PA-Sen: McGinty Wins UFCW Endorsement

Katie_McGintyKatie McGinty has secured yet another labor endorsement.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1776 is backing McGinty’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

“Katie is the candidate running for U.S. Senate that stands out when it comes to understanding and addressing the needs of hard-working people,” said Wendell Young. “She has played an important role in Governor Wolf’s Administration and will bring significant knowledge and experience to the U.S. Senate. Katie stands with us shoulder-to-shoulder on important issues like increasing the minimum wage and protecting the right of workers to join a union. I know she will be able to deliver for Pennsylvania’s working families because of her proven track record of solving problems.”

Local 1776 represents 21,000 workers throughout the Philadelphia area.

“I am honored to have the support of UFCW Local 1776,” McGinty said. “My top priority will be fighting for policies like increasing the minimum wage and expanding access to affordable education and job training. Senator Pat Toomey and his allies in Washington have consistently supported policies that have left our families behind. I’ll work to change that.”

This endorsement is particularly significant because the UFCW was one of the few unions to support Sestak during his 2010 Democratic primary against Arlen Specter.

McGinty is running against Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman in the 2016 Senate Democratic primary. Incumbent GOP Sen. Pat Toomey is running for re-election.

12 Responses

  1. Is not Katie McGinty’s campaign chair Ed Rendell and does that mean that Comcast money is backing Ms. McGinty?

    The snarky leftist John Micek Sincerely, thanks for the exposure. You did, in fact, give me credibility and, sincerely, you characterizations are only a bit exaggerated but not much.

    John Micek a leftist journalist so I do not attribute any good motivation to him nor do I think he has the best interests of conservatives at heart..

    FTA Good Friday Morning, Fellow Seekers.

    If you do not swim in the not terribly broad, nor terribly deep, pond that is Pennsylvania’s conservative movement, then the chances are very good that you have never heard of Bob Guzzardi.

    But the Montgomery County businessman with the volcanic temper and itchy email trigger finger is something of a legend in Pennsylvania conservative circles.

    And the surest way to gauge the mood of the state’s cranky hard-right is to wait for a post-election jeremiad from Guzzardi to land in your inbox.

  2. Observer #2-

    There is no candidate more elitist than Sestak, who thinks his rank stops his sh*t from stinking and LOVES to have his ass kissed and have people thank him for the privilege. Joe is a crusty old barnacle from Virginia that needs to be scraped off the ship of Pennsylvania.

    McGinty isn’t the “elitist” choice; she’s a practical choice.

    Fetterman is the kind of genuine person tries to pretend to be.

    Liberal Larry-

    Yes, his “army” is well trained to go off a cliff, like the lemmings they are. Too bad for them Sestak didn’t have much experience looking out for cliffs in the navy.

  3. Close your eyes, cover your ears, and charge full speed ahead. The admiral’s army sure is well trained.

  4. McG is the insiders’, elitists’ choice, not the independent outsider that makes Joe Sestak so resonate with rank and file Dems across the state. Sestak is a far more attractive candidate for a multitude of reasons. And, he sure pisses off David Diano, for some reason, but I simply ignore Diano’s protestations as I do those of “FYI” who may have assumed another name recently on this blog. Go Joe!!!

  5. gulagPittsburgh-

    1) Yes, the spambot thing is annoying.

    2) Don’t know who is posting as rskaroff, or he managed to fool the “is human” test.

    3) I don’t see this as in-fighting between the McGinty and Sestak backers. Sestak is a rotten pr*ck, and I’ve been saying that long before I ever heard of McGinty. As far as I can tell, the biggest gripe against McGinty is from the environmentalists who claim she is a fraud who has been shilling and “green-washing” for the fossil fuel industry. This was a factor for a lot of progressives in the state committee who picked Jim Burn over her. (Jim had supported the state committee’s vote against fracking.)

    I understand that the Sestak backers will look at his close loss last time and project that he could do better and win this year. However, they completely misunderstand how much he refused to work with the state party last time, and how many bridges he burnt, to the point where he has even less support and infrastructure than before. A lot of people who worked for him before won’t repeat that mistake.

    So, McGinty has the infrastructure, endorsements, money and union support that Sestak would NEVER have, even if he was the nominee. He’s spending the entire campaign p*ssing on the very “establishment” he would need working with him to win. So, if he did win, he’s say: “F*ck you, I won without you. You are worthless.” Then he’d complain that the party “abandoned” him because he was so “independent”, as an excuse for his own ego, obstinance and utter disregard for the value of others.

    If you want to beat Toomey, have Sestak pull out and throw his support behind McGinty. If Sestak had done that with Specter, and ran for Congress, instead of wasting millions of $$$, Toomey would have lost.

    As it is, I still think Sestak could come in third behind Fetterman, due to regional voting and stealing Sestak’s anti-establishment (fake) image.

  6. Just curious, but is everybody else being subjected for a few days now to this “spambot” test of entering random codes to prove you are “human” every time you post?

  7. I’m not privy to all the in-fighting between McGinty and Sestak backers, but either would seem to be preferable to Teabag Toomey.

  8. If McGinty has such deep convictions for fighting for the middle class, why did she go to work with Ed Rendell in the energy sector after leaving the DEP?

    It’s sickening to hear McGinty regurgitating her spoon-fed poll tested lines. Just a Rendell puppet who will say anything the Mikus tells her to say to get elected.

  9. Unknown-

    I hadn’t been aware that Carpenter was the judge in that case. Interested. Quite the little incestuous “coincidence”.

    Does this mean that you think the Sestak connection alluded to in that 2010 meeting is finally being investigated/pursued/confirmed? It’s been a long time, and I thought the trail had run cold.

  10. Hey Diano: The woman you met with in 2010. Have you noticed that the Judge who put her in prison (William Carpenter), the DA who prosecuted her (Risa Ferman), the budget-crisis causing union she was linked to (cited above) and the would-be Senator (also cited above) have all been dominating the news recently? Uncanny coincidence…

  11. That says a lot about Sestak’s lack of support when he loses a powerful former backer.

    Katie understands hard-working people. Sestak exploits hard-working young people.

    Any union that knows how Sestak has treated his staff should never support him.

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