PA-Sen: McGinty Gains Support of Engineers Union

Katie_McGintyThe Operating Engineers Local 542 announced their endorsement of Katie McGinty’s Senate campaign on Thursday.

Local 542 business manager Robert Heenan praised McGinty’s commitment to creating jobs through investing in infrastructure on behalf of himself and the other 6,000 members of the union.

“We are endorsing Katie McGinty because she has a proven record of delivering for the middle class and will fight for critical investments in our infrastructure and to protect the rights of workers to collectively bargain,” Heenan said. “Katie will work tirelessly to ensure that we invest in our roads and bridges, which will in turn, create Pennsylvania jobs and help grow our economy.”

McGinty has quickly established herself as the labor candidate in this race. So far she has won the support of the United Steelworkers, Sheet Metal Workers Local 19, the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Trades, and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85.

“I am honored to have the support of Operating Engineers Local 542,” McGinty said. “They know my top priority in the Senate will be grow and strengthen the middle class through investments in job training and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.”

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Democratic primary. Incumbent GOP Sen. Pat Toomey is also running for re-election.

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  1. When it comes to the Nov election . Democrats will let Toomy have another 6 years . Sastak lost by only a few votes . I bet you , if McGinty is the democrat , Toomey will be happy !metal clamps

  2. Thanks a lot for providing this informative stuff, thanks a lot for providing this article. Good to this info which is hard to discover from anywhere else.

  3. Actually DD I don’t think we disagree too much here. I think that employees absolutely have the right to belong to a union if they choose. But at the same time, they should also have the right to have nothing to do with it if that is their wish. And if you don’t want to belong, the union should not be able to force you to use its services or pay for them. Let the non-members deal with management themselves and not be part of the union’s contract. The system we have now allows unions to essentially operate as monopolies, which is one of the big reasons why so many of them become corrupt.

  4. jmarshak-

    The “right to work” laws have nothing to do with worker rights, and everything to do with employers pushing out unions so they can take advantage of workers, pay them less, fire/demote/promote them arbitrarily, assign unreasonable hours/schedules, and skimp on safety.

    As long as there have been unions, there have been “scab” employees who will cross the picket lines, (to help themselves/management and prolong the strike) only to benefit from any salary/benefit concessions won by the suffering strikers. The scabs don’t want to join the union or pay dues, but they sure want to reap the union benefits. The non-union workers don’t get a separate contract. (I’ve always thought they should be left to fend for themselves and suffer at the hands of their employers without a union standing up for them.)

    I admit that there are some unions that are run badly/corruptly. Those offenders should be cleaned up. However, the principle of collective bargaining is sound and has saved workers from many of the deplorable labor conditions/practices of the last century.

  5. I know that republican people , don’t care for ones that are back by unions . When it comes to the Nov election . Democrats will let Toomy have another 6 years . Sastak lost by only a few votes . I bet you , if McGinty is the democrat , Toomey will be happy !

  6. DD- union membership is at an all-time low and more states are passing right to work laws because people are sick of the unions having the power to take their money even if they don’t want to belong. If union membership is such a great deal for workers wouldn’t they all join and contribute voluntarily?

  7. jmarshak-

    You don’t have to be a previous officer holder to be committed to unions and labor. Millions of voters support unions and buy union.

    Katie is going to vote for raising minimum wage and union/worker rights. It’s not rocket-science.

  8. It’s fascinating to me how these unions will always praise somebody’s record in their canned endorsement announcements, even when they don’t have one. McGinty has never held public office in her life!

  9. Still no union endorsements for Sestak. Maybe the unions have finally realized that Sestak is the kind of boss that unions were created to fight.

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