PA-Sen: McGinty Issues Debate Challenge

Pennsylvania Governor DemocratsThe McGinty campaign has accepted invitations to two fall debates with Sen. Pat Toomey.

Both debates will be broadcast on TV, with one taking place in Pittsburgh on KDKA and the other occurring in Philadelphia on WPVI (Pittsburgh’s CBS affiliate and Philly’s ABC station).

“After months of Pat Toomey ducking and dodging from questions about his pro-Wall Street economic policies and his loyalty to Donald Trump, Katie has decided that enough is enough.  That’s why she’s challenging Pat Toomey to two, major, televised debates that will be seen by Pennsylvanians all across the commonwealth,” McGinty Campaign Communications Director Sean Coit stated.

“If it were up to Pat Toomey, he’d much rather continue to campaign in the shadows and avoid talking about his pro-Wall Street economic policies and his support for Donald Trump, but that’s not going to happen,” Coit continued. “Our campaign is eager to set dates for these two general election debates with the Toomey campaign and ensure that Pennsylvanians across the commonwealth know the stark differences between Katie and Pat Toomey.”

PoliticsPA reached out to the Toomey campaign but have yet to receive a response.

12 Responses

  1. Toomey does his best work in the shadows . Exposing Toomey’s support of Special Interests, being an Obstructionist in the Senate,and always voting against regular people will be a slam dunk for McGinty to expose in a debate. What is hard to figure out is people who are not millionaires or billionaires supporting Toomey. When supporting Toomey they vote against their own interests. That makes them plain stupid !

  2. Jim – He is a shady FOXtard troll. But he won’t eat his words. He’ll just create another new screen-name. In the end – his many identities make all Republicans look like morons …. which is not a bad outcome. LOL

  3. Toomey is a smooth operator and basically destroyed Joe Sestak when they debated in 2010. Granted, that’s not a high bar, but Toomey is good on his feet. He’d be foolish to accept McGinty’s challenge though — she’d just hammer away at him over Trump with every question, no matter what it was about. And Trump destroys Toomey, no matter what he says — if backs Trump, he loses; if he doesn’t back, Trump he loses; and increasingly, it appears that if he does neither, he still loses.

    One-Term Toomey is cornered.

  4. The opening sentence says she’s accepted invitations to two debates WITH Toomey, not FROM Toomey, brah.

  5. Wait, the opening sentence says McGinty accepted debate invitations from Toomey. Then the campaign’s statement says McGinty was the one who put out the challenge. So, which is it?

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