PA-Sen: McGinty Makes Her Case at the DNC (VIDEO)

Katie McGinty addressed the crowd at the Democratic National Convention just before Thursday’s prime-time programming began.

McGinty started her speech with her personal history as the granddaughter of Irish immigrants and the daughter of parents who did not go to college. She said her upbringing helped teach her that “success is not a product of pedigree.”

Today, it’s tough to get ahead with hard work alone, the Democratic nominee for Senate told the crowd. McGinty argued that “middle class families aren’t making a dime in real terms more than they were two decades ago.”

In November, voters have a choice on how they want to respond to current situation in America, McGinty said, contrasting herself with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey, who offer “more scapegoating and fear-mongering.”

Trump and Toomey want to sell the country to Wall Street and are in favor of trickle-down economics, Gov. Tom Wolf’s former chief of staff said.

Instead, McGinty said she (and presumably Hillary Clinton) offers a different direction, a path that focuses on, “work[ing] together, expand opportunities, [and] respect every single person in this country.”

She closed her speech by saying that Democrats will work for “good schools and affordable college, and job training that enables our families and our neighbors to make and build the economy of tomorrow.”

Her speech came hours after a Suffolk University poll showed McGinty leading Toomey by 7 percentage points.

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  1. Not me at 8:11.

    Has #Garden Gnome Toomey conceded yet?

    He is now way behind in polls; which is dreadful for an incumbent.

  2. Watch Katie McGinty give an impressive speech and get the crowd fired up at a campaign rally with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine yesterday in Philadelphia:

    Katie McGinty is taking the lead and has the momentum according to the latest polls released for this race:

    Suffolk University Poll (July 27th):
    McGinty 43%, Toomey 39%
    McGinty +7

    NBC-Marist Poll (July 10th):
    McGinty 47%, Toomey 44%
    McGinty +3

    Go Katie!! We’re behind you 100%! We’re excited to elect Pennsylvania’s first woman United States Senator!

    She has a true Pennsylvania story that many of us share and can relate to. She is a champion for middle class Pennsylvania families!

  3. A lot of false confidence and underestimating of Toomey going on. Fact is, as far as I know, the general election has not been held yet and with McGinty making mistake after mistake after mistake there is ample time to see Toomey use his immense political skills to carve out a victory. His campaign is well run and, unlike McGinty, he has not (1) Said he was the first person to go to college in his family when he was not (2) Had a stellar national media figure like Andrea Mitchell say he was a “weak candidate” (3) Have to apologize to his opponent (4) Give a speech a speech on national tv that no one paid attention to…Toomey is very talented and impressive as a candidate and has lots of time to put together a victory.

  4. I do wonder how it feels to find out that the R word is the Dem put down of choice here? I don’t think there are any Republicans ignorant enough to throw that around as an insult. Of course, Hahaha will probably now start his false flag campaign in 3, 2, 1…

  5. We do not use the R word anymore. Your name suggests you may be Trump supporter. So it figures you would use the R word.

  6. Universally recognized as the worst speech at the Dem Convention that was flat and didn’t even grab the attention of the Pa delegation. Speech received no national media attention at a time when McGinty engaged in name calling remarks about Toomey that required an apology. Tough week for McGinty.

  7. Katy has 3 things going for her: 1. She’s not Toomey. 2. She does not support Trump, or even fail to oppose him. 3. She is a Democrat.

  8. Pretty much unanimously thought to be the worst speech of the convention. Google it.

  9. As a Democrat, I have three choices this fall: Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty, and Erin McClelland.

    I fear going 0-for-3. It is that bad,

  10. I agree polls now mean very little for any race especially the presidential. You can be an “angry Dem” & bitter Sestak supporter all you want, but the rest of us are committed to unity & electing a Democratic Senate majority in November. The fact is McGinty is the best candidate to defeat Toomey. Sestak was a flawed candidate and Pennsylvania Democrats knew it. He only won the 2010 primary bc it was an anti-incumbency year. McGinty won an impressive victory in the April primary. All Dems must work hard to elect her in the fall, we can’t risk the Supreme Court to a Republican senate.

  11. FYI: Really? You must be right: everything I wrote is a lie. I didn’t go to the state party meeting last month and didn’t talk to dozens of committee members in the various caucus meetings. Obviously the party is 100% lock-step behind McGinty…and the fact that the Governor and State Chair were pushing for McGinty at the endorsement meeting and still couldn’t get the required votes after two rounds doesn’t matter, because she still received the “most votes.”

    And the thought that “prior polls show the race narrowing” is not accurate. Just look at the same RealClearPolitics page you linked: Polls have swung from Toomey+9 to Toomey+1 to Toomey+9 to Toomey+1 to Toomey+10 (the Toomey+10 was released about the same time as the McGinty+3 poll).
    My point was that it is WAY too early to quote these polls…there are far too many variables in this unprecedented election cycle, including economic and geopolitical uncertainty around the globe.

    Side note: I’m a Wolf supporter (and was in the primary), but he didn’t win in November because PA loved Wolf…he won because PA hated Corbett. Comparing the McCord supporters’ rally to Wolf post-primary to this situation today is comparing apples to oranges, unless Sestak is indicted perhaps?

    But what do I know? Obviously you’re right: 100% of Dems will hit the pavement for McGinty. I apologize for my incompetence.

  12. The idea the party is divided is a lie. McGinty won 59 of our 67 counties, many with over 50% of the vote in 3-way race. State Committee was behind McCord in 2014, but still rallied around Wolf in the general. In fact while State Committee didn’t endorse in the senate primary, McGinty got the most votes for the committee. The fact is the party is united and ready to make history in November. Katie McGinty has a true Pennsylvania story that many of us know and can relate to. I’m proud to have voted for her in the primary and all Dems should be excited to have her voice in the US Senate. Also, the last two polls show McGinty with a growing lead. Prior polls showed the race narrowing. She’s in a great position considering her name recognition numbers are still relatively low. She campaigned with Hillary today. Obama and Biden will probably come here to campaign with McGinty too.

    I’m proud to be for Hillary and Katie!!

  13. Until recently, it’s been, “…first one in my family to go to college.” Of course, we know now that was a lie.

  14. FYI: Don’t get too excited yet, these polls have been all over the place. There are people angry at Toomey for purportedly working across the aisle on certain issues, but come election day who knows what will happen. Too many variables at this point: will Bernie’s younger supporters come out, will Trump cause people to stay at home, or simply pump more $$ into Senate & House races, etc.?

    Not to mention, a lot of Democratic Committee members across PA are still angry at DC Dems hijacking the primary…I’m sure many of them will still vote McGinty, but I’ve already heard from about 60-65 committeepeople (including many chairmen/chairwomen) that won’t be hitting the ground for her, but rather focusing on more local races (similar to many Repubs focusing on down-ballot races instead of Trump).

    That being said, McGinty needs to get past the “I’m one of 47 kids raised by middle class parents and the first female to graduate college.” I’ve heard her speak live about 15-20 times over the last 3 years (including the Gov’s race), and that’s about the only thing she talks about. We get it. She needs to start talking about common sense solutions and reaching across the aisle, because the GOP will easily retain control of the House.

  15. Katie McGinty is taking the lead!!

    The latest polls released for this race:

    Suffolk University Poll (July 27th):
    McGinty 43%, Toomey 39%
    McGinty +7

    NBC-Marist Poll (July 10th):
    McGinty 47%, Toomey 44%
    McGinty +3

    Go Katie!! We’re behind you 100%! We’re excited to elect Pennsylvania’s first woman United States Senator!

    She has a true Pennsylvania story that many of us share and can relate to. She is a champion for middle class Pennsylvania families!

  16. @UnsanctionedR, it’s a direct quote from the Free Beacon Article. Not my compilation.

    Find it interesting that they published this but no thumbs up/thumps down.

  17. Hat tip to KSDF who compiled the list below, here:

    McGinty was criticized by both national and local political commentators during the speech.

    “Whatever virtues recommended Katie McGinty to the Democratic Party, public speaking is not on the list,” said Vox’s Matthew Yglesias.

    “The Democratic machine must really, really, really, really, really, really hate Joe Sestak,” said FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten.

    “McGinty sounds like she’s speaking to a kindergarten class, not a convention hall,” said National Journal‘s Josh Kraushaar, who added that the speech should raise a “red flag.”

    Alex Roarty, a political reporter at Roll Call covering Pennsylvania, commented that this performance was not out of the ordinary.

    “Katie McGinty isn’t a dynamic public presence,” he said. “Think that’s been clear since the very start of her campaign.”

  18. Was this the first speech Katie McGinty has ever given? Wow… That was unwatchable. Her campaign ought to fire the speechwriter and do everything in its power to prevent her from public speaking.

  19. The also said that the convention here was worse than Cleveland because it was hot here and there was traffic.

    Apparently they’ve never been to a big city in the summer…

  20. The Hill also gave Bill Clinton a “mixed” rating for his speech at the DNC. They are out of their minds. Bill’s speech was amazing.

  21. The Hill newspaper lists McGinty as one of the biggest LOSERS of the Convention. Poor speech. Poor choice of language. Poor candidate. Now wonder she finished in single digits in the 2014 primary election for Governor.

  22. PA Dems are united and we’re ready to make history by electing Pennsylvania’s first woman United States Senator, Katie McGinty!

    Go Katie! We’re behind you 100%!!

  23. Judging by the reviews, you might consider this a concession speech. The real thing might make your ears bleed.

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