a staffer and have no affiliation with the campaign. I follow all three candidates on social media. You’re clearly the paid staffer coming to Katie’s defense when facts are presented.

    I was inspired by Fetterman’s journey to become a public servant. He’s spent 15 years in the trenches, while McGinty has been making herself a millionaire from coal and gas money. I’m pretty meh on Sestak, but no liberal democrat who values integrity and knows the facts of these candidates could pick McGinty. She’s a creation whipped up by Rendell who also just happens to be a 1%er getting rich of energy and large corporations. Makes me feel dirty just talking about it.

    Just pointing out the facts.

  15. You’ll notice Senator that Billy has been on a hot streak of posting against McGinty lately. Including sharing news stories minutes after they are posted.

  16. Hahaha– so, a random post about Katie’s connection to drillers is from a paid shill for Fetterman? Just a little paranoid, don’t you think?

  17. fettermans camp suddenly going aggressively against mcginty. fundraising concerns maybe??

  18. While Katie has been making herself rich with coal and gas money, Fetterman has actually been doing those things McGinty claims she will do if elected to Senate.

    Hypothetical question… if McGinty loses the primary, you think she’ll keep fighting for early education, or will she go back to the fracking lobbyist and taking millions of dollars from energy companies? The answer to that should gross you out a little.

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