PA-Sen: McGinty Releases Online Ad (VIDEO)

The first Democratic presidential primary debate was held last night.

The McGinty campaign released a short fifteen-second video building off that even.

The ad targets Democratic voters and focuses on the remarks made about Planned Parenthood and healthcare during the previous Republican presidential primary debates. It also asserts that while the GOP is focused on these issues, the Democrats are united in the goal of creating an economy that is universally beneficial.

“While Pat Toomey and his friends running for President continuously attack Planned Parenthood and affordable health care, we as Democrats are focusing on building an economy that helps grow the middle class,” McGinty said. “We need a Senator who will fight for increased access to health care, stand up against unfair trade deals that ship jobs overseas, and bring people together to ensure that higher education is affordable. That’s why I am running for Senate.”

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Democratic primary. Incumbent GOP Sen. Pat Toomey is running for re-election.

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  1. Almost everyone who has commented is underestimating Bernie Sanders and overestimating Hillary Clinton. Too bad the Dems don’t have a more viable candidate to upset Toomey, which is something we have to do.

  2. Rob McCord’s cellmate-

    This ad is obviously weaker, because it appears to be a generic ad than DNC (or some other dem ad consultants) could have generated for the first 13 seconds and given to ALL dems to add on 2 seconds of themselves.

    Katie doesn’t speak or even say her own name.

    But, it costs effectively zero to put an ad online, and then monitor the hits.

    Fetterman put real money behind a real 60 second ad on real TV show that was of high interest to politically involved 2016 primary voters.

    As opposed to 15-sec online video of stock footage.

    Fetterman made an early and aggressive move.

  3. Which was worse…this ad or Katie’s “selfie” ads from the Gov primary? Big Dave Diano please weigh in with your analysis.

  4. FYI-

    Fetterman is definitely in the Sanders/Warren wing of the Democratic party. Fetterman’s clearly a main street over wall street kind of guy, and the liberal/progressives will prefer him over McGinty and Sestak.

    The Bernie camp is going to feel the “burnt” after Hillary sweeps super-Tuesday, so they are going to have a lot of time on their hands in PA, and Fetterman is the most likely beneficiary of that (more so if Bernie would still be on the ticket and doing GOTV).

    But, advertising early in Western PA during Dem debate is a great move. He’s reaching a crowd of more likely primary voters, especially Dem. He’s also closing the name-recognition gap, and doing it in Western PA, which is where he’ll do the best.

    “You have to spend money to make money” and Fetterman needs to be perceived as a real/serious candidate to fundraise. If you had a poll among the Dems: Who is running for the Dem for US senate?

    I doubt 50% could even name any of the three candidates. You might get above 50% if you allowed
    “that Navy guy, with the weird name” and “that lady who ran for gov” or “that big biker dude”

    Also, given all those Allegheny endorsements (that the regular voters are unaware of), Fetterman needs to get ahead of McGinty in the Western part of the state and capture mindshare and define himself before she does.


    I agree that Fetterman is the real-deal.

    “All of her endorsements are due to party pressure.” No one likes Sestak and Sestak didn’t get their endorsements when he looked like the only candidate.

    “She finished a distant last place in the Dem primary at 7% of the vote.” Wolf got 60% in a four-way race. That’s an anomaly. So, I don’t think McGinty’s performance in that race is relevant. Schwartz and McCord each got a little more than double McGinty despite their experience, money and name recognition.

  5. FYI, we can respectfully disagree on Sanders. I suspect Fetterman actually doesn’t respect Sanders because Sanders has never rolled up his sleeves and lives in one of the least diverse places on earth. That’s why he thinks we should be like Denmark. As far as he knows, that’s what the US looks like.

    We agree that Sestak can’t beat Toomey. I don’t think McGinty can either. She doesn’t connect with voters at all. All of her endorsements are due to party pressure. She finished a distant last place in the Dem primary at 7% of the vote.

    Fetterman is the only one who has any chance of beating Toomey. People who know Fetterman like and believe in him. He is the real deal, unlike McGinty.

  6. @Billy, you’re kidding yourself if you think Fetterman is jumping on the Bernie bandwagon. The debate watch event he attended last night was organized by Bernie college volunteers. Bernie is the Democratic version of Ron Paul. Bernie can’t and won’t win and neither will Fetterman.

    Hillary Clinton for President and Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate is the winning ticket for 2016 and the only ticket that can win PA in the general!

  7. FYI, I don’t think Fetterman is taking advantage of Bernie Sanders and doesn’t even support him as far as I know.

    I think Fetterman is taking advantage of the fact that Sestak is unelectable, (which is the whole reason the state party tried to get anyone to run against him) and nobody connects with McGinty. She took a very distant last place in the Dem gov primary. McGinty was the party’s 6th choice at best.

    McGinty and Sestak are both wealthy suburban Philly candidates (One could argue Sestak should be running for VA Senate) that don’t really connect with anyone. They’ll split much of that vote, which leaves a lot of undecided voters for Fetterman if he can just get his message to them.

  8. @DD get off the Fetterman train. He’s trying to take advantage of the Bernie Sanders electorate. Neither Fetterman or Bernie can win especially in the general. Deep down you know that. Wise up.

    The winning ticket is Hillary Clinton for President and Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate!

  9. Billy
    My expectation for the Dem candidates (if elected) is to vote as follows:

    McGinty to vote with the majority of Senate dems (unless it was something that was bad for PA, Wolf, Rendell with the other PA dems were against the party on the vote). So, yeah, rubber stamp.

    Sestak to vote with majority of dems on most issues, but when he does break from the pack, it will be too vote with the GOP and more conservatively than the party. Joe already exhibited this behaviour/betrayal in congress with his votes to give Bush a blank check for Iraq war funding, for warrant-less wiretaps and telecom immunity, and against single payer.

    Fetterman will be with the dems on most issues, but if/when he breaks from the pack, it will be to take the more progressive/liberal position.

    Given these expectations, Fetterman would more closely represent my choices. McGinty would be a more reliable dem vote than Casey (especially on stuff like abortion). Basically, I wouldn’t worry that McGinty would be a swing vote that dems had to fight to convince.

    Sestak just can’t be trusted. He’s a closet republican. As a one term senator, he could switch parties and not worry about facing the voters again.

  10. Billy – Fetterman’s ad only ran in the Western part of the state and was $uper expen$ive! Not a smart way to use caSh so early on when you have so little to begin with. Best time to hit the airwaves is after the holidays, January/February.

  11. One would think that Fetterman actually running real commercials during the Dem debate would be bigger news that McGity release a web clip.

  12. If Katie believed in all of these things, why did she become a partner in Ed Rendell’s venture capital firm that deals in the fracking industry instead of going into a public service role?

    Why did she quit her Chief of Staff position after 6 months on the job in the middle of the budget crisis?

    McGinty lives in a million dollar home and has no real background that would suggest she has any interest in serving the public. She was, is, and will forever be Rendell’s puppet.

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