PA-Sen: McGinty Picks Up Another Labor Endorsement

Katie_McGintyDemocratic Senatorial candidate Katie McGinty won the support of an influential Southeastern PA labor union.

Local 19 of the Sheet Metal Workers, which represents voter-rich Philadelphia and several other surrounding collar counties, endorsed McGinty’s candidacy.

“Katie McGinty will be a champion for Pennsylvania’s working families in the U.S. Senate. We can count on Katie to fight for policies that create jobs that pay livable wages and benefits and she will stand up for the right of workers to organize and join a union,” said Sheet Metal Workers President and Business Manager Gary Masino.

“I am proud to have the support of Sheet Metal Workers Local 19,” McGinty said. “They are supporting me because they know that I will go to Washington to fight for policies that grow the middle class. If elected, I will fight every single day to ensure that anyone willing to work has a shot at achieving the American Dream.”

Last week, McGinty unveiled a long list of supporters from Southwestern PA. This endorsement, however, comes from Southeast PA where her main opponent Joe Sestak served as a Congressman from 2007 to 2011.

In addition to McGinty and Sestak, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman recently entered the Democratic primary. Incumbent GOP Senator Pat Toomey is running for re-election.

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  1. Jerry Policoff-

    The PA residence is the second residence. The Virginia one is primary (unless Sestak and his wife are separated, and he’s lying about living with them).

    He has NOT maintained an office in Media since he lost in 2010. He operates out of the house in Edgmont, which is set up as an office/campaign HQ, not a home.

    He lived in that house in Virginia (purchased in 1998) before he began his runs for office. In 2006, he changed his license plate on his car from a Virginia plate to a PA plate.

    “He has been employed here at least until he began his Senate run.” WRONG!!!
    He did a very brief stint as as adjunct professor teaching a “course” which was really just a smoke screen to develop his book. Other than that, he hasn’t “worked” here.

    Under what logic is the PA residence his Primary? The garage and basement are filled floor to ceiling with leftover signs, literate and office equipment from his senate run. It’s essentially office space. His wife and child don’t live there.

    Are you claiming that he and his wife are separated or that their marriage is a sham?

    Why was Joe’s name on the building permit?

    Sestak is trying to the pull the same sort of residency bullsh*t that Santorum did.

  2. David Diano wants us to believe that having a second residence in Virginia means something. If his wife works there and they can afford two homes, so what? He clearly resides in Pa. He grew up- in Pa. He has been employed here at least until he began his Senate run. He maintained an office in Media, Pa.
    There is absolutely nohing wrong with having a home in both Virgina and Pennsylvania, and it would make sense for him to keep his Virginia home since he will need it when he becomes ourt next Senator. Diano simply supplied evidence that Sestak has two homes (which I never disputed), not that Sestak lives in Virginia. I think the evidence that his personal primary residence is in Pa. is overwhelming. He lives here, he works here, and he is running for office here. He also certainly pays taxes here. Given the way the Party machine hates him does anyone doubt that they would have moved to keep him of the ballot if they could make a case that he does not live here? Also keep in mind that he served two terms in Congress representing Pa., so it would make perfect sense that he maintained two residences, and if his wife works down there, wouldn’t it make sense to keep the Virginia residence so his wife would not have to commute to work?. Does any one doubt that David knows that there is nothing remotely wrong or5 unethical about Sestak having two homes? Just more Diano BS!!! He tries to make fire where there isn’t even any smoke.

  3. aaron-

    You are kidding yourself if you think Sestak isn’t also counting on Dem turnout. He’s even pointed out that as a rationalization for his candidacy that the lost by 2% in a non-presidential year, and Dem turnout will be a lot better. Sestak would have NO hope of beating Toomey in a non-presidential year.

    Sestak’s “puppetry” problem is that he won’t take sound advice nor work with the party/ticket. Thus he wastes resources and undermines the rest of the candidates. He’s not a “maverick” and the times he voted against the party where votes where he betrayed his campaign promises and voted with the Republicans.

    It’s not like Joe took the more liberal/progressive view when the Dems where capitulating with the GOP. It was Sestak who sided with them. McGinty and Fetterman would have made the right votes in those cases.

    The GOP voters vote against their own interests all the time. Then they wonder why their schools are underfunded, their roads/bridges are crumbling, business are ripping them off, etc.

  4. If I were a dem, I would rather have a sestak who bucks the party line than a mcginty who is relying on turnout for the dem presidential nominee in order to win. It is highly unlikely that the dem nominee will have a positive favorability rating in pa. sestak can at least run on the “I don’t give a shit about the party leadership – I am my own man” platform. mcginty is a puppet. people will see right through her campaign – they always do.

  5. Given his record, it is beyond me why anyone outside of the one percent would vote for Toomey and against their own interests.

  6. Jerry Policoff-

    It’s more than a “claim”. It’s a fact.

    1) Joe repeatedly states that he lives with his wife and daughter.

    2) His wife and daughter live in Virginia. Wife works there; daughter goes to school there. His wife is NOT registered in PA (and I’ve heard that a search of VAN in VA showed she was registered to vote in VA, but I haven’t seen her voter record myself)

    3) He’s owned the house in Virginia since 1998 and it is twice the size/value of the house in Edgmont. (ie: it’s his primary residence)

    Here is link to a white pages search with his address:

    Here is a copy of an October 2010 building permit Sestak got (right before his election defeat) for an extension on his Virginia home. Given the timing, I assume he was planning to add a home office

    4) Let’s start a pool for how long it takes for Sestak to put his PA house on the market once he loses the election.

    As for Hillary, it’s a good bet that she will win the nomination. However I NEVER said that she would have coattails. I said that the Dems NEED her to have coattails to beat Toomey. Please learn to read. I think that McGinty would have a better chance at coattails with the expected increase in female voters.

  7. Bill Smith has repeated the Diano claim that Sestak does not live in Pennsylvania. Smith says he does not know where the info originates, but he has seen it in frequent posts and it seems legit. Personally I have only seen it in David Diano posts (over and over again), and it is high time David documented that. I have been in contact with Sestak on and off since 2010, and the phone number I have for him is a Pennsylvania number. He teaches in Pennsylvania. I think what Diano actually says when pressed is that Sestak also has a residence in or around Washington, and that his family lives there. Even if true, the evidence is clear that Sestak lives and works in Pennsylvania. After the 2010 election he maintained an office in Media, Pa. I did some googling and found nothing to suggest that Sestak does not live in Pennsylvania. This just seems to more baseless BS from David Diano. Let’s see some evidence or stop saying it.

  8. Not to mention, I saw a small Chuck Pascal informal poll and it was Fettermen 42%, McGinty 22% and Sestak at 18%

    I don’t know if they like Fettermen, but the don’t like McGinty or Sestak

  9. McGinty took 8% of the Democratic Gov Primary. It doesn’t matter if Ed Rendell tells everyone to vote for her, and the state party twists everyone’s arms… people aren’t going to vote for her. She hasn’t done anything in the last 6 years except come in distant last and quit her job in 6 months. Before that she was fast tracking a dirty coal plant backed by big Rendell supporter. It’s just gross.

    Sestak already lost one and can’t win either. Sestak using fake army boots as a prop from walking across the state to show us all what a man of the people he is offensive to me. I’ve seen it written many places that Sestaks family doesn’t even live in the state… they live in Viginia. I can’t confirm that, but I’ve seen it posted in several places and it seems legit.

    That leaves Fettermen. I don’t know if he can beat Toomey but I know the Joe and Katie sure can’t.

    His announcement speech was actually pretty compelling:

    and he’s got de Blasio’s campaign guy running his. He could pull it off.

  10. If she runs this campaign as well as she ran the last one, she’ll lose by 10 points even if Hillary wins PA.

  11. David Diano continues to act as if it is a done deal that Hillary Clinton will win the nomination, and that she will have coattails. She may get the nomination because the DNC is trying to rig the process, but even some of her biggest supporters are beginning to wonder if she is the best choice, or even if she can win the election. Believing she has it locked up and has coattails is typical of David’s delusional political commentary.
    Of course no one can offer proof that Sestak can beat Toomey, but he sure as hell has the winning track-record that McGinty clearly lacks. As for me, I will vote for Sestak for Senate and Sanders for President even if I have to write both of them in come election day. I have nothing personally against McGinty, but she has let herself be used as a tool of the corrupt Democratic machine, and for that reason alone I will not vote for her.

  12. Aaron-

    For Toomey to lose, the dems need for Hillary to have big coattails, or for Toomey to get caught on wrong side of a key issue or get blown away in the debate.

    Dem presidential turnout is the main factor.

  13. Philly: care to offer any evidence to suggest that any of the dem candidates have more than a 3% chance of beating Toomey?

  14. We all watched the Republican debate last night. There were calls for imposing regressive tax schemes, for sending tens of thousands of our children into another war, for eliminating Obamacare, for rescinding Roe v Wade and defunding women’s health care, and for appointing more Antonin Scalias and Clarence Thomases to the Supreme Court. Lots for the one percent. Nothing for the middle class except heartache. We need Katie McGinty in Washington to make sure none of these Koch dreams come to fruition.

  15. She’s out of her league. Sestak will prevail. Toomey has to be beaten, and only Joe Sestak can beat Toomey. Toomey beats McG easily, but not Admiral Sestak this time around. Labor leaders can endorse, but their members vote for whomever they wish and they won’t be for losing an election to Toomey. Union rank and file will favor Sestak.

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