PA-Sen: McGinty to Address DNC Thursday Night

Katie_McGintyKatie McGinty has been given an enormous opportunity to jump-start her campaign for PA Sen. Pat Toomey’s seat.

On Thursday night, McGinty will speak to nearly 5,000 delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and tens of millions of viewers watching from across the country in the biggest moment of her campaign, and surely the biggest speech of her life.

“This year’s Democratic National Convention is particularly special for me since it is taking place in my hometown of Philadelphia, a city that represents the values that make our country great: diversity, equality, hard work and caring for each other,” McGinty said in a statement. “I look forward to highlighting the clear choice facing voters in this election between the Democratic vision of expanding opportunity and bringing people together versus the divisive, anti-middle class policies championed by the Trump-Toomey ticket.”

McGinty will have a chance to woo donors nationwide, with Toomey rated as one of the most vulnerable senators up for re-election in a year where Democrats feel they can regain the upper legislative chamber.

McGinty will be one of the biggest names to speak on Thursday and is expected to start around 6 p.m. The night, and convention, will culminate in a speech from Hillary Clinton to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, after an introduction by her daughter Chelsea.

26 Responses

  1. It’s crazy, but Trump is actually leading in the polls. Well, maybe not that crazy: Bill Clinton is a rapist and he served 2 terms.

  2. What a contradiction Warren and Bernie were to Corey and Michelle. You didn’t even need all the protesting from the floor to know this convention is confused.

  3. Agreed, Marie. Last night was a great night for the Dems … and a great night for America.

    Michelle and E. Warren were very impressive. Helped put that shit-show in Cleveland into perspective

  4. …… says the Unsanctioned R (ETARD) who posts racist material under 700 different screen-names.

    Katie and Hillary are going to CRUSH Toomey and Trumpy

  5. I am very proud of you, Katie. Take down that do-nothing loser who sat on his ass and blocked everything the President wanted to do.

    Toomey is a loser (like your older brother below). That kid was always my least favorite. Mom and I think he might be retarded.

  6. Congrats, Marie. You should be very proud!! Katie too. She did not grow up w Silver Spoon. Being the 1st woman from her family to graduate college is a big deal. Go Katie!!

    And go Hillary!!!!!!!

  7. I was the first in my family to A.go to college, and B. graduate. Katie McGinty is neither of those things.

  8. McGinty is the first female in her family to graduate from College. Daughter of a Police Officer. And the next US Senator from PA.

    What a first day!! Michelle was awesome.

  9. I hope she’s not one of the speakers who goes between every other speaker that the pundits take time to critique. She hurts herself with that college-girl mouth. The first in her family don’t you know.

  10. Anybody who has anything to do with this disaster of a convention will be DEFEATED in November.

  11. Philadelphia represents hard work and caring for each other? So you mean there isn’t a murder every day and half a million people on public assistance there?

  12. My husband is a pathetic loser. He won’t be my husband for long. He is a latent homosexual in as well as a FOXtard.

  13. Wait, I looked up “self-seeking purchased politican” (actually it’s self-serving, but close enough for a Republican) and there were photos of Pat Toomey and Donald Trump. Next to Katie McGinty it said “Next PA Senator.”

  14. This is an incredible opportunity! Congratulations to Katie!

    Can’t wait for Pennsylvania’s first woman United States Senator to be sworn into office in January 2017!

    Go Katie! PA Dems are behind you and we support you 100%!

  15. Supposedly, Katie had to beg and beg to make it on stage. Notice she was not on the original list of speakers! She promised mommy and daddy she would be a good girl and follow the orders and this is how she is repaid (by receiving the nomination and a primetime speaking slot). Quite the political operative, Pennsylvanians do not need another self-seeking, purchased politician. #NEVERMCGINTY

  16. She’ll be the 13th Chairperson of the convention.
    But only if George Soros says it’s Ok.

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