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PA-Sen: Mercyhurst Poll: Toomey Bests Sestak, McGinty and Fetterman

Pat-ToomeyWith the Democratic primary looming, former Congressman Joe Sestak remains Senator Pat Toomey’s closest competitor for the general election, according to the new Mercyhurst Poll.

Sestak is just 5 points down, 43-38, compared to Katie McGinty who is down by 13, 47-34, and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, who is behind by 18, 49-31.

A plurality of respondents, 48%, said that they were Democrats, compared to 41% saying they were Republican. Independents made up 11%.

This is good news for Sestak, who was 6 points down in the latest Harper’s Poll.

There are still plenty of undecideds left, as 13% were unsure in the McGinty-Toomey matchup, 15% in the Sestak-Toomey matchup, and 15% in Fetterman-Toomey.

Mercyhurst University’s Center for Applied Politics surveyed 421 registered Pennsylvania voters from March 1st to 11th. The margin of error is 4.8%.

26 Responses

  1. Senator Toomey crawled in bed with the reactionary right early on. Not only has he done nothing for my country, he has obstructed every attempt to build the economy.

  2. I scratch my head on why Josh Shapiro is running for DA which he isn’t qualified for and sat out this Senate race.

  3. TOOMEY AND TRUMP EASY. The Trump WAVE is COMING. COP hating liberals are chasing white blue collar democrats into the republicans arms more and more every day. Keep it up George Soros. The republican party thanks you.

  4. Toomey and the Southeastern Three(Meehan, Fitz and Costello)– will all be defeated as massive numbers of Republicans and others vote for REal Democrats. Toomey and the three sleazebags in Congress – run on one platform and then vote the other way- ignoring constituents who put them there. This year is payback- better to vote for Democratic challengers that stand for something than political hacks who stand for nothing-DEFEAT Toomey- Meehan-Fitz and Costello!

  5. As a freshman senator Mr. Toomey has taken literally millions of dollars from members of the Trilateral Commission for favors the received.

    He has on three different occasions presented his own gun control bill which compliments the bill Obama wanted.

    One would think a Senator in his first term would be more in tune with doing the bidding of his constituents and less inclined to be paid for by the big money interests of this country.

    As an American Patriot I cannot vote for Toomey when the only positive I can attach to he first term is the Republican party name.

  6. This is a very good poll for Joe Sestak and the DEMS. This poll underrepresented minority voters. This survey polled the following demographics White – 85% and Non-white at 11%. These were the demograhics of PA in 2000.

    According to the 2010 Census, 81.9% of the population was White (79.2% non-Hispanic white), 11.3% was Black or African American, 0.3% American Indian and Alaska Native, 2.9% Asian, 1.9% from two or more races. 5.9% of the total population was of Hispanic or Latino origin.

  7. Tho facts about Toomey if you believe heirs a moderate. You thought Santorum was a moderate and you believe in the Easter Bunny. Toomey covers better by talking about issues like voting for legislation that helps Veterans, but always votes against them. In today’s world of the Koch Brothers there is no such thing as a moderate Republican. Special Interests rule the Republican Party. George Bush was a caring conservative. How did that work out for the country. In eight years W just about destroyed the country. Toomey is cut out of the same cloth. His soul is bought and paid for by the Rich Special Interests. Toomey and his kind like it or not have given rise to the campaign of Donald Trump.

  8. @conservativekyle – go ahead and vote for your alternatives if you hate Toomey that much, see what they do for your rights. Toomey’s stance on the 2nd amendment is strong, yes he has pushed for background checks – but what is wrong with something passing a simple test to receive a firearm? It is harder to get your driver’s license than a gun.
    @liberallion – I am sure, obviously a more educated one *You’re*
    @tim – stop reading tabloids when you are checking out of the grocery store. Also, if we was around a gay person I promise they aren’t contagious, it is ok to accept people Tim.

  9. Toomey is a “moderate” really says a lot about the state of the modern GOP. So he throws a bone on gun control. Big deal. So he beats you with a frying pan over the head instead of shooting your knees. He’s not so bad. 😛

  10. Don’t believe it for a minute! Mercyhurst rakes in millions a year from the NSA, Homeland Security, The Pentagon for the Intelligence Analyst programs. Whenever they can give a big lead to one of their right wing benefactors like Toomey, they do. The poll is tainted. Pure psyops.

  11. I feel that Senator Toomey betrayed me on the 2nd Amendment. Also I got an email the other day from Gunowmers of America that he voted for two of Obama’s liberal judges. I am done with him

  12. Toomey is a club for growth candidate whose only value is the power of big money.anyone who thinks he offers representation to ordinary folks is delusional

  13. Sen. Toomey has served the people of Pennsylvania nobly. He will win by a landslide in November. He is his own candidate and it does not matter who heads the ticket. Let us not forget all he has done the commonwealth, regardless of party lines. I can promise you Harry Reid’s puppet Katie McGinty will not serve and I can equally promise you that Sestak doesn’t know who to serve and all he knows is how run for re-election. You all see a republican and freak out because you are uninformed, naive and ignorant. In regards to the SCOTUS vacancy, may I add Joe Biden is on tape as a Senator asking that the last SCOTUS vacancy not be filled until the election. Before you go ignorantly pointing fingers how about you educate yourself and be sure to do your research (not just reading headlines) and get educated. As Winston Churchill said “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” His point was just proven by a few blog posts from you all, thank you.

  14. Philly Way: I agree with those who criticize you for claiming Toomey is a moderate Republican. But even assuming you are right about Toomey, who the hell wants any kind of GOP dunce? A liberal or even moderate Democrat would be a much better Senate partner for Casey.

  15. Toomey is against minimum wage. Toomey is anti choice on abortion. He is a bigot on the marriage issue. He raises for money for groups that try to destroy labor unions.

  16. @Philly Way
    “Toomey is the closest we have had to a moderate republican.”

    I sure hope not, because for all his moderate sheep talk he’s a wolf who votes in lock step with the Tea Partiers. With the exception of some minor gun control issues, I challenge you to find when he voted against them.

    Purported fiscal conservative Toomey voted for the United States to go bankrupt and default on its debts, multiple times (if I recall correctly)! He voted in favor of federal government shutdowns; he opposes doing anything about the climate change crisis; he voted to repeal health care for over ten million Americans multiple times, to score political points; now, in an unprecedented political move in U.S. history, he refuses to confirm a Supreme Court Justice. The only difference is that he covers what he does in pleasing, moderate tones.

    Toomey is the Senator for the Club for Growth, not for Pennsylvanians – seriously, do you doubt for a moment whose marching orders he follows? Does he ever violate the policies of the former to serve the latter?

  17. Philly Way, that was beautifully stated. Almost like it came directly from the Toomey campaign. Which it probably did.

    I don’t think voters will fall for it, though.

  18. Toomey is the closest we have had to a moderate republican. While I don’t agree with everything he does, i.e. Supreme Court vacancy, he is a decent human being who has partnered with Sen Caseys on numerous items. Let’s also not forget his support of increased background checks for gun purchasers.

  19. Toomey will lose because
    He is viewed by most as a political radical and a hypocrit. He sold out his conservative base and liberals rightly view him as useless. As payback for club for growth antics and his support of Mitch McConnell voters of both parties will send him back to his special interest friends. Doesn’t matter who heads ticket Toomey the Useless goes down in defeat

  20. November horse-race polls are completely meaningless in March. The PA race for US Senate will be shaped by who is at the top of each ticket. If it’s Trump vs. anybody, Toomey loses.

  21. Toomey is a dunce, riding the tails of Trump insanity. When the voters grow up, Trump will be toast and so will Toomey.

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