PA-Sen: Meehan Won’t Challenge Casey

Casey MeehanCongressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) decided he will not run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democratic Senator Bob Casey.  

Republican operatives at this weekend’s state committee meeting had the news. On Saturday, Meehan’s spokesman confirmed it.

“He believes, at this time, our region is best served by him remaining in the House and focused on the legislative opportunities ahead,” John Elizandro said in a statement to PoliticsPA.

Meehan’s name had circulated for months as a possible challenger to Casey.  His popularity in southeast Pa., profile on the Ways and Means Committee made him a top GOP recruit for the seat. He’s also a proven fundraiser. He entered 2017 with $1.9 million on hand – enough to launch a serious statewide bid.

Part of Meehan’s decision came down to his position in the House of Representatives.  

“Rep. Meehan’s seat on the influential House Ways and Means Committee enables him to play a critical role in the most important coming legislative debates: health care, tax reform and trade,” Elizandro said.  

The news was first reported by Jonathan Tamari at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Currently, State Representative Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) is the only person floating their name around to challenge Casey.  Casey is thought to be one of the main targets for national Republicans, being a Democratic Senator in a state Trump won. But so far the GOP has lacked a candidate to make it a marquee national race.

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  1. What’s the difference between a “yes man” to the Democrats and a “yes man” to the Republicans? BTW, how many times did DJT declare bankruptcy?; and how is his casino business doing lately?

  2. The way people talk about Saccone is very similar to the way Daryl Metcalfe’s supporters talk about him. “Patriot.” “Defender of the Constitution.” “Fighter for Individual Liberty.” “Crusader Against Big Government.”

    Which means they’re largely useless legislators and public servants who haven’t done anything.

  3. Like President Trump, Dr. Rick Saccone is a WINNER. He succeeds, beyond measure, at every professional position he undertakes. His loyalty to the Constitution and humility in service, to We, the People, will be an asset to every Pennsylvanian when he assumes his seat in the U.S. Senate.

  4. I think right now it is most important to secure the governorship than chase a senate seat that is likely to go democrat no matter what. However, I think the best opposition to Casey is Jim Cawley. He would mop the floor with Casey in a debate and rally give him a run for his money, but I support Cawley for governor anyway.

  5. I agree with Kim Stolfer regarding Rick Saccone. Rick has a wealth of experiences, is hard-working, honest and would do a great job for us in Congress. He would outshine Casey, who is a “yes man” to the Democrat party. I believe the grass roots conservatives would support Rick.

  6. Casey will certainly be harder than Wolf for the Republicans to beat in 2018, as there is no strong candidate the Republicans have to run against him. And both the state and national Democratic Party are likely to fight for the seat as hard as they can in 2018. And the Trump presidency might actually spur Casey to action on some issues dear to Democrats and especially his in-state base.

    Wolf, by contrast, is increasingly vulnerable, especially if the legislature can keep him from claiming any significant accomplishments since he took office. Continued stalemate is likely in H’burg. And Wolf already has a strong challenger in Wagner. Also, Republicans would want a Republican governor in office for redistricting, and would support a strong challenger to Wolf for that reason.

    In the longer term, Republicans gaining Wolf’s seat would benefit more than were they able to unseat Casey. Republicans are likely to target more vulnerable seats elsewhere. Of course, if their war chest is big enough at the time, the Republican Senate Committee could help a better-than-average candidate against Casey, whoever that might be.

  7. Well, I guess that depends on what you mean as “Top Tier”. If “Top Tier” means another party sanctioned predator, then you will not like Rick Saccone. Tom Altman, founder, Pennsylvania Freedom Allies.

  8. It would be nice to see a serious candidate emerge (news flash: that’s not a state Rep from the Mon Valley).

  9. that way for Pennsylvania is not confusing with the Pats in the US Senate by then I mean’t Pat Toomey, and Pat Meehan.

  10. I do plan on supporting Bob Casey for his reelection bid to the US Senate in 2018 anyway.

  11. I think for pat made the right choice and I will support him for his reelection bid for congress if he does runs for it in 2018.

  12. I suggest everyone reevaluate their positions on Dr. (State Rep) Rick Saccone as a serious contender against Casey. He has an extensive record as an international Diplomat, professor, author, international busisness man and veteran as well as a unchallenged stand on our Constitution and accountable government!

    It is important to note that ‘many’ discounted his run for state rep against a 26 year incumbent anti-gun Democrat (Levdansky). He proved all his critics and doubters wrong! He is one of the strongest voices on the House Floor for conservative values!

    PS Saccone will BURY Casey in a debate on any issue.

  13. That would be Doctor Saccone, or Captain Saccone, USAF (ret.), or published author Doctor Saccone, or diplomat Dr. Saccone, or expert in North Korean affairs, or even Professor Saccone. To simply toss him into the category of State Representative is unfair, and shows a lack of detail found by the author.

  14. Why not a dud like Rick Santorum? Or has he finally admitted he lives in Va.? He is crazy enough to be a Senator under Herr Trump.

  15. “Rep. Meehan’s seat on the influential House Ways and Means Committee enables him to play a critical role in the most important coming legislative debates: health care, tax reform and trade,” Elizandro said.

    Unfortunately, Meehan has all the wrong positions on those issues.

  16. Casey will win no matter who the Republicans put up. Wolf will win riding on Casey’s coat tails as long as he keeps Jeff Sheridan, but gets rid of the rest of the Wolfpack.

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