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PA-Sen: McGinty Releases First TV Ad (VIDEO)

Today, Katie McGinty released her TV first ad of the Senate Democratic primary campaign.

The thirty-second spot was titled “It’s Your Turn” and focused on the economy.

“The U.S. has added 14 million new jobs since the Great Recession – a good start,” the candidate began. “But too many families see the special interests gaining the upper hand in Washington, while paychecks don’t go far enough.”

McGinty went on to pledge to protect Social Security and make college more affordable.

“For too long Pennsylvania middle class families have gotten the short end of the stick,” said Sabrina Singh, Communications Director. “As the ninth of ten children and a mother of three daughters, Katie is fighting to ensure that everyone has a fair shot at the American Dream. For women who are paid twenty percent less than their male counterparts – it’s your turn to be paid fairly. For men and women working low-wage jobs struggling to put food on the table – it’s your turn to get ahead. For our families burdened with student loans – it’s your turn for a fair shot.”

McGinty is running against Braddock Mayor John Fetterman and former Congressman Joe Sestak in the Senate Democratic primary set for April 26th.

The commercial comes after the Democratic state committee last weekend, where McGinty scored a majority of support but did not reach the two-thirds threshold for an endorsement. That morning we spoke with McGinty about renewable energy, the Supreme Court, trade and foreign policy.

12 Responses

  1. Mel: That’s because she didn’t pump $10mil out of her pocket into the race 6 months out. You do understand that the so called “Wolf strategy” is to have more money so you can start earlier? It was not some genius bit of ad placement. It was really cold the week of the olympics so everyone was watching and they had a ton of money to saturate the airwaves.

  2. This ad buy is a mirror of what she did for governor but with more money. The exact opposite strategy of Wolf. Interested to see how that works out…

  3. Defending Obama’s legacy? Is she stupid or something? Ran away from Washington this cycle as fast you can.

  4. Jthome-

    A monkey flipping a coin and pressing YES for heads and NO for tails would be more representative for PA than Toomey who votes wrong nearly 100% of the time.

  5. This ad was good- unfortunately McGinty is still the same unqualified lightweight. She has been, is and will continue to lose because the ads don’t cover up her hypocrisy and lack of credentials.
    Sestak might beat Toomey- McGinty and the
    Dem establishment don’t pick up this seat because McGinty is the captive of special interests-

  6. This was a very good ad for Katie. At events, giving speeches, she is over-energetic and at a rah-rah cheerleader tone, pace, volume and talking in bullet points.

    This ad is very smooth, with a nice even tone and more narrative delivery. Whoever was her speech-writer or speech-coach for this ad should get a raise and more power in the campaign. This is much closer to the way Katie is in a normal one-on-one conversation, unlike the way she delivers speeches and debates. I hope we see more of THIS Katie on the campaign trail and less of the over-caffeinated version that doesn’t connect as well.

    Sestak talks in a very unnatural way with a weird cadence when he has a microphone, that is completely different than the way he talks normally.

    Fetterman talks the same way on stage that he does one-to-one. No one ever questions his sincerity.

  7. yes it’s the same Mc Ginty who told voters in pgh. on jan. 30 2016 ‘she did not take O and G campaign money,’ while knowing she had 40K$ a quarter in 2015 campaign contributions coming in from a certain Big Apple donor family whose chief subsidiaries are O and G. and have we forgotten her fast tracking the applications of Rendell campaign contributors like Bologna coal co. when she was DEP secretary, so they could beat the stricter clean air act deadline ? (check out the NPR story on her, it’s a doozy.) pardon me for being cynical about Mc Ginty and her appeal for ‘middle class jobs’ when her political accomplishments to date seem to have been hauling in 800K a year of income from the industries she used to regulate, and being a 7th choice of Rendell- wolf to run for US senate because they could not control Sestak.

  8. I actually thought the ad was pretty good. She’s much more grating in person.

  9. The message is vanilla and, as much as I prefer her to the other two candidates, Katie’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard (he said, using an outdated metaphor). Some might call it “authentic” but to these ears, it’s just grating. Probably too late for coaching it away, but if she wins the primary I hope she works on it.

    And at any rate, I’d rather listen any day to Katie in all her nasal Philly glory than to spend a minute listening to Sestak’s sing-song, meandering goobledegook.

  10. Is this the same Katie McGinty who just took over a million bucks from the energy industry? If so, it seems kind of disingenuous.

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