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PA-Sen: McGinty Tackles Gender Pay Gap in New TV Spot (VIDEO)

There’s never been a female Senator from the state of Pennsylvania.

Katie McGinty is trying to change that, and to succeed she’ll need women to turn out and vote for her.

In that vein the McGinty camp’s latest ad, titled “21 Percent”, is focused on the gender pay gap.

“She works as many hours as the guys do,” McGinty narrates over shots of women in the workplace. “She doesn’t work 21 percent less. She handles as many customers, puts out as many fires, meets as many deadlines- not 21 percent less. So why does she make 21 percent less?”

“For my daughters and yours, I’ll fight for equal pay for women. Families need it; you’ve earned it,” McGinty continues, throwing in a pledge to protect Social Security and Medicare before the closing line.

“I’m Katie McGinty and I approve this message, because it’s your turn.”

McGinty is running against former Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the Senate Democratic primary. Incumbent GOP Senator Pat Toomey is seeking a second term.

20 Responses

  1. @eagleswing: That’s an interesting theory, but the data shows that women still make significantly less for the same work.

  2. Hey, if these babes are getting paid 21% less, then go get a job at a company will pay you more you dumb broad!

  3. Last time I looked Toomey doesn’t have a primary race. Toomey has been only attacking one Democratic Senatorial candidate Katie McGinty. Either Toomey is confused and thinks he is in the Democratic Primary or he is spending some of his hard earned Club for Growth, Heritage Foundation, and Koch Brothers Dark Money trying to keep McGinty out of the General Election. Toomey never mentions Fetterman or his old dancing partner Sestak. That shows you who Toomey doesn’t want to face in November. Toomey’s other commercials portray him as a benefactor of Veterans and Police. Talk is cheap when it’s Toomey talking. Toomey votes regularly against bills that benefit Veterans and First Responders. All the people in Toomey’s commercials are paid actors by fictional organizations. Pat Toomey the friend of Special Interests. Only cares about Regular People at election time. Pat Toomey Can’t Be Trusted. Make him one term Pat.

  4. I’d take Sestak or McGinty over that clown Fetterman any day. As someone who doesn’t have rich parents who can pay my bills for me, I’d prefer a Senator who has actually worked for what they have.

    Or maybe Fetterman and his wife have somehow managed to live well below the poverty line for a family of 5 while staying #rawtill4 with their $600 Vitamix and her extensive wardrobe for his salary of $150 a month. If that’s the case he’s got my vote cause there a bunch of poor people in PA who would be grateful to
    Know their secret.

  5. Billy, I hope your job on the campaign isn’t as Fetterman’s speech writer because you have worse sentence structure than my 5 year old.

  6. A, there is nothing wrong with McGinty making herself a millionaire (As long as you don’t mind her peddling her influence from years working for the state by working in the industry she used to regulate, but that’s another issue)… until she started running her campaign claiming to care about things like the middle class and black lives matter.

    Nothing she has done in the last 5 years would indicate that she cares about anything more than lining her pockets. Democrats are supposed to not like hypocrisy.

  7. Dem, I have nothing to do with the Fetterman campaign other than being a donor.

    To my knowledge, Fetterman’s campaign chair hasn’t publicly stated that the only way he can win is with $3,000,000 of outside dark money like Rendell said of McGInty, so I think they’re doing at least as well as McGinty’s camp.

  8. Why is it suddenly a bad thing when someone who comes from a working class family is smart and works hard and becomes successful? Should McGinty have asked for demotions or tried less so that she could be an acceptable senate candidate for the commenters on this site?

  9. Yeah, okay Katie. I wouild rather stake my claim with somebody like Joe Sestak, who has proven himself a champion on all these and many other issues already and has a depth of foreign policy and national security credentials than you could only dream of having.

  10. McGinty didn’t seem to be affected by the pay gap. McGinty has made herself a millionaire 1 percenter by peddling her political connections she established working for the DEP. I can’t believe more people aren’t calling her out on her hypocrisy.

  11. it’s currently against many laws to pay women less for doing the same job as male co workers. no employer would knowingly do so because they would soon be sued to hell and back . various federal and state laws protect women’s right to equal pay for equal work , viz– Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act, and various state anti discrimination policies.women who feel underpaid or doing the s name work as their male counterparts have access to these laws. just what is mc Ginty proposing she would do ? this ad just panders to female viewers who think they are underpaid : ‘it’s your turn ?’ the rest of the message should be –‘to sue your employer for sex discrimination.’

  12. jmarshak-

    I think the problem is that even thought the employees are doing the same job, the male employers probably perceive the men as doing a better job, and thus worth more.

    There are some anecdotal indications that the male employees are better at negotiation with their male employers. It may be the result of a cultural bias in how men negotiate. (There are also indications that taller men make more money than shorter men.)

  13. If you can really pay women less than men to do the same work, wouldn’t every company in America only want to hire women?

  14. Under her watch PA indeed complied with a number of federal environmental mandates for CO emissions, mercury and the like . it’s not that PA had a lot of choice in passing regs to enforce what EPA said they had to… for example not passing the CO emissions would have had severe financial consequences for PA state funding. so i’d not be too willing to credit any DEP secretary for merely complying with federal pollution control laws..

    her real ‘commitment’ to pollution control is best exemplified in her actions towards the ‘dirty coal’ plants trying to get permitted in PA. check out the NPR story on Mc Ginty, as DEP head, ordering her staff to ‘fast track’ the dirty coal power plant applications of a favored few Rendell campaign contributors so they could beat a stricter EPA deadline. she was quite the puppet on a string for her boss Rendell , and as a result lost the trust of environmentalists statewide.

    her 800k salary will surely draw all the underpaid women in PA working 2 jobs to totally empathize with her. but not many environmentalists.

  15. Observer is another Sestak loving sexist who cannot fathom that a woman is smarter than her PSYCHO leader, the (former) admiral. Go Katie! I love this ad!

  16. I don’t know, O, her DEP record sound pretty impressive to me. From the Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug. 12, 2007: “In less than five years, Kathleen McGinty has guided Pennsylvania to cleaner car standards, lower mercury emissions and increased land preservation. […] Under her watch, the state passed several significant environmental reforms including cleaner car standards and tougher regulations on mercury emissions. The legislature also passed Growing Greener II, a $625 million program that provides money for cleaning rivers and streams, remediating mine lands, returning abandoned industrial sites to productive use, improving parks and outdoor recreation facilities and preserving natural areas and open space; and the 2004 Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard, which requires electric companies to increase their use of alternative energy.”

  17. How would SHE know anything about being underpaid? She has always been way overpaid for her actual performance. Look at how little she did at DEP – ZERO fracking violations issued.

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