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PA-Sen: McGinty Picks Up League of Conservation Voters Endorsement

Katie_McGintyKatie McGinty continues to rack up endorsements.

The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund officially endorsed McGinty today, saying that she “brings a lifetime of expertise and commitment to the fight to protect Pennsylvania”.

“From her work with then-Senator Al Gore to reauthorize the Clean Air Act to helping make Pennsylvania a leader in solar and wind energy,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski, pointing out her work as both an aide to the former vice president, as well as her work as the Pennsylvania Secretary of Environmental Protection.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the LCV Action Fund and have a partner committed to addressing our environmental future,” McGinty responded. “There is no question that climate change presents a serious global threat to our health, economic well-being and national security and it is time to move towards a clean energy economy. In the Senate, I will lead the way to a healthier and safer environment and work to pass commonsense climate protections with investments in energy efficiency and clean energy.”

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Senate Democratic primary. Recent polls from both Franklin & Marshall and Harper show the race is very much up grabs.

14 Responses

  1. The SEIU just endorsed McGinty. I wonder if the SEIU leadership asked their membership or just the DNC.

  2. Does anyone know if the regulars in the “conservation” league are annoyed that the leadership, not the rank and file, decided who to endorse? That happened with the teachers unions (for Clinton) recently and the rank and file are not happy campers. No wonder the net gain for many unions like the teachers is about 10% of the membership. Hardly a power factor. What is the problem with simply polling your membership??

  3. What!!

    1) Sestak claims that he lives with wife and daughter
    2) He also claims that he lives with them in Edgmont, when they have never lived in Edgmont.
    3) The Sestak’s primary home is the house they’ve owned in Alexandria, VA since 1998.
    4) In Oct 2010, Sestak even got a building permit for an extension on his Virginia home (likely in anticipation of needed a home office for Senate).

    Sestak doesn’t have a job in PA. He’s just a tourist here running for office.

  4. The LCV is hardely the strongest, most active or most effective environmental group in Pennsylvania. I will take notice when PennFuture, PennEnvironment or GASP makes an endorsement.

  5. In today’s economy you have to go where the jobs are. So, if Sestak’s wife has to work and live in D.C., so be it. Ted Cruz, for example, lived apart from his wife the first 7 years of their marriage. He lived in Austin, she lived 3 hours away, in Houston. There are more examples, especially in the U.S. Senate where people reside in state x,y,z, but live in D.C much of the year.

    The real question is: do we want a person who represents the oil and gas industry in office, or, a person who, however imperfect in some people’s eyes, would serve and represent the public—not the corporations. I’m voting for Sestak.

  6. Anon-

    Sestak is a popular as a case of herpes.

    One of his workers tried to get me to sign Sestak’s petition. I explained that Sestak was ineligible to run because he wasn’t a PA resident. Well… this worker-bee got all upset, claimed that Sestak “was too” a resident, and had slept 340 days in the Edgmont house this past year.

    Now, that is an odd number to have at your fingertips to quote. But, given Sestak’s month long walk across the state, that number seems impossibly high. The worker-bee started sputtering when I pointed out that Sestak’s wife and daughter live, work and go to school in Virginia, and how can Sestak claim he lives with them, when they don’t live in PA.

    Sestak being a tourist in PA doesn’t make him a resident.

  7. Revolving door gettin real salty. Ya boy sestak worked 6 years for the chesco endorsement. McGinty hops in late and gets the other thousand endorsements that actually matter. When will you realize the admiral is less likable than brussle sprouts?

    Gulag only mocks Chris since he won’t give him money

  8. I know some members who are not happy with the decision, but the official statement seemed to look at her overall record and successes. This is going to be a point of contention among the members and contributors for a while.

  9. The revolving door between government and corporations apparently has tentacles reaching farther than we thought! And, George Orwell lives–when an alleged “environmental” organization endorses the worst person there is on the environment, we can only conclude that we have a far more corrupt political system than was thought. The League of Dirty Coal Plants, comment #3, makes an excellent point. Wonder if Conservation Voters polled their members or did the leaders at the top make this decision? Doesn’t really matter, McGinty will not be winning this, her 3rd try in politics. Next office she’ll run for–and not be qualified for–I’m guessing President of U.S.

  10. galag I aint never make no fun of nobody i is myself half hespanic and aint kind of preson to make fun of uthers, cngrsman mike brady indorced caitey mcglintee to beet tomey for senate why u no like catey aint right she gonna do good job,

  11. The League of Dirty Coal Plants is also throwing its support behind Katie McGinty due to her tireless efforts to fast track approval of a magnificent dirty coal plant owned by a big campaign donor before more stringent EPA air quality laws took effect, which would otherwise made it impossible. Thanks to Katie for sticking up for dirty coal plants everywhere!

    Just because coal executives hand her six figures that she used to repay campaign loans she made to herself, and takes millions from gas companies doesn’t mean she can’t be trusted, am I right? Right?

  12. Is Chris Martinez really that illiterate or is he just making fun of Hispanics? My guess is the latter, but I am open to proof otherwise.

  13. cogrismin mike brady from s phila indorsed catey mcginton for sentate aginst patt toney dis year and that gonna help her beet tomey,

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